Serum is variable lot to lot. But that doesn’t mean your cell culture needs to be, too.
Gibco® has solved the serum puzzle with the iMATCH™ multi-parametric lot matching tool. Our FBS specialists utilize iMATCH™ to find you the most consistent or highest performing lot of serum available, via our proprietary algorithm which analyzes all or partial certificate of analysis parameters.

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Gibco® has taken serum characterization one step further

We perform proliferation screening assays on every lot of US and USDA serum with the following cell lines:

  • CHO-K1 (hamster ovary)
  • 293F (human embryonic kidney
  • Jurkat (human T-cell leukemia)
  • THP-1 (human monocyte)
  • ME-180 (human cervical carcinoma)

Combined with the myriad of assays already conducted on our high-quality FBS, these assays will yield a unique “performance fingerprint” of your serum that will enable us to provide you with consistently performing product–time and time again.