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Protein Expression Medium (PEM) (Gibco™)

• Supports the large-scale, high-density culture of transfected PER.C6® cells in shake flasks, roller bottles, and bioreactors
• Contains no components directly derived from human or animal sources and one low-level, recombinant protein, minimizing the opportunity to introduce adventitious agents
• Formulated without L-glutamine for maximum stability
• Supports parental PER.C6®, HEK 293, and HeLa cell growth in suspension culture, as well as transfected PER.C6® cells for protein expression applications Storage: Store in the dark at 2-8°C. PER.C6® is a registered trademark of Crucell, Holland B.V.

HepExtend™ Media Kit (Gibco™)

The HepExtend™ Media Kit contains the new HepExtend Supplement (50X), as well as William's E Medium and Primary Hepatocyte Maintenance Supplement, providing the three components needed to optimize long term hepatocyte culture. HepExtend Supplement has been optimized for use with cryopreserved primary hepatocytes to improve cell viability, function and number of days in culture. This enables researchers to perform metabolic and toxicity experiments not achievable using standard culture conditions. Simply add the HepExtend Supplement and Primary Hepatocyte Maintenance Supplement to the William’s E Medium for a complete solution. The HepExtend supplement does not contain any small molecules or fetal bovine sera, components that are known to interfere with primary hepatocyte function.

Enabling—offers maximum cell viability and cell health when culturing primary plateable hepatocytes
Extended cell survival—days in culture can be extended to >10 days while maintaining normal cell morphology and bile canaliculi
Consistent—manufactured in a cGMP compliant facility using high quality materials

Maintain P450 activity
The HepExtend Media Kit can be used to help ensure metabolically competent hepatocytes for at least 10 days for use in downstream ADME/Tox applications not achieved with standard 5-day culture systems.

Enhanced gene expression
Using the components in the HepExtend Media Kit to culture primary human hepatocytes increases the basal gene expression of many key genes involved in drug metabolism and transport.

Retain inducibility
Nuclear receptor activation and gene inducibility are retained in cultures treated with HepExtend supplemented media.