Working with RNA? Make sure your lab is stocked with Ambion's premier RNA products.

Purchase these RNA essential buffers, reagents, and nuclease-free plastics and save 20% off the list price! *
SKU Product Name Size
AM7024 RNAlater® RNA Stabilization Solution 250 ml
AM7021 RNAlater® RNA Stabilization Solution 500 mL
AM7020 RNAlater® RNA Stabilization Solution 100 mL
AM7030 RNAlater®-ICE 25 mL
AM2696 SUPERase-In™ RNase inhibitor 10,000 units
AM2694 SUPERase-In™ RNase inhibitor 2500 units
AM9782 RNaseZap® RNase Decontamination Solution 6 X 250 mL
AM9780 RNaseZap® RNase Decontamination Solution 250 mL
AM9786 RNaseZap® RNase Decontamination Wipes 100 wipes
AM8670 ULTRAhyb® Ultrasensitive Hybridization Buffer 125 mL
AM8669 ULTRAhyb® Ultrasensitive Hybridization Buffer 4 x 125 mL
AM8663 ULTRAhyb®-Oligo 125 mL
AM9932 Nuclease-free Water (not DEPC-treated) 1000 mL
AM9930 Nuclease-free Water (not DEPC-treated) 500 mL
AM9935 RT-PCR Grade Water 10 X 1.75 mL
AM12640 Barrier (Filter) Tips 10 µL, Pipetman™
AM12665 Barrier (Filter) Tips 1000 µL
AM12645 Barrier (Filter) Tips 20 µL
AM12500 Conical Tubes (racked) 15 mL
AM12400 RNase-free Microfuge Tubes 1.5 mL
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