Click chemistry: Making biodiscovery a snap
Replace cumbersome BrdU assays with the simplicity of EdU.

New Technologies

Click chemistry: Making biodiscovery a snap—Replace cumbersome BrdU assays with the simplicity of EdU

Potassium channel flux assay meets Bacmam technology—Combining sensitive FluxOR™ fluorescence detection with efficient Bacmam-mediated delivery

Qdot® 625 nanocrystals and conjugates—A better, brighter red nanocrystal for immunostaining, flow cytometry, and more

Practical Applications

Nuclear receptor antibodies: A core technology—Choose from antibodies to a wide range of nuclear receptor targets

Flow cytometry: Checking vital signs—A survey of Molecular Probes® viability and vitality technologies

Using Qdot® nanocrystal primary antibody conjugates in flow cytometry—Tips for sample preparation and instrument setup when detecting surface antigens

Omnia® kinase assay for cell lysates—Real-time kinetic activity measurements in under an hour

A no-wash indicator for high-throughput calcium detection—H1 histamine GPCR screening using Premo™ Cameleon Calcium Sensor


Journal Highlight—Getting a head start on Alzheimer's disease detection

Just Released—Highlighting our newest cell biology products and technologies

Endnote—A look at how your fellow researchers are using our products