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Purified water to enable accurate results

Achieve accurate results with a reliable supply of purified water for your clinical analyzer. Systems feature fully automatic operations and integrated water hardness stabilizing, eliminating the need for a separate softner. Select an ideal system based on the size of your analyzer.

Lab water system selector tool

Find the ideal water purification system(s) and accessories for your needs with the Thermo Scientific™ Barnstead™ Lab Water System Selector Tool.  

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Lab water system and accessories selector tool

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Lab Water Source

Lab Water Source: As water is the universal solvent and used in nearly all laboratory applications, it must be free of impurities to help ensure that you obtain consistent results with your experiments. The Lab Water Source webinar series discusses everything from the fundamentals of buying and maintaining a lab water system to ensuring the water meets your application needs.

Cell Culture Café: Cell culture experiments are often sensitive to organic, inorganic, and bacterial contaminations. Water must be free of these impurities to help ensure that you have consistent results with your experiments. We discuss water impurities and the technologies used to remove them.