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Antibody specificity profiling

Identify potential antibody crossreactivity

ProtoArray Human Protein Microarrays are an excellent method for testing antibody specificity. Using this method you can profile your antibody against 9,000 functional proteins and identify possible cross reactivity. Since the identity of every protein on the array is known, you can immediately identify any proteins bound by your antibody.

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Alleviate risks early by testing your therapeutic antibody for cross-reactivity

  • Profile against 9,000 functional proteins
  • Obtain higher sensitivity than with western blotting
  • Immediate target identification

Antibody specificity is a key feature for determining an antibody’s value. Determining if a result is related to antigen-specific binding by an antibody or the consequence of an antibody cross-reacting with other proteins allows you to save both time and effort by avoiding follow-up experiments on artifacts and false positive results. Therefore, we have developed an application for ProtoArray Human Protein Microarrays to quickly profile antibody specificity. The protocol is very straightforward (Figure 1) and requires very little sample, typically only a few microliters of antibody.

Why profile your antibody cross reactivity?

Antibody specificity is crucial for the development of therapeutics. Cross reactivity can lead to serious unintended consequences.

FDA guidance

"The Testing of Monoclonal Antibody Products for Human Use highlights the risk potential when the same or related antigenic determinant as targeted by the therapeutic antibody is expressed on human cells or tissues other than the intended target tissue."

U. S. Department of Health and Human Services
Food and Drug Administration
Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research
February 28,1997

The FDA suggests that 'appropriate newer technologies should be employed as they become available and validated'.

The ProtoArray Antibody Specificity Profiling application is available either as a custom service or a product.

Figure 1. Schematic diagram showing ProtoArray microarray antibody specificity profiling method.

ProtoArray Antibody Specificity Profiling Service
  • Pre-service consultation—receive a consultation session with our experienced service scientists to optimize your experimental design
  • Post-service comprehensive report—a complete report detailing the profiling experiment and results will be delivered to you in approximately 4 weeks
  • Technical support—our responsive support and dedicated staff will be available to you through the duration of your project

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