Characterize autoantibody responses with the bead-based ProtoPlex® Immune Response Assay Service featuring Luminex® xMAP® technology. This service allows high-throughput sample testing with multiplexing of up to 50 antigens per reaction. Choose antigens from our catalog of more than 9,000 expression-ready human clones or supply your own content.

Advantages of Using the ProtoPlex® Immune Response Assay Service

This high-throughput service complements ProtoArray® Human Protein Microarrays to allow support the discovery-to-validation workflow for autoantibody biomarkers (Figure 1). This service is customizable (Figure 2) and offers several advantages including:

  • Proven technology—Luminex® xMAP® microsphere technology is broadly accepted and routinely used in disease research and preclinical assays
  • Reliable performance—average assay CV is less than 10%
  • Low sample requirements—only 10 μL of serum is required to test up to 50 antigens in triplicate

The ProtoPlex® Immune Response Assay Service is fully customizable and can be completed in 8 to 12 weeks.

|Figure 1.| ProtoArray® microarrays and the ProtoPlex® Immune Response Assay Service establish a workflow for biomarker discovery. After collecting samples, markers can be identified from over 9,000 targets using ProtoArray® Human Protein Microarrays, and then validated using the ProtoPlex® Immune Response Assay Service. Both provide detailed reports and raw data.

|Figure 2.| Custom ProtoPlex® Immune Response Assay Service. Over 9,000 proteins can be selected from an expression-ready library and tested with samples using Luminex® xMAP® technology.

ProtoPlex® Immune Response Assay Service
  1. Pre-service consultation—receive consultation session with our experienced service scientists to optimize your experimental design
  2. Post-service comprehensive report—a complete report detailing the experiment, results, and population statistics will be delivered to you in approximately 8-12 weeks
  3. Technical support—our responsive support and dedicated staff will be available to you through the duration of your project
Ordering Information
  1. Contact us at protoarray.sales@lifetech.com
  2. Work with a dedicated project manager to define scope of your project and receive pricing.
  3. Your project manager will prepare a custom quote for your service and provide ordering and shipping instructions for your samples.
  4. You will receive notification of receipt of your materials and an estimated delivery date for your analysis report.