Metal and Metal Alloy Analysis

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Metal is particularly well-suited for structural and load-bearing uses due to its strength, ductility, malleability, and reliable performance across temperatures. Today’s scientists are striving to expand capabilities even further by developing metals that are stronger, lighter, and allow more shape memory.

Typically crystalline in structure, metals are often studied via elemental analysis. From handheld to bulk analysis, x-ray spectroscopy is widely used to identify emerging materials in a variety of stages including R&D and process monitoring. It is essential to know when to employ the various elemental analysis techniques: SEM/EDS, XPS, OES and XRF. See our application notes and webinars to uncover how we analyze metals with a variety of tools and applications.

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Multiple Blog Analyzing Metals Blog
OES, TRS Application Note CNO Option - Analysis of Low C, N and O in Steels by Optical Emission
XRF Application Note Analysis of Ferrous Base
EDS Application Note Rapid Evaluation of Smelting Copper Compounds Using COMPASS
XPS Application Note Surface Chemical-State Analysis of Metal Oxide Catalysts
XPS Application Note Investigating the Oxidation of a Cobalt-based Catalyst Using X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
WDXRF Application Note Small Spot Analysis: Performance in Ferrous Base
OES Application Note Ultra-fast Analysis of Micro Inclusions in Aluminum and its Alloys with ARL iSpark Metal Analyzers
OES Application Note Ultra-fast Analysis of Micro Inclusions in Steel with ARL iSpark Metal Analyzers – Advanced Inclusion Analysis
OES Application Note Ultra-fast Analysis of Micro Inclusions in Steel with ARL iSpark Metal Analyzers – Standard Inclusion Analysis
OES Application Note Analysis of Pure and Ultra-pure Aluminum with the ARL iSpark 8860 Optical Emission Spectrometer
EDXRF Application Note Analysis of Hazardous Substances and Products for WEEE/RoHS Compliance by EDXRF
WDXRF Blog Post Platinum Group Metals Connect: Electronics Applications
LIMS Web page LIMS for Metals Manufacturing
Web page Trace Metal Contaminant Analysis
XPS Webinar Understanding Metal Surfaces and Oxides
Compounding & Extrusion, Rheology Webinar Rheology for Metal Injection Molding & Powder Injection Molding