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Agarase (0.5 U/µL) (Thermo Scientific™)

Thermo Scientific Agarase is an enzyme that specifically digests the agarose polysaccharide core into neoagaro-oligosaccharides. Agarase allows for gentle yet efficient recovery of DNA or RNA fragments from low melting point agarose. The recovered nucleic acids can be directly used for amplification, cloning, sequencing, etc.

TaqMan™ Fast Advanced Cells-to-CT™ Kit (Invitrogen™)

The TaqMan Fast Advanced Cells-to-Ct Kit is a complete cell lysate system designed for gene expression analysis directly from cultured cells without RNA purification. TaqMan Fast Advanced Cells-to-Ct cell lysis reagents are supplied with highest sensitivity Fast Advanced reverse transcription enzyme mix, 2x RT buffer, and best-in-class TaqMan Fast Advanced master mix. The TaqMan Fast Advanced Cells-to-Ct Kit gives you all the sensitivity you need in the fastest workflow available: get gene expressions analysis results from an entire plate of cells in about 80 minutes.

Complete—optimized workflow includes cell lysis reagents with gDNA removal, new Fast Advanced RT enzyme mix, buffer, and new TaqMan Fast Advanced Master Mix
Fast—7-minute sample prep, including DNase treatment, at room temperature
Easy—lyse samples in a tube or directly in culture plates
Robust—perform gene expression analysis on 10–100,000 cells per sample; results equivalent to those from purified RNA
Efficient—contains sufficient reagents to generate 500 real-time PCR results from 100 starting samples

Unique method eliminates the need to isolate RNA from cultured cells
The Cells-to-Ct method features a unique lysis reagent that lyses cells and protects RNA. DNA removal occurs simultaneously in the 5-minute lysis step to save time and improve ease of use. Lysis is then stopped by the addition of a “Stop Solution” that irreversibly binds to the lysis reagents.

The TaqMan Fast Advanced Cells-to-CT Kit contains reverse transcription (RT) reagents for cDNA synthesis and TaqMan Fast Advanced Master Mix for real-time PCR analysis. TaqMan primer/probe sets are sold separately.

Simple 7-minute sample preparation
The TaqMan Fast Advanced Cells-to-CT Kit is designed for 10–100,000 cultured cells/sample. Cells are washed in PBS and lysed in solution for five minutes at room temperature; DNase treatment can be performed simultaneously. Lysis is terminated at room temperature by a 2-minute incubation with Stop Solution. The lysates are now ready for reverse transcription or storage at –20°C for a short term or -80°C for a long term.

Maximize sensitivity of detection
Unlike some competitor kits that limit the amount of lysate in the RT reaction to 10%, the TaqMan Fast Advanced Cells-to-CT Kit can accommodate 45% of the total RT reaction volume as cell lysate. Additionally, cDNA can comprise up to 45% of the real-time PCR reaction volume. The large lysate volume in the optimized RT reaction, along with the large cDNA volume in the subsequent real-time PCR using the TaqMan Fast Advanced Master Mix, lead to maximum sensitivity. The master mix amplifies the target precisely and accurately, enabling the detection of small quantities of target, such as transcripts expressed at low levels.

Reduced sample loss and transfer error
Because samples can be processed directly in culture wells (96 or 384 wells), sample handling and the potential for sample loss or transfer error are minimized, facilitating rapid, high-throughput processing. Unlike old-fashioned, multi-step RNA isolation protocols, no heating, washing, or centrifugation steps are required. The kit greatly simplifies a laborious 30–60 minute process and reduces it to 7 minutes.

Compatible with gold standard TaqMan Gene Expression Assays
The TaqMan Fast Advanced Cells-to-CT Kit workflow enables unsurpassed gene expression evaluation with any of the >700,000 TaqMan Gene Expression Assays. This kit has been extensively tested for specificity with a broad selection of TaqMan Gene Expression Assays.

Proven performance, proven together
All components of the TaqMan Fast Advanced Cells-to-CT Kit have been optimized for consistent and reliable performance. This removes the guesswork involved in assembling separate sample preparation, RT, and real-time PCR kits. And the TaqMan Fast Advanced Cells-to-CT Kit has been validated with TaqMan Gene Expression Assays for added quality assurance, giving you the sensitivity you need in the fastest sample-to-answer workflow available.

Tempus™ Spin RNA Isolation Kit (Invitrogen™)

This Applied Biosystems® product is for the fast, easy, glass fiber filter–based isolation of RNA from blood using standard laboratory equipment in about one hour. Contains sufficient reagents for RNA purification from 50 samples.

• Isolate high-quality RNA from blood, suitable for real-time PCR and microarray analysis
• Obtain highly stable RNA virtually free of RNase activity, contaminating gDNA, or RT-PCR inhibitors
• Easy workflow requires only standard laboratory centrifuges and ~1 hour of time
• No separate RBC lysis or proteinase K treatment required

Gene expression profiling and analysis of whole blood is becoming an increasingly important life science tool. Accurately measuring the molecular profile of blood-based RNA transcripts is a critical need in areas of research such as disease association studies, biomarker discovery and validation, and monitoring of drug treatment regimes.

Accessory Product
The highly unstable nature of RNA transcripts ex vivo creates an even greater challenge for accurate expression analysis. Ongoing metabolic changes can drastically affect gene expression profiles in as little as one hour in standard blood collection tubes (see Figure). Use of the Applied Biosystems® Tempus™ Blood RNA Tubes (SKU #4342792) is therefore recommended. These tubes are designed for direct collection of 3 mL of blood into a plastic, evacuated blood collection tube containing RNA Stabilizing Reagent. The RNA, and therefore the expression profile, is stable in the collection tube for up to five days at room temperature and minimally 7 days at 4°C (see Figure).

Performance with Ease
The ability of the Tempus™ system (Tempus™ Blood RNA Tubes and Tempus™ Spin RNA Isolation Kit) to stabilize RNA expression profiles has been tested over a range of storage conditions (see Figure). The combination provides stable RNA, high yields of purified RNA (observed yields of 6–25 µg from a full blood draw from normal, healthy donors), and high-quality RNA (A260/280 ratio greater than 1.9 and RIN greater than 7.0) suitable for use in downstream applications such as quantitative PCR, microarray profiling, and other RNA analysis methods.

MicroSEQ™ ID Purification Combo Kit, with clean-up cartridges (Applied Biosystems™)

This MicroSEQ® ID Purification Combo Kit includes reagents for post-PCR and post-sequencing steps in the MicroSEQ® ID microbial identification workflow. It contains 2 tubes of ExoSAP-IT® Reagent for PCR clean-up and 36 MicroSEQ® ID Sequencing Clean-up Cartridges.

ExoSAP-IT® Reagent: this reagent is used for quick post-PCR cleanup for downstream applications such as sequencing. It allows for removal of unconsumed dNTPs and primers remaining in the PCR mix following amplification.

ExoSAP-IT® Reagent can be used downstream of the following PCR amplification kits:
• MicroSEQ® 500 16S rDNA PCR Kit
• MicroSEQ® Full Gene 16S rDNA PCR Kit
• MicroSEQ® D2 rDNA Fungal PCR Kit

MicroSEQ® ID Sequencing Clean-up Cartridges: these cartridges are used for post-sequencing clean-up in the MicroSEQ® ID workflow. The gel filtration matrix used in the cartridges provide a convenient and simple way to remove dye terminators, dNTPs, and salts, as well as residual primers from cycle sequencing reactions.

The MicroSEQ® ID Sequencing Cleanup Cartridges can be used downstream of the following sequencing kits:
• MicroSEQ® 500 16S rDNA Sequencing Kit
• MicroSEQ® Full Gene 16S rDNA Sequencing Kit
• MicroSEQ® D2 rDNA Fungal Sequencing Kit

MicroSEQ™ ID Purification Combo Kit v2.0, with 8-strips kit (Applied Biosystems™)

The MicroSEQ ID Purification Combo Kit v2.0 includes reagents for post-PCR and post-sequencing clean-up in the MicroSEQ ID microbial identification workflow. This version contains one tube of ExoSAP-IT Express Reagent for post-PCR clean-up and 12 x 8-strips of MicroSEQ ID Ultra Sequencing Clean-up 8-Strips Kit for post-sequencing clean-up.

ExoSAP-IT Express Reagent removes unincorporated dNTPs and primers from the post-amplification PCR mix in 5 minutes compared to 30 minutes with the original ExoSAP-IT Reagent while producing equivalent results. The MicroSEQ ID Ultra Sequencing Clean-up kit in 96-well plate or 8-strips format provides a convenient and simple way to remove dye terminators, dNTPs, salts, and residual primers from cycle sequencing reactions. The end products can be used directly for sequencing on any Applied Biosystems genetic analyzer.

Comparability studies demonstrated equivalent results between the original ExoSAP-IT Reagent and the improved ExoSAP-IT Express Reagent coupled with the MicroSEQ ID Ultra Sequencing Clean-Up kit in the MicroSEQ ID workflow (see figure below). Both ExoSAP-IT and ExoSAP-IT Express enzyme-treated PCR samples produced very similar sequencing results and the correct identification result.

ExoSAP-IT Express Reagent can be used downstream of the following PCR amplification kits:
• MicroSEQ 500 16S rDNA PCR Kit
• MicroSEQ Full Gene 16S rDNA PCR Kit
• MicroSEQD2 rDNA Fungal PCR Kit

MicroSEQ ID Ultra Sequencing Clean-up 8-Strips Kit can be used downstream of the following sequencing kits:
• MicroSEQ 500 16S rDNA Sequencing Kit
• MicroSEQ Full Gene 16S rDNA Sequencing Kit
• MicroSEQ D2 rDNA Fungal Sequencing Kit

PureLink™ Microbiome DNA Purification Kit (Invitrogen™)

The PureLink™ Microbiome DNA Purification Kit enables fast purification of high-quality microbial and host DNA from a wide variety of sample types, including challenging samples such as stool and soil. The kit uses proven PureLink spin column technology for robust yields of purified DNA ready for downstream PCR, sequencing, or other applications. The highly efficient triple lysis approach, fast removal of inhibitors, and versatility make this the ultimate kit for microbiome research projects as well as programs aimed at rapid detection of pathogenic bacteria in various samples.

Features of the PureLink Microbiome DNA Purification Kit include:

• Efficient lysis of all microorganisms (including durable species with thicker and more complex cell walls) by a combination of heat, chemical, and mechanical disruption with specialized beads
• Elimination of inhibitory compounds by precipitation using a novel cleanup buffer
• Streamlined protocols for numerous biological samples
• Recovery of high-purity DNA compatible with common downstream applications such as qPCR and next-generation sequencing

One kit to isolate microbial and host DNA from a diverse set of sample types
The PureLink Microbiome DNA Purification Kit minimizes the need to order individual kits for specific sample types because it has been optimized for use with a wide range of biological samples.

The kit enables microbial—and, where applicable, host—DNA purification from the following samples:

• Stool
• Urine
• Saliva
• Swabs (vaginal, buccal, skin, rectal, environmental)
• Transport media
• Growth media
• Soil

Analyzing the human microbiome
The human body is populated by 100 trillion bacteria, archaea, fungi, protists, and viruses, all of which play a fundamental role in our well-being. The term "microbiome" refers to the various different microbes in those communities. Presently, their genes are the most straightforward method of identifying these organisms. Deviations from healthy microbial compositions have been linked to many human diseases, including inflammatory bowel disease, obesity, cancer, asthma, diabetes, and allergies.

Purification of the aggregate microbial DNA in a biological sample is a key step in understanding how the microbiome influences human health. It is of utmost importance that the DNA recovered accurately reflects the representation of the diverse microbes in the sample community. The mechanical disruption and triple lysis approach used in the PureLink Microbiome DNA Kit help ensure that microbial DNA from even the toughest samples, such as gram-positive bacteria found in stool, can be recovered—allowing you to identify the full spectrum of microbes present.

GeneJET Whole Blood Genomic DNA Purification Mini Kit (Thermo Scientific™)

Thermo Scientific GeneJET Whole Blood Genomic DNA Purification Mini Kit utilizes silica-based membrane technology in the form of a convenient spin column, eliminating the need for expensive resins, toxic phenol-chloroform extractions, or time-consuming alcohol precipitation. The standard procedure takes less than 20 minutes following cell lysis and yields purified DNA greater than 30 kb in size. Isolated DNA can be used directly in PCR, Southern blotting, and enzymatic reactions.


Efficient—high yields of high molecular weight genomic DNA
Fast—20 minute procedure following cell lysis
Convenient—spin columns are capped and assembled with collection tubes
Pure—DNA pure from enzyme inhibitors, RNA and proteins. Ready to use for all demanding applications and validated in real-time PCR, endpoint PCR, multiplex PCR, and restriction enzyme digests
Compatible—suitable for wide variety of samples like fresh or frozen anticoagulated mammalian blood (treated with EDTA, Citrate or Heparine), aged blood, buffy coat, bone marrow, and body fluids


• Isolated genomic DNA is ideal for use in common molecular biology procedures, including:
• PCR and qPCR
• FastDigest and conventional restriction digestion
• Southern blotting Includes Proteinase K Solution Lysis Solution Wash Buffer WB I (concentrated) Wash Buffer II (concentrated) Elution Buffer GeneJET Purification Columns (pre-assembled with collection tubes) Collection tubes Detailed Protocol

MagMAX™ Plant RNA Isolation Kit (Applied Biosystems™)

The MagMAX Plant RNA Isolation Kit is designed for automated high-throughput or manual purification of total RNA from wide variety of plant species and tissue types. It utilizes paramagnetic bead technology, enabling high yields and robust performance. The high binding capacity, uniform particle size, and rapid magnetic response of MagMAX magnetic beads makes the technology ideal for high-throughput automatic nucleic acid purification, as well as for manual nucleic acid purification by low- throughput users. The resulting high quality purified RNA is free of proteins, nucleases, and other contaminants or inhibitors, and can be used in a wide range of downstream applications, such as RT-PCR, RT-qPCR, and other enzymatic reactions.

Versatile—suitable for any plant type and part, including woody, polyphenol-rich, and lignified samples
High yields of pure total RNA
High quality—isolates intact total RNA, free of inhibitors and gDNA contamination. Isolated RNA is suitable for long term storage at -20°C.
Flexible—easily adjustable for high-throughput automation platforms and manual processing

The MagMAX Plant RNA Isolation Kit is designed for fast extraction of high purity RNA suitable for all conventional molecular biology applications, including:
• Northern blotting
• Nuclease protection assay

Benefits of MagMAX magnetic bead–based purification
The magnetic bead–based purification format of the kit allows for easy scaling of the number of samples processed either manually with a magnetic stand or with a magnetic particle processor such as the KingFisher Duo Prime or KingFisher Flex processors.

Magnetic beads offer many benefits compared to other technologies for isolating nucleic acids. Beads bind the RNA and DNA more efficiently than glass fiber filters, resulting in higher and more consistent yields. Additionally, because filters and vacuum manifolds are not used, there is no risk of undigested tissue particulates clogging these items during the extraction process. This clogging issue is of particular concern with fibrous plant tissue samples that that are not fully lysed during the disruption and homogenization steps.

Optimized bead surface chemistry
The Dynabeads MyOne Carboxylic Acid utilized in the MagMAX Plant RNA Isolation Kit has an optimized surface chemistry with high specific surface area that allows efficient kinetics and high sensitivity in nucleic acid capture. These aspects make Dynabeads magnetic technology ideal for the recovery of the RNA targets found in a variety of plant samples. Once captured, the RNA is then eluted in 100 µL and ready for downstream applications.

Total Exosome RNA & Protein Isolation Kit (Invitrogen™)

The Total Exosome RNA and Protein Isolation Kit enables isolation of total RNA and proteins from exosome samples extracted from biological fluids (e.g., by using Total Exosome Isolation (from cell culture media) or Total Exosome Isolation (from serum)).
• Extracts highly pure total RNA (including small RNA fraction) from exosomes
• Recovers protein and RNA from the same sample
• Compatible with all protocols for exosome isolation

The Total Exosome RNA and Protein Isolation Kit is designed for the isolation of both RNA and protein from pre-isolated or enriched exosomes (not supplied). It is suitable for studies of RNA expression (specifically miRNA), processing, or function. The kit allows recovery of both RNA and proteins from the same purified exosome preparation. One portion of the sample is subjected to organic extraction, followed by immobilization of RNA on glass-fiber filters to purify total RNA or enrich for small RNA species. The other portion is then used directly for common protein applications such as Western blotting.

High yields of ultra-pure RNA can be prepared in about 30–60 minutes. The RNA can then be used in a variety of downstream applications, including qRT-PCR, high-throughput sequencing (e.g., using the Ion Torent™ PGM™, Ion Torrent™ Proton™, or SOLiD® sequencing instruments), microarray analysis, solution hybridization assays, and blot hybridization.

For Research Use Only. Not for human or animal therapeutic or diagnostic use.

MagMAX™ DNA Multi-Sample Ultra Kit (Applied Biosystems™)

The MagMAX™ DNA Multi-Sample Ultra Kit is optimized to isolate genomic DNA (gDNA) from a variety of samples, such as whole blood, buccal cells, saliva, urine, blood cards, mouth rinse, and tissue. gDNA purified with the kit is ideal for qPCR applications on sensitive, scalable platforms such as the QuantStudio™ 12K Flex System with OpenArray® Block (with AccuFill™ System). The magnetic bead–based purification format allows you to easily scale from processing 12 to 500 samples a day, making it the ideal choice for pharmacogenomics (PGx) studies.

Features of the MagMAX™ DNA Multi-Sample Ultra Kit include:
• Streamlined protocols for numerous non-invasive biological samples
• Optimized to provide DNA yields suitable for OpenArray® and Ion AmpliSeq™ applications
• Packaged for high-throughput needs

One Kit for a Diverse Set of Sample Types
Why purchase multiple purification kits to isolate gDNA from different sample types? The MagMAX™ DNA Multi-Sample Ultra Kit eliminates the headache of ordering these extra kits because it has been optimized for use with a variety of biological samples. The kit is designed for high-throughput isolation of gDNA from 1 buccal swab, 50 to 350 µL of whole blood, up to 400 µL urine (without sample concentration), up to 150 µL saliva, 1-5 mL mouth rinse, blood spot cards, and mammalian tissue samples (up to 10 mg). The protocols and magnetic bead format make the kit fully amenable to automation.

*Please note that the Thermo Scientific™ KingFisher™ Flex Magnetic Particle Processor with a 24 Deep-well Head is recommended for sample volumes greater than 50 µL.

Benefits of MagMAX™ Magnetic Bead–based Purification
Magnetic beads offer many benefits compared to other technologies for isolating gDNA. Beads bind gDNA more efficiently than glass fiber filters, resulting in higher and more consistent gDNA yields. Additionally, because filters are not used, there is no risk of filter clogging due to cellular particulates in samples.

Accessory Products
Proteinase K (A25561), DNA Binding Beads (A25562), Wash Solution 1 Concentrate (AM8504), and Wash Solution 2 Concentrate (AM8640) are components of the kit that may also be purchased separately.

PureLink™ PCR Purification Kit (Invitrogen™)

The PureLink PCR Purification Kit provides a more convenient, rapid, and high-yielding purification process compared to other companies' kits. After PCR amplification, purification of the PCR amplicons is required for many common downstream applications, including enzyme digestion, ligation, sequencing, and labeling experiments, to prevent enzymes (polymerase, restriction enzyme) and reaction components (dNTPs, primers, buffers, salts) from carrying over, contaminating, and negatively influencing the downstream experiments.

Advantages of the PureLink PCR Purification Kit include:
• 4X binding capacity compared to Company Q; 40 µg for the PureLink kit versus 10 µg from other companies' kits
• No need for tedious sample pH adjustments necessary with other kits
• Convenient and rapid protocol, completed in less than 10 minutes
• Optional size-selection buffers included for selectively purifying 300– 600 bp fragments or removing fragments < 300 bp

The PureLink PCR Purification Kit is based on the selective binding of dsDNA to silica-based membrane in the presence of chaotropic salts. Simply mix the PCR product with Binding Buffer and apply to the PureLink Spin Column. The dsDNA binds to the silica-based membrane in the column. Remove impurities by thorough washing with Wash Buffer. To purify the DNA, elute the dsDNA in low-salt Elution Buffer or water.The purified PCR product is suitable for automated fluorescent DNA sequencing, restriction enzyme digestion, and cloning.

ChargeSwitch™-Pro PCR Clean-Up Kit (Invitrogen™)

The ChargeSwitch®-Pro PCR Clean-up Kit purifies high-quality DNA fragments without the use of ethanol or harsh salts known to interfere with enzymatic reactions. The ChargeSwitch®-Pro Kit provides:
• 100% ethanol-free, guanidinium-free, organic solvent-free protocols
• Improved downstream performance
• Complete kit for fast, hassle-free setup
• 20% fewer handling steps than most PCR clean-up protocols
• Purification of up to 500 µl of PCR product in one column

How It Works

ChargeSwitch® technology employs a completely novel mechanism that replaces harsh reagents such as chaotropic salts, ethanol, or organic solvents and isopropanol precipitation with a simple ion-exchange procedure. In this method, DNA binds to a surface ligand that is positively charged at low pH, and is eluted when the pH is raised to 8.5 (Figure 1). The ChargeSwitch®-Pro protocol retains the ease and familiarity of common silica spin-column protocols with binding, washing, and elution steps (Figure 2).

Better Downstream Results

Since ChargeSwitch® technology does not require the use of ethanol, chaotropic salts, or organic solvents for nucleic acid purification, the resulting DNA is free of enzymatic inhibitors and thus shows better downstream performance (Figure 3). These compounds are known to inhibit many enzymatic reactions such as PCR, cloning, restriction enzyme digestion, and array CGH labeling. Expect to see reduced variability in your sequencing applications, with reads in excess of 800 bp with Phred scores >20 (Figure 4); clean restriction enzyme digestions (Figure 5); and removal of dNTPs and primers in excess of 98% (Figure 6).

Dynabeads™ mRNA Purification Kit (for mRNA purification from total RNA preps) (Invitrogen™)

The Dynabeads® mRNA Purification Kit rapidly isolates the mRNA transcriptome in typically 15 minutes, delivering pure, intact mRNA. The kit is designed to specifically target, capture, and purify mRNA molecules from total RNA preparations. Advantages of using the Dynabeads® mRNA Purification Kit:

• Obtain pure mRNA in typically 15 minutes
• Recover and enrich the transcriptome efficiently
• Prepare mRNA that is suitable for nearly every downstream application

Pure, rapid mRNA isolation
The Dynabeads® mRNA Purification Kit contains magnetic beads for the isolation of the mRNA transcriptome from any total eukaryotic RNA preparation (see figure). Dynabeads® magnetic beads are uniform in size and highly mobile in solution (see figure). This enables the bead capture surface to quickly and continuously interact with the entire total RNA sample during the mRNA capture phase. The ribosomal RNA and small RNA molecules (transfer RNA, microRNA, small nucleolar RNA, and small cytoplasmic RNA) do not bind to the beads and are discarded. Only polyadenylated RNA species (mRNA) are captured resulting in cleaner, more sensitive results (see figure). Within about 15 minutes, pure mRNA is isolated and ready for use in downstream applications.

A straightforward enrichment procedure
The Dynabeads® mRNA Purification Kit uses a robust affinity purification principle for the enrichment of polyadenylated mRNA. Superparamagnetic Dynabeads®, coupled to oligo-(dT)25, are first equilibrated with Binding Buffer, and then mixed with purified total RNA. The beads are then washed to remove contaminating RNA species, and then mRNA is eluted in as little as 5 µL of 10 mM Tris-HCl. The entire process is facilitated by the use of a neodymium magnet (purchased separately), which allows for the quick and efficient immobilization of the magnetic beads during buffer changes. RNA is suitable for all downstream molecular applications, including:

• Gene cloning
• cDNA synthesis, cDNA library construction
• RT-PCR, quantitative RT-PCR
• RPA (Ribonuclease Protection Assay)
• Subtractive hybridization
• Dot/slot hybridization
• Primer extension

KingFisher™ Flex-Ready DNA Ultra 2.0 Prefilled Plates (Thermo Scientific™)

KingFisher Flex-Ready DNA Ultra 2.0 Prefilled Plates are automation-ready plates prefilled with MagMAX DNA Multi-Sample Ultra 2.0 reagents suitably configured for KingFisher Flex purification systems. KingFisher Flex-Ready DNA Ultra 2.0 Prefilled Plates enable isolation of genomic DNA from 50 to 400 µL of multiple sample types such as whole blood, saliva, buffy coat, buccal swabs, and more. The purified gDNA is ideal for a variety of downstream molecular biology applications.

Key features of the KingFisher Flex-Ready DNA Ultra 2.0 Prefilled Plates:
• Maximize convenience with MagMAX DNA Multi-Sample Ultra 2.0 isolation chemistry prefilled into KingFisher SBS microtiter plates
• Increase ease of use—process 96 samples on instrument without the hassle of reagent setup
• Designed to reduce user error
• Helps to reduce hands-on time
• Formatted specifically for KingFisher Flex instruments

All the benefits of MagMAX sample prep chemistries in automation-ready plate format
Maximize convenience and confidence with ready-to-use prefilled plates and accessory plastics configured specifically for the KingFisher Flex instrument. KingFisher Flex-Ready DNA Ultra 2.0 Prefilled Plates eliminate the need to aliquot magnetic beads, lysis solutions, and wash solutions. Just peel off the foil seals from the KingFisher Flex-Ready DNA Ultra 2.0 prefilled plates; add enhancer, 50-400 µL of your sample, and proteinase K; and load all of the plates into the KingFisher Flex instrument.

Eliminate the need for pipetting reagents, searching for plastics, or risking reagent mix-ups in your DNA isolation workflow.

Complete, prefilled automation-ready sample prep kit improves convenience with all accessory plastics
Not only are KingFisher Flex-Ready DNA Ultra 2.0 Prefilled Plates prefilled with industry-leading MagMAX DNA Multi-Sample Ultra 2.0 reagents (Cat. No. A36570), the plates come complete with all required tip-combs and plastics necessary for processing 96 samples in one small convenient box.

What you get
• Seven foil-sealed KingFisher Flex-Ready DNA Ultra 2.0 Prefilled Plates sufficient to process 96 samples in one instrument run (96 samples in total)
• One empty and sealed sample input 96 deep well plate
• KingFisher 96-tip comb
• Proteinase K solution and enhancer solution sufficient for 96 samples

PureLink™ HiPure Plasmid FP (Filter and Precipitator) Maxiprep Kit (Invitrogen™)

The PureLink™ HiPure Plasmid FP (Filter and Precipitator) Maxiprep Kit isolates plasmid DNA, from cell pellet to ultrapure DNA, in less than one hour. Using the HiPure Filter Columns and HiPure Precipitators supplied in the kit, you can purify plasmid DNA without the centrifugation steps required in traditional isolation protocols. The quality of the purified plasmid DNA is equivalent to that obtained by two passes through cesium chloride gradients - the most rigorous method for DNA purification - making it suitable for transfection and other applications requiring high-purity plasmid DNA. The PureLink™ HiPure Plasmid FP Maxiprep Kit (Table 1) provides:
• Simple protocols - bacterial lysate clarification and isopropanol precipitation without centrifugation
• Fast results - from E. coli cell pellet to high-purity, transfection-grade plasmid DNA in about 60 minutes
• High yields - up to 850 µg from a high-copy plasmid

How it works
The PureLink™ HiPure Plasmid FP Maxiprep Kit employs an alkaline lysis method to prepare and rapidly clear bacterial lysates without the need for centrifugation (Figure 1). The unique HiPure Filter Column includes a lysate filtration cartridge integrated into the anion-exchange column for single-step lysate clarification and plasmid DNA binding. Impurities such as RNA, proteins, and other contaminants are removed with a single wash, and ultrapure plasmid DNA is eluted with a high-salt buffer. To precipitate and desalt the DNA, isopropanol is added to the eluted DNA and the mixture is then applied to the HiPure Precipitator using a large syringe. After a subsequent washing and drying step, the plasmid DNA is easily eluted from the HiPure Precipitator with either TE buffer or water. The use of the precipitator eliminates the need for centrifugation, reducing the risk of losing the DNA pellet during supernatant removal, and saving time. The resulting DNA is ready to use in the most challenging applications. The entire protocol - from E. coli cell pellet to ultrapure transfection-grade plasmid DNA - can be completed in about an hour.

Highest yields and ready-to-use concentrations
The HiPure Precipitator has been optimized to allow for lower elution volumes (down to 500 µl) to produce highly concentrated DNA without a significant decrease in yields. In fact, yields at higher concentrations are consistently higher than the competitor kits (Figure 2). Yields and concentration can be adjusted to meet the needs of your downstream application.