Singleplex and Multiplex Bead Based Immunoassays

Luminex singleplex, multiplex, magnetic, and custom immunoassays that utilize antibody-coated beads and ELISA methodology to detect and measure analytes of interest. Ideal for a variety of molecular research applications.
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ProcartaPlex™ Human Exosome Characterization Panel, 6plex Invitrogen™

The ProcartaPlex Human Exosome Characterization Panel 6plex enables the simultaneous detection of six protein targets for the characterization of exosomes using Luminex xMAP technology. Furthermore, the the panel can be used together with the Human Apolipoprotein Panel 5plex (Cat. No.

ProcartaPlex™ Human Apolipoprotein Panel, 5plex Invitrogen™

The ProcartaPlex Human Apolipoprotein Panel 5plex enables lipoprotein research by analyzing 5 protein targets: Apo A1, Apo A2, Apo B, Apo C2, and Apo E in a single well using Luminex xMAP technology. Simultaneous detection of these targets can help explore biological processes such as metabolism of...