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Columns designed to produce reliable, reproducible results for gas chromatography and GC-MS applications. Products are available with a wide variety of polarities, stationary phases, and column dimensions and include capillary and packed columns.
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TraceGOLD TG-5MS GC Columns Thermo Scientific™
Employ the most widely used MS phase in gas chromatography with the 5% phenyl phase Thermo Scientific™ TraceGOLD™ TG-5MS GC Column.
Analyze residual solvents, volatile organic compounds, alcohols, and oxygenates using Thermo Scientific™ TraceGOLD™ TG-624 and TG-624SilMS GC Columns. Both phases offer the low to mid polarity phase, 6% cyanopropylphenyl methypolysilozane.
TRACE™ TR-WaxMS GC Columns Thermo Scientific™
For high-polarity separations as part of GC/MS analysis, choose the low-bleed, high polarity Thermo ScientificTM TRACETM TR-WaxMS GC Column. The TRACE TR-WaxMS column is manufactured using a proprietary bonding technique that minimizes bleed and extends the maximum operating temperature (260 to 280...
TRACE™ TR-FFAP GC Columns Thermo Scientific™
Low-bleed even at elevated temperatures. Chose the Thermo ScientificTM TRACETM TR-FFAP GC Columns for outstanding robustness in difficult-to-analyze separations.
TRACE™ TR-5MS GC Columns Thermo Scientific™
Thermo Scientific™ TRACE TR-5MS GC Columns feature a popular GCMS phase for many applications.
TRACE™ TR-FAME GC Columns Thermo Scientific™
Choose Thermo Scientific™ TRACE™ TR-FAME GC Columns for separation of cis/trans isomers and fatty acid methyl esters (FAMEs) with various degrees of unsaturation. The TRACE TR-FAME column is a cyanopropylphenyl-based phase specifically designed for the separation of FAMEs.
Thermo Scientific™ TraceGOLD™ TG-5SilMS GC Columns incorporate phenyl groups in the polymer backbone for improved thermal stability, reduced bleed and reduced susceptibility to oxidation.
Ensure excellent column-to-column reproducibility using the Thermo Scientific™ TraceGOLD™ TG-WaxMT GC Columns.
TRACE™ TR-1701 GC Columns Thermo Scientific™
Use mid-polarity columns with alternative selectivity with Thermo Scientific™ TRACE TR-1701 GC Columns.
Perform fast analysis of multi-class contaminants including pesticides, PCB, PAHs, and PBDE with Thermo Scientific™ TraceGOLD™ TG-Contaminants GC columns. These highly inert capillary columns combine thermal stability with a unique selectivity to ensure excellent chromatographic peak shapes and...
TRACE™ TR-1 GC Columns Thermo Scientific™
Use the Thermo Scientific™ TRACE™ TR-1 GC column for method development and chlorinated and nitroaromatic compounds and environmental analyses. These non-polar phase, 100% dimethyl polysiloxane gas chromatography columns have a high operating temperature.
Extend column lifetime and get more consistent results over a longer period of time. Thermo Scientific™ TraceGOLD TG-5MS Guard GC Columns with SafeGuard offer the benefit of an integrated SafeGuard to protect the column.
TRACE™ TR-1MS GC Columns Thermo Scientific™
With low bleed and a maximum operating temperature of 340–360°C, the Thermo Scientific™ TRACE™ TR-1MS column is ideal for all GC/MS applications. The column is particularly well suited for applications such as GC/MS environmental analyses, which require an inert phase that can operate at high...
Use Thermo Scientific TraceGOLD™ TG-PBDE GC Columns for fast analysis of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) with high BDE-209 response. This column is ideal for use with U.S. EPA method 1614. Key benefits of this columns include: Fast Analysis of PBDE Excellent separation of BDE-49 and BDE-71...
For separation of AR/O2 and other permanent gases, Thermo Scientific™ TracePLOT TG-BOND Sieve 5A GC Columns deliver consistent, reproducible results.
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Our columns represent a leap forward in performance, delivering low bleed and superior inertness. Select from our comprehensive portfolio of Thermo Scientific GC columns that meet all of your analytical needs and achieve reliable, reproducible results for your gas chromatography (GC) and gas...
We manufactured these Thermo Scientific GC columns using proprietary polymer and surface treatments to overcome problems traditionally associated with high-polarity columns and difficult-to-analyze separations.
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