Achieving reliable sequencing data while preserving the integrity of the original DNA sample is important for constructing your DNA library. Life Technologies offers a wide selection of reagents for separating and recovering DNA fragment for library fragment ranging from UltraPure™ agarose to E-Gel® SizeSelect™ systems, which has been successfully used in two sequencing platforms.

Which DNA Gel is Right for You?

  The Standard Solution of NGS A Great Solution for NGS The Ultimate Solution for NGS
Top Seller     yes
Prep Time 30 min Ready to use Ready to use
Run Time 60 min 10 min 10 min
Purification Time 30 min 30 min Ready to use
Ease of Obtaining Sequence Template* Moderate effort (band excision & purification) Moderate effort (band excision & purification) Easy (direct from well)
# of Lanes Variable 11 9
% Gels Available Variable 1%, 2% & 4% 2%
Gel Dye Options Add your own dye Ethidium bromide, SYBR Safe, or Clear Proprietary Stain
Pack Sizes Available 100 g 10 & 20 gels 10 gels
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*Avoid manual DNA band excision to increase precision and accuracy of NGS applications with results that are easily reproducible across experiments. Learn more.