TaqMan® Assays enable best-in-class performance for applications requiring the utmost specificity and sensitivity. Depending on your research needs, you can find the best TaqMan® Assay and format to:

Help to Deliver Reliable Results Every Time

Confidence in your results is vital when people are counting on you. Detect your target 100% of the time with TaqMan® Assays and reagents. The combination of the most advanced assay design pipeline in the industry and the benefits of MGB probes delivers the specificity you need to detect minor variants across highly homologous targets, or to quantify small-fold changes. Regardless of your application, TaqMan® Assays enable you to get reliable results from discovery to screening to commercialization.

White paper: The Design Process for a New Generation of Quantitative Gene Expression Analysis Tools

Application Note: Analysis of Copy Number Variation: Design Pipeline and Validation of TaqMan® Copy Number Assays

Application Note: Amplification Efficiency of TaqMan® Gene Expression Assays

Technical Publication: Design Pipeline for TaqMan® Small RNA Assays

Publication: Canales RD, et al. (2006) Evaluation of DNA microarray results with quantitative gene expression platforms. Nature Biotechnol 24:1115-22

Quantify Genes from Limited Samples

Get maximum data from even a single cell. From clinical samples to snap-frozen cells, TaqMan® chemistry enables more reliable results from less than 1 ng of sample.

Publication: Mestdagh P et al. (2008) High-throughput stem-loop RT-qPCR miRNA expression profiling using minute amounts of input RNA. Nucleic Acids Research 36:e143

Application Note: High Correlation of miRNA Quantitation Data from Matched FFPE and Snap-Frozen Tissues using TaqMan® MicroRNA Assays

Application Note: Factors Influencing Multiplex Real-Time PCR

Analyze Hundreds to Thousands of Samples Quickly

Get data fast. With more predesigned and pre-optimized assays than any other brand, TaqMan® Assays come in multiple sizes and formats to help you get the right answers quickly.

TaqMan® Assays are available in:

Single tubes or strip-tubes  

96-well plates

384-well plates


384-well microfluidic cards

3,072-well OpenArray® Plates    

Minimize Learning Curve, Maximize Results

Have 100% confidence in every answer, the first time. TaqMan® Assays are easy and convenient to use, and are designed to deliver reliable results right out of the box, with no time spent on optimizing and testing assays.

Online Selection Guide for TaqMan® Gene Expression Assays

Application Note: Using TaqMan® Endogenous Control Assays to select an endogenous control for experimental studies

Publication: Sorby LA et al. (2011) Evaluation of suitable reference genes for normalization of real-time reverse transcription PCR analysis in colon cancer. J of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Res 29:144
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