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MagMAX™ DNA Multi-Sample Ultra 2.0 Proteinase K Applied Biosystems™

This Proteinase K solution is included in the MagMAX DNA Multi-Sample Ultra 2.0 Kit. It is available separately for applications that require more Proteinase K solution than is provided in the kit.

MagMAX™ DNA Multi-Sample Ultra 2.0 Binding Beads Applied Biosystems™

These Magnetic Binding beads are included in the MagMAX DNA Multi-Sample Ultra 2.0 Kit. They are available separately for applications that require more binding beads than are provided in the kit.

SYBR™ Green Fast Advanced Cells-to-CT™ Kit Invitrogen™

The SYBR Green Fast Advanced Cells-to-Ct Kit is a complete cell lysate system designed for gene expression analysis directly from cultured cells without RNA purification. SYBR Green Fast Advanced Cells-to-Ct cell lysis reagents are supplied with highest sensitivity Cells-to-Ct Fast Advanced reverse transcription enzyme mix, 2X RT buffer, and best-in-class PowerUp SYBR Green Master mix. The SYBR Green Fast Advanced Cells-to-Ct Kit gives you the sensitivity you need in the fastest workflow available: get gene expressions analysis results from an entire plate of cells in about 1.5 hours.

Complete—optimized workflow includes cell lysis reagents with gDNA removal, new Fast Advanced RT enzyme mix, buffer, and new PowerUp SYBR Green Fast Advanced Master Mix
Fast—7-minute sample prep, including DNase treatment, at room temperature
Easy—lyse samples in a tube or directly in culture plates
Robust—perform gene expression analysis on 10–100,000 cells per sample; results equivalent to those from purified RNA
Efficient—contains sufficient reagents to generate 1000 real-time PCR results from 100 starting samples

Unique method eliminates the need to isolate RNA from cultured cells
The Cells-to-Ct method features a unique lysis reagent that lyses cells and protects RNA. DNA removal occurs simultaneously in the 5-minute lysis step to save time and improve ease of use. Lysis is then stopped by the addition of a “Stop Solution” that irreversibly binds to the lysis reagents.

The SYBR Green Fast Advanced Cells-to-CT Kit contains Cells-to-Ct Fast Advanced reverse transcription (RT) reagents for cDNA synthesis and PowerUp SYBR Green Master Mix for real-time PCR analysis. Primer sets are provided by the user.

Simple 7-minute sample preparation
The SYBR Green Fast Advanced Cells-to-CT Kit is designed for 10–100,000 cultured cells/sample. Cells are washed in PBS and lysed in lysis solution for five minutes at room temperature; DNase treatment can be performed simultaneously. Lysis is terminated at room temperature by a 2-minute incubation with Stop Solution. The lysates are now ready for reverse transcription or storage at –20°C for a short term or -80C for a long term.

Maximize sensitivity of detection
Unlike some competitor kits that limit the amount of lysate in the RT reaction to 10%, the SYBR Green Fast Advanced Cells-to-CT Kit can accommodate 45% of the total RT reaction volume as cell lysate. Additionally, cDNA can comprise up to 30% of the real-time PCR reaction volume. The large lysate volume in the optimized RT reaction, along with the large cDNA volume in the subsequent real-time PCR using the PowerUP SYBR Green Master Mix, lead to maximum sensitivity. The master mix amplifies the target precisely and accurately, enabling the detection of small quantities of target, such as transcripts expressed at low levels.

Reduced sample loss and transfer error
Because samples can be processed directly in culture wells (96 or 384 wells), sample handling and the potential for sample loss or transfer error are minimized, facilitating rapid, high-throughput processing. Unlike old-fashioned, multi-step RNA isolation protocols, no heating, washing, or centrifugation steps are required. The kit greatly simplifies a laborious 30–60 minute process and reduces it to 7 minutes.

Proven performance, proven together
All components of the SYBR Green Fast Advanced Cells-to-CT Kit have been optimized for consistent and reliable performance. This removes the guesswork involved in assembling separate sample preparation, RT, and real-time PCR kits, giving you the sensitivity you need in the fastest sample-to-answer workflow available.

RiboPure™ RNA Purification Kit, bacteria Invitrogen™

The Ambion® RiboPure™-Bacteria Kit provides a rapid, robust, column-based method for isolating high quality RNA from bacteria. Total RNA can be isolated from the toughest Gram positive bacteria samples thanks to the kit's comprehensive protocol that uses zirconia beads to thoroughly disrupt bacterial cell walls. The RiboPure™-Bacteria Kit protocol also eliminates the need for harsh treatments or enzymatic digestion which may alter gene expression profile.
• Obtain purified bacterial RNA suitable for nearly any downstream application
• Prepare pure RNA samples from the most difficult-to-lyse Gram positive bacteria
• Eliminate enzymatic pretreatments that might otherwise alter gene expression
• Remove contaminating gDNA with included DNA-free™ reagents

A Comprehensive and Convenient Column Purification Procedure
The RiboPure™-Bacteria Kit purifies total RNA from a wide range of bacterial species and has been extensively tested with E. coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus subtilis, Campylobacter fetus, and Rhodobacter sphaeroides.

A Streamlined and Effective Method for Bacterial RNA Extraction
The kit protocol begins with thorough cell wall disruption using of zirconia beads, followed by organic extraction of the lysate, and RNA purification on a convenient silica column. In approximately 1 hour, RNA is of superb quality can be isolated from fresh, snap-frozen, or RNAlater® solution-treated bacterial cells (Figures 1 and 2). To help ensure complete removal of genomic DNA, an optional DNA removal step requiring approximately 30 minutes of additional time, can be incorporated. When the RiboPure™-Bacteria kit is used upstream from the MICROBExpress™ Bacterial mRNA Enrichment Kit, the sensitivity of RNA-Seq experiments or array analyses can be dramatically increased (Figure 3).

Purified RNA is Suitable for Use with a Variety of Downstream Applications and Products:
The RNA purified using the Ambion® RiboPure™-Bacteria Kit is suitable for downstream applications including RNA sequencing, microarray analysis, real-time PCR (qPCR), reverse transcription qPCR (RT-qPCR), northern blotting, and cDNA library construction.

For Research Use Only. Not for human or animal therapeutic or diagnostic use.

MagMAX™ DNA Multi-Sample Ultra 2.0 Wash I Solution Applied Biosystems™

This Wash I solution is included in the MagMAX DNA Multi-Sample Ultra 2.0 Kit. It is available separately for applications that require more Wash Isolution than is provided in the kit.

RiboPure™ RNA Purification Kit, yeast Invitrogen™

For the isolation of extremely high-quality RNA from yeast without the use of enzymatic pretreatments that may alter gene expression profiles. Each Ambion® kit includes sufficient reagents for 50 purifications each from 107 to 108 yeast cells.

• Highest yields of total RNA available
• No enzymatic pretreatment required
• Includes DNA-free™ Reagents

It has traditionally been difficult to isolate high-quality RNA from yeast because of problems disrupting the cells. Many protocols use enzymatic pretreatments that may affect gene expression patterns. The RiboPure™-Yeast RNA Isolation Kit uses no enzymatic pretreatments and thus does not alter expression profiles. It combines a simple and efficient glass bead/one step phenol–mediated disruption using Ambion's Vortex Bead Beater Adapter (see Accessory Products) followed by a glass fiber filter– based RNA purification step. After DNase treatment with the included DNA-free™ Reagents, the resulting RNA is exceptionally pure containing little to no genomic DNA (less than 0.05%). The kit has been used extensively at Ambion to isolate high-quality RNA from Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Schizosaccharomyces pombe, Pichia pastoris, and Candida albicans (see Figure). The kit provides the highest yield of any method tested from each of these species (see Figure).

Accessory Products:
The Kit requires the use of the Vortex Adapter (SKU #AM10024), which turns a standard laboratory vortex into a bead beater. This adapter fits the Vortex Genie® 2 and holds 12 tubes.

MagMAX™ DNA Multi-Sample Ultra 2.0 Lysis/Binding Solution Applied Biosystems™

This Lysis/Binding solution is included in the MagMAX DNA Multi-Sample Ultra 2.0 Kit. It is available separately for applications that require more Lysis/Binding solution than is provided in the kit.

RecoverAll™ Multi-Sample RNA/DNA Isolation Workflow Invitrogen™

The RecoverAll™ Multi-Sample RNA/DNA Workflow is a complete workflow package for sequential extraction of RNA and DNA from the same formaldehyde- or paraformaldehyde-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue sample. The recovered RNA and DNA are ready for use in downstream applications such as quantitative real-time RT-PCR and targeted sequencing using the Oncomine™ Cancer Research Panel. This workflow package includes three RecoverAll™ Total Nucleic Acid Isolation kits, elution tubes, and nuclease-free water.

Features include:
• Recovers RNA and DNA in separate eluates from the same FFPE section
• Relies on proven Ambion™ RecoverAll technology
• Processes four 20-µm sections per reaction
• Provides enough reagents to perform 60 RNA and 60 DNA isolations (120 total)

Special workflow provides more information from less sample input
FFPE samples are precious, which often requires the choosing of one extraction method over another to save sample. With the RecoverAll Multi-Sample RNA/DNA Workflow, recovering RNA and DNA from the same FFPE tissue sample in a single workflow eliminates the need to choose which nucleic acid to recover from a particular FFPE section.

First, FFPE slide-mounted or tissue blocks sections are deparaffinized and digested with protease. The samples are then loaded on a filter cartridge; DNA remains bound to the filter cartridge while RNA flows through. To recover RNA, the flow-through is applied to a new filter cartridge, treated with DNase, then eluted from the filter. To recover DNA, the DNA bound to the filter cartridge is treated with RNase A, then eluted from the filter.

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RiboPure™ RNA Purification Kit, blood Invitrogen™

The RiboPure™-Blood Kit is for the isolation of high-quality RNA directly from whole blood. The kit combines two methods of RNA purification to efficiently remove blood components (protein, heme, genomic DNA, and RNases) that can compromise downstream procedures. The kit includes sufficient reagents for 40 RNA purifications from whole blood samples ranging from 0.3–0.5 mL each. Advantages of the RiboPure™-Blood Kit:

• Purify total RNA directly from whole blood—without prior recovery of WBCs
• Simple, fast procedure—from blood to RNA in less than 30 minutes
• Includes RNAlater® Solution—store blood samples 3 days or more at room temperature
• Includes DNA-free™ Reagents—to ready RNA for RT-PCR and array analysis

The RiboPure™-Blood Kit produces high yields of pure RNA directly from whole blood, eliminating the need to isolate WBCs prior to RNA purification. RNA recovered using the RiboPure™-Blood Kit can be used in the most challenging applications, including real-time RT-PCR and array analysis. Average yields of RNA are between 2–4 µg/0.5 mL of whole blood (variation is due to differences in WBC numbers between samples).

Stabilize RNA in whole blood
When collecting blood samples for RNA analysis, storage of the samples prior to RNA isolation is often required. The RiboPure™-Blood Kit contains RNAlater® Solution for the stabilization of RNA in whole blood. It also "freezes" the gene expression profile of the cells. Treated samples can be safely stored at ambient temperature for extended periods of time (up to three days or more). Blood samples stored in RNAlater® Solution yield RNA of comparable quality to blood samples processed directly (see figure).

Simple procedure yields highly pure RNA
The RiboPure™-Blood procedure consists of three steps: 1) addition of Lysis Solution directly to RNAlater®-treated or fresh whole blood, 2) initial RNA purification by phenol/chloroform extraction, and 3) final RNA purification on a glass fiber filter. An additional DNase treatment can then be performed with the DNA-free™ Reagents included in the kit. The entire procedure, including DNase treatment, can be completed in less than 1 hour.

Accessory products
The RNA can subsequently be enriched for white blood cell (WBC) mRNA using our GLOBINclear™ Kits to selectively remove globin transcripts. The Mouse RiboPure™-Blood RNA Isolation Kit (Cat. No. AM0951) is also available for the recovery of total RNA—and optionally microRNA—directly from mouse or rat blood. Mouse RiboPure™-Blood includes sample tubes preloaded with RNAlater® Solution to prevent RNA degradation and preserve RNA profiles.

MEGAclear™-96 Transcription Clean-Up Kit Invitrogen™

The MEGAclear™-96 Kit is designed for the quick, high-throughput cleanup of any large-scale transcription reaction. The kit efficiently separates RNA from unincorporated NTPs, enzymes, and buffer components.

• Purifies transcription reactions in a 96-well format to produce high quality RNA free of unincorporated NTPs, enzymes, and buffer components
• Quick protocol—purify RNA in less than 20 minutes
• Can be adapted to robotic platforms

The MEGAclear™-96 Kit offers more consistent results and higher recovery than generic RNA isolation methods that have been adapted for RNA clean-up. The protocol is quick and easy. The sample is mixed with Binding Solution and ethanol, transferred to a 96-well filter plate, and washed twice; an elution step releases purified RNA, ready for any application requiring highly pure synthetic or in vitro-transcribed RNA. The MEGAclear-96 Kit can also be integrated with your robotic platform or used with manual methods.

MagMAX™ DNA Multi-Sample Ultra 2.0 Elution Solution Applied Biosystems™

This Elution solution is included in the MagMAX DNA Multi-Sample Ultra 2.0 Kit. It is available separately for applications that require more Elution solution than is provided in the kit.

MagMAX™ Saliva gDNA Isolation Kit Applied Biosystems™

The MagMAX Saliva gDNA Isolation Kit is a scalable and automatable magnetic bead-based sample preparation technology for the isolation of genomic DNA (gDNA) from fresh and stabilized saliva. The resulting purified gDNA is ideal for a variety of downstream molecular biology applications such as qPCR, next-generation sequencing, and microarray analysis. All components are also available for purchase separately.

Key features of the MagMAX Saliva gDNA Isolation Kit:
• Process up to 96 samples in 25 minutes with 5 minutes hands-on time
• Isolate gDNA from 200 µL–2 mL of saliva using simple protocols in SBS microtiter plates
• Skip sample and buffer volume normalization steps for hassle-free processing
• Download validated BindIt software automation scripts for KingFisher Duo Prime and KingFisher Flex purification systems

Isolate DNA from stabilized and freshly collected saliva
The MagMAX Saliva gDNA Isolation Kit isolates gDNA from 200 µL–2 mL of freshly collected saliva or stabilized saliva collected using a commercially available saliva collection device (see figure below). MagMAX Saliva gDNA isolation chemistry is compatible with the Oragene® saliva collection devices from DNA Genotek, the SalivaGard® saliva collection device from Biomatrica, and the GeneFiX™ Saliva DNA Collection Device from IsoHelix.

The MagMAX Saliva gDNA Isolation Kit maximizes gDNA yields by treating samples with an innovative lysis/binding solution to simultaneously lyse cells, denature proteins, and capture gDNA on high-capacity magnetic binding beads. The Saliva gDNA Wash I Solution removes proteins, detergents, and other impurities from the bound nucleic acid. The gDNA is then released from the beads using a low-TE elution solution.

Fast and hassle-free magnetic bead-based workflows
The MagMAX Saliva gDNA Isolation Kit combines multiple laborious sample processing steps together into a single step to minimize the time and effort typically required by other methods, without compromising yield and purity. Process a broad range of sample volume inputs simultaneously without sample normalization or reagent volume adjustments for hassle-free sample prep. Simply match your saliva input volumes to one of three standard input workflows (50 µL to 500 µL, up to 1 mL, up to 2 mL) and follow the instructions for semi-automated sample preparation using the KingFisher Duo Prime or KingFisher Flex purification systems.

Optimized for KingFisher purification systems
The MagMAX Saliva gDNA Isolation Kit is optimized for use on the moderate-throughput KingFisher Duo Prime (Cat. No. 5400110) and the higher-throughput KingFisher Flex (Cat. No. 5400630) purification systems. Users can process up to 500 µL of saliva in high-throughput capacity SBS 96-well deep-well microtiter plates using the KingFisher Flex system. For smaller sample batches, users can process 12 samples using the Duo Prime system. Larger sample input volumes (>500 µL, and 1–2 mL), which are more challenging to process, are purified in the larger sample volume capacity 24-well deep-well SBS plates for 24 samples on the Flex or 6 samples on the Duo Prime system. KingFisher instrument BindIt software scripts for all sample types and both Flex and Duo Prime systems can be downloaded below and installed onto the KingFisher instruments.

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RNAqueous™-Micro Total RNA Isolation Kit Invitrogen™

The RNAqueous®-Micro Kit is used for phenol-free total RNA isolation from micro-sized samples (e.g., from <500,000 cultured cells, from few as 10 laser capture microdissected cells, or from ≤10 mg of tissue) using a guanidinium-based lysis/denaturant and glass fiber filter separation technology. DNA-free™ DNA removal reagents are included in the kit, making the isolated RNA especially suitable for RT-PCR. This kit provides:

• Highly concentrated RNA—for increased sensitivity in downstream assays
• Isolation of high-quality RNA from micro-scale samples
• Reagents/protocol for RNA recovery from LCM samples

How it works
Samples are solubilized in a powerful chaotropic solution, and RNA is purified on a glass fiber filter cartridge specifically designed for very small samples. A simple modification of the protocol allows recovery of both large and small RNA species including tRNAs, 5S rRNA, and microRNAs. The RNA is eluted in a minimal volume of 20 µL. Residual genomic DNA is efficiently removed using the DNA-free™ system included in the kit. The RNAqueous®-Micro Kit contains enough reagents for 50 RNA isolations of DNA-free RNA.

RNAqueous™-Midi Total RNA Isolation Kit Invitrogen™

The Ambion® RNAqueous®-Midi Kit is for phenol-free total RNA isolation from 0.1 g to 0.5 g of tissue or 107-108 cells using a guanidinium-based lysis/;denaturant and glass fiber filter separation technology. The RNAqueous®-Midi Kit provides enough reagents for 15 RNA purifications.
• Convenient syringe-based filtration
• Compatible with vacuum manifolds when processing multiple samples The Ambion® RNAqueous®-Midi Kit uses a powerful chaotropic solution for cell lysis, followed by RNA binding to glass fiber housed in a luer-lock syringe filter. Washing and elution solutions are simply pushed through the filter using a standard syringe (not included). Vacuum filtration is not required; however, the filter units are compatible with standard vacuum manifolds for processing several samples at once.

MagMAX™ DNA Multi-Sample Ultra 2.0 Enhancer Solution Applied Biosystems™

This Enhancer solution is included in the MagMAX DNA Multi-Sample Ultra 2.0 Kit. It is available separately for applications that require more Enhancer solution than is provided in the kit.
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