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DNAzol™ BD Reagent, for isolation of genomic DNA from whole blood (Invitrogen™)

DNAzol® BD Reagent is a ready-to-use organic reagent specifically formulated for the isolation of genomic DNA from whole blood in about 30 minutes.

• Specifically formulated for extraction of genomic DNA from whole blood
• Optimized for the rapid Isolation of genomic DNA

Efficient Isolation of Genomic DNA from Whole Blood
DNAzol® BD Reagent is specifically formulated for the isolation of genomic DNA from whole blood. DNAzol® BD Reagent procedure is based on the use of a novel guanidine-detergent lysing solution that hydrolyzes RNA and allows the selective precipitation of DNA from the lysate. 1 ml of DNAzol® Reagent can be used to isolate genomic DNA from 0.5 ml of whole blood to yield 10-20 µg DNA. In addition to the isolation of genomic DNA, DNAzol® BD Reagent can also be used for the isolation of apoptotic fragments from whole blood and viral DNA from serum.

Rapid Isolation of Genomic DNA
The DNAzol® Reagent combines reliability, efficiency and simplicity in its isolation protocol. In the procedure, blood samples are mixed with DNAzol® Reagent and DNA is precipitated from the resulting lysate with isopropanol. The DNA pellet is then washed successively with DNAzol® Reagent followed by ethanol, and then solubilized. The entire procedure can be completed in about 30 min.

Isolated DNA can be Used for a Number of Downstream Applications:
Genomic DNA extracted using the DNAzol® procedure is suitable for a variety of applications, including Southern blotting, cloning, PCR, restriction endonuclease digestion, and dot blot hybridization.

For Research Use Only. Not intended for animal or human diagnostic or therapeutic use.

PrepMan™ Ultra Sample Preparation Reagent (Applied Biosystems™)

The PrepMan® Ultra Sample Preparation Reagent was developed for the rapid preparation of DNA template from Gram-negative food-borne pathogens for use in PCR amplification reactions. These samples often have high lipid content that can inhibit PCR amplification of the template. Using a simple boil and spin protocol, PrepMan®Ultra Reagent efficiently inactivates PCR inhibitors, significantly reducing the need to repeat the template preparation step.

PrepMan® Ultra reagent has been used to prepare PCR-ready template from a wide variety of different sources, including bacteria, yeast, filamentous fungi, both from a plate or from liquid culture, mammalian tissue smears, human cells (buccal swab), and mammalian whole blood. The resulting template has been used amplified in allelic discrimination assays, genetically modified organism (GMO) detection and quantification, food pathogen detection, microbial identification, and bacterial strain typing.

• Simple, rapid protocol reduces time to results.
• Unique formulation inactivates PCR inhibitors, yielding consistent results.
• PCR-ready template can be prepared from a wide range of sample types.
• Affordable method with a low price per preparation.
• Homogeneous solution with minimal sample-handling requirements.
• Microcentrifuge tube-based format means no additional equipment is needed for template preparation.

PrepMan® Ultra reagent is a novel formulation and is a homogeneous solution that does not contain Chelex® or any other type of resin or matrix.

This product is a replacement⁄improvement of PrepMan® Sample Preparation Reagent, and should be recommended to current and potential PrepMan® Reagent users.

Used With
3500/3500xL Genetic Analyzer Capillary Array (50 cm), 3130xL/3100 Genetic Analyzer Capillary Array (36 cm), 96-Well Plate Septa, AmpliTaq Gold® PCR Master Mix, BigDye® Terminator v1.1 Cycle Sequencing Kit, POP-6™ Polymer for 3100⁄3100-Avant™ Genetic Analyzers, PrepMan® Ultra Sample Preparation Reagent, TaqMan® GMO Maize 35S Detection Kit, TaqMan® GMO Soy 35S Detection Kit.

MagMAX™ Microbiome Bead Plate (Applied Biosystems™)

This bead plate is included in the MagMAX Microbiome Ultra Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit (Cat. No. A42357). It is made available separately for applications that require additional plates.

MagMAX™ Microbiome Ultra Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit, with bead plate (Applied Biosystems™)

Stool and soil are often the sample types of choice for scientists in the microbiome field. However, these samples also happen to be some of the most challenging to extract RNA and DNA from, until now. The MagMAX Microbiome Ultra Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit enables efficient, high-throughput nucleic acid extraction from stool and soil. The kit utilizes MagMAX magnetic-bead technology, ensuring reproducible recovery of high-quality nucleic acid compatible with a broad range of applications, including microarrays, real-time PCR, and next-generation sequencing.

Features of the MagMAX Microbiome Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit include:
• Automation-ready protocols designed for the KingFisher Flex and KingFisher Duo Prime systems
• Fast procedure allows for 96 samples to be processed in ~60 minutes
• Compatible with stool, soil, and swabs contained in transport medium
• Mechanical disruption via bead beating in 96-well plate or individual tubes
• Elution volumes ranging from 50 to 200 µL

Maximize sample input and nucleic acid recovery in minimal time
Up to 100 mg of stool can be processed per well in a KingFisher 96-deep well plate. When the extraction process is performed using a KingFisher Flex system, 96 samples can processed in ~60 minutes; when using a KingFisher Duo Prime system 12 samples can be processed in ~50 minutes. When the protocol is completed, pure RNA and DNA is concentrated in 100 µL of elution buffer.

Two bead beating formats available
High-throughput processing of difficult samples such as stool is possible with 96-deep well plates containing zirconia beads combined with optimized MagMAX Microbiome reagents (this page). If processing 96 samples at a time is not needed then the same beads are available in tube format for lower-throughput processing (Cat. No. A42358). Once the bead beating step is complete, the lysate can then be transferred into a KingFisher 96-deep well plate and processed on a KingFisher Flex or KingFisher Duo Prime system.

Benefits of MagMAX magnetic bead–based purification
Magnetic beads offer many benefits compared to other technologies for isolating nucleic acid. Beads bind the DNA more efficiently than glass-fiber filters, resulting in higher and more consistent yields. Additionally, because filters and vacuum manifolds are not used, there is no risk of filter clogging due to cellular particulates in samples. This clogging issue is of particular concern with stool samples that are commonly used for microbiome research.

The Dynabeads MyOne Silane contained in the MagMAX Microbiome Ultra Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit have an optimized silica-like surface chemistry with high specific surface area that allows efficient kinetics and high sensitivity in nucleic acid capture. These aspects make Dynabeads MyOne Silane ideal for the recovery RNA and DNA. Once captured, these nucleic acids can then be eluted in of 50-100 µL of elution buffer for use in downstream applications.

MagMAX™ Cell-Free DNA Elution Solution (Applied Biosystems™)

This solution is included in the MagMAX Cell-Free DNA Isolation Kit (Cat. No. A29319). It is made available separately for applications that require more Elution Solution than is provided in the kit.

PureLink™ Plant RNA Reagent (Invitrogen™)

Plant RNA Reagent is a single-component solution optimized for the isolation of high yields of high-quality total RNA from a variety of plant tissues, especially those rich in polyphenolics (e.g., conifer needles) or starch (e.g., potato tuber or seeds). Features of the Plant RNA Reagent:

• Isolate high-quality RNA from difficult plant materials
• Use for small-scale and large-scale RNA isolations

Improved quality and purity of plant RNA
Plant RNA Reagent is optimized to have less sample DNA contamination, to be twice as effective as TRIzol® Reagent, and have a simplified RNA extraction protocol for minimized time and labor. The end result is high-yield, high-purity RNA (determined by A260/A280 and gel analysis) from a variety of plant material sources.

Works for milligram to gram quantities of starting material
Plant RNA Reagent provides greater flexibility for sample size and processing formats, and can be used for both small-scale (up to 0.1 g plant tissue) and large-scale (0.1–5 g plant tissue) total RNA isolation. The amount supplied (100 mL) is sufficient for 200 reactions using 100 mg of tissue, or 4 reactions using 5 g of tissue.

Isolated RNA is ideal for a variety of applications and products:

cDNA library construction kits
Real-Time PCR (qPCR)
Northern blotting kits & reagents
Poly(A) selection kit
RNase control reagents & assays

Max Bacterial Enhancement Reagent (Invitrogen™)

The Max Bacterial Enhancement Reagent is designed for use with TRIzol® Reagent to improve the isolation of intact total RNA up to 3-fold from Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. The Max Bacterial Enhancement Reagent is a ready-to-use solution composed of chelating agents, detergent, and a buffer, and is used as an efficient pre-treatment buffer for bacterial cells prior to RNA isolation with TRIzol® Reagent. The use of Max Bacterial Enhancement Reagent with TRIzol® inactivates endogenous RNases and promotes protein denaturation, improving the RNA quality and integrity. The Max Bacterial Enhancement Reagent is available either separately or packaged with TRIzol as part of the TRIzol® Max™ Bacterial RNA Isolation Kit (Cat. No. 16096020 or 16096040).

MagMAX™ Cell-Free DNA Wash Solution (Applied Biosystems™)

This solution is included in the MagMAX Cell-Free DNA Isolation Kit (Cat. No. A29319). It is made available separately for applications that require more Wash Solution than is provided in the kit.

PrepSEQ™ 1-2-3 Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit (Applied Biosystems™)

The PrepSEQ® 1-2-3 Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit uses magnetic particle-based separation
technology to extract DNA from Mycoplasma cells or Mouse Minute Virus
(MMV) isolated from a variety of starting material, such as infected cell cultures
or Mycoplasma liquid cultures.

Using this kit, you prepare lysates of samples before you extract the target DNA.
For samples that contain Mycoplasma, the lysates contain Mycoplasma DNA
from the free organisms in the culture media and from organisms released from
the infected host cells.

MagMAX™ Cell-Free DNA Lysis/Binding Buffer (Applied Biosystems™)

This buffer is included in the MagMAX Cell-Free DNA Isolation Kit (Cat. No. A29319). It is made available separately for applications that require more Lysis/Binding Buffer than is provided in the kit.