With Life Technologies, you can choose from flexible service plans and a variety of value-added services for our  instruments, allowing you to determine the level of support that best meets your laboratory's needs and budget. Life Technologies has the knowledge and experience to optimize your instrument performance, maximize the availability of your critical systems, and streamline your laboratory workflows.

A service plan from Life Technologies can help you:

  • Maximize productivity
  • Optimize your laboratory's efficiency
  • Lower the cost of ownership
  • Obtain unmatched availability of critical laboratory systems
  • Increase quality
  • Lower costs by minimizing lost data, samples, or reagents

On-Site Service Plans

Service Packages at a Glance

AB Complete

AB Assurance

AB Maintenance

Planned maintenance
Application technical support
Instrument operating software updates
Phone & e-mail access to instrument technical support (TAC)  
On-site service--Labor  
On-site service--Parts  
On-site service--Travel  
Remote instrument monitoring diagnostics  
On-site application consulting    
Qualification service    
On-site response time Guaranteed 2 business day Guaranteed 3 business days Guaranteed 3 business days*
*after receipt of PO


Depot Repair Plans

Service Packages at a Glance

Rapid Exchange

ABRC Support

Response time shipped in 1 business day up to 3 weeks
Asset tag cosistancey  
Depot repair service--Shipping
Depot repair service--Parts
Depot repair service--labor
Highest priority for technical support (TAC)
Application technical support