Publication-quality imaging in seconds

EVOS cell imaging stations were designed to eliminate the complexities of microscopy without compromising performance. These units combine all aspects of an inverted microscope workstation into a single, compact device that turns on with one switch and can be mastered in minutes. Whether you’re capturing images for publication, teaching, or research, these systems are designed to be easier, smarter, and faster.

No matter your application or budget, there’s an EVOS cell imaging system that brings simplicity right to your bench.

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EVOS imaging systems brochure

See the entire portfolio of easy to use cell imaging instruments that can be configured with a variety of objectives, light cubes, and vessel holders to meet your research needs.

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Which cell imaging system is right for you?

  FL Auto 2 M5000 FLoid XL Core
  Cat. No. AMAFD2000 Cat. No. AMF5000 Cat. No. 4471136 Cat. No. AMEX1000
  Fluorescence solutions Bright-field solutions
Hardware attributes
Simple installation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Motorized encoded X/Y scanning stage Yes      
Manual mechanical stage   Yes Yes Yes
Mechanical or fixed stage option       Yes
Objective turret positions 5 5   4
Objective range 1.25–100x 1.25–100x 20x 1.25–60x
Fluorescence channels 4 4 3  
Monochrome or color camera option Both Mono Mono Color
Epifluorescence Yes Yes Yes  
Transmitted light Yes Color Yes Yes
Fits in hood or on benchtop Yes Yes Yes Yes
Associated printer   Optional Yes  
Onstage incubator Optional Optional    
USB ports Yes Yes Yes Yes
DVI ports   Yes    
Software attributes
Z-stack capability Yes Yes    
Time-lapse imaging Multichannel Multichannel    
Celleste analysis software Optional Optional Optional Optional
Intuitive onboard software Yes Yes Yes Yes
Networking capability Yes Yes Yes  
Automated multiwell plate screening Yes      
Integrated reagent selection guide     Yes