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PureLink™ Microbiome DNA Purification Kit Invitrogen™

The PureLink™ Microbiome DNA Purification Kit enables fast purification of high-quality microbial and host DNA from a wide variety of sample types, including challenging samples such as stool and soil. The kit uses proven PureLink spin column technology for robust yields of purified DNA ready for downstream PCR, sequencing, or other applications. The highly efficient triple lysis approach, fast removal of inhibitors, and versatility make this the ultimate kit for microbiome research projects as well as programs aimed at rapid detection of pathogenic bacteria in various samples.

Features of the PureLink Microbiome DNA Purification Kit include:

• Efficient lysis of all microorganisms (including durable species with thicker and more complex cell walls) by a combination of heat, chemical, and mechanical disruption with specialized beads
• Elimination of inhibitory compounds by precipitation using a novel cleanup buffer
• Streamlined protocols for numerous biological samples
• Recovery of high-purity DNA compatible with common downstream applications such as qPCR and next-generation sequencing

One kit to isolate microbial and host DNA from a diverse set of sample types
The PureLink Microbiome DNA Purification Kit minimizes the need to order individual kits for specific sample types because it has been optimized for use with a wide range of biological samples.

The kit enables microbial—and, where applicable, host—DNA purification from the following samples:

• Stool
• Urine
• Saliva
• Swabs (vaginal, buccal, skin, rectal, environmental)
• Transport media
• Growth media
• Soil

Analyzing the human microbiome
The human body is populated by 100 trillion bacteria, archaea, fungi, protists, and viruses, all of which play a fundamental role in our well-being. The term 'microbiome' refers to the various different microbes in those communities. Presently, their genes are the most straightforward method of identifying these organisms. Deviations from healthy microbial compositions have been linked to many human diseases, including inflammatory bowel disease, obesity, cancer, asthma, diabetes, and allergies.

Purification of the aggregate microbial DNA in a biological sample is a key step in understanding how the microbiome influences human health. It is of utmost importance that the DNA recovered accurately reflects the representation of the diverse microbes in the sample community. The mechanical disruption and triple lysis approach used in the PureLink Microbiome DNA Kit help ensure that microbial DNA from even the toughest samples, such as gram-positive bacteria found in stool, can be recovered—allowing you to identify the full spectrum of microbes present.

MagMAX™ Cell-Free DNA Isolation Kit Applied Biosystems™

The MagMAX™ Cell-Free DNA Isolation Kit is designed for enrichment of circulating cell-free DNA (cfDNA) and optimized for use with biological samples such as serum and plasma. The kit is based on MagMAX™ magnetic-bead technology, enabling reproducible recovery of high-quality DNA that is suitable for a broad range of applications, including real-time PCR, digital PCR, and next-generation sequencing.

Scalable isolation of circulating nucleic acid from plasma, serum, and urine
cfDNA recovery is challenging due to the limited amount present in cell-free samples. The MagMAX Cell-Free DNA Isolation Kit addresses this with its magnetic bead-based purification format which allows you to easily process a wide range of sample input volumes, from 100 µL to 10 mL. When used with either a KingFisher™ Duo Prime or KingFisher™ Flex magnetic particle processor, 6 to 24 plasma/serum samples of 2 mL input volume can be isolated at once. Alternatively, samples can be processed manually with the use of a magnetic stand.

Features of the MagMAX Cell-Free DNA Isolation Kit include:

• Flexible design that permits both manual and automated isolation of cfDNA
• Scalable format that allows for higher and lower input volumes
• Automation-ready, phenol-free extraction
• Fast procedure, which allows 6 to 24 samples to be processed typically in 40 minutes or less when used with the KingFisher Duo Prime Magnetic Particle Processor or the KingFisher Flex Magnetic Particle Processor with a 24 Deep-Well Head
• Wide sample volume inputs range from 500 µL to 10 mL of plasma/serum or urine
• Contains Dynabeads™ MyOne™ Silane for consistent isolation of cfDNA
• Elution volumes range from 15 µL to 50 µL

Unlock a wealth of information with cell-free DNA
Isolating and analyzing circulating cfDNA from plasma, serum, or urine has the potential to serve as a non-invasive approach to detect and monitor targets associated with certain disease states such as cancer. The first step in attaining this valuable information is efficient nucleic acid isolation that specifically recovers the circulating cfDNA while leaving the larger DNA molecules behind. This helps ensure that the shorter, fragmented DNA is concentrated and ready for downstream analysis using real-time PCR, digital PCR, or next-generation sequencing.

Benefits of MagMAX magnetic bead–based purification
Magnetic beads offer many benefits compared to other technologies for isolating cfDNA. Beads bind the DNA more efficiently than glass fiber filters, resulting in higher and more consistent yields. Additionally, because filters and vacuum manifolds are not used, there is no risk of cellular particulates clogging these items during the extraction process. This clogging issue is of particular concern with protein-rich, large-volume samples such as plasma that are commonly used in cfDNA studies.

Optimized surface chemistry
The Dynabeads MyOne Silane contained in the MagMAX Cell-Free DNA Isolation Kit have an optimized silica-like surface chemistry with high specific surface area that allows efficient kinetics and high sensitivity in nucleic acid capture. These aspects make Dynabeads MyOne Silane ideal for the recovery of circulating cfDNA targets present at low concentrations in cell-free body fluids. Once captured, these rare DNA fragments can then be eluted in small elution volumes of 15 µL to 50 µL and are ready for downstream applications.

Bead Tubes for PureLink™ Microbiome DNA Purification Kit Invitrogen™

These are the same bead tubes that are included in the PureLink™ Microbiome DNA Purification Kit (Cat. No. A29790), offered separately for additional applications.

RecoverAll™ Multi-Sample RNA/DNA Isolation Workflow Invitrogen™

The RecoverAll™ Multi-Sample RNA/DNA Workflow is a complete workflow package for sequential extraction of RNA and DNA from the same formaldehyde- or paraformaldehyde-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue sample. The recovered RNA and DNA are ready for use in downstream applications such as quantitative real-time RT-PCR and targeted sequencing using the Oncomine™ Cancer Research Panel. This workflow package includes three RecoverAll™ Total Nucleic Acid Isolation kits, elution tubes, and nuclease-free water.

Features include:
• Recovers RNA and DNA in separate eluates from the same FFPE section
• Relies on proven Ambion™ RecoverAll technology
• Processes four 20-µm sections per reaction
• Provides enough reagents to perform 60 RNA and 60 DNA isolations (120 total)

Special workflow provides more information from less sample input
FFPE samples are precious, which often requires the choosing of one extraction method over another to save sample. With the RecoverAll Multi-Sample RNA/DNA Workflow, recovering RNA and DNA from the same FFPE tissue sample in a single workflow eliminates the need to choose which nucleic acid to recover from a particular FFPE section.

First, FFPE slide-mounted or tissue blocks sections are deparaffinized and digested with protease. The samples are then loaded on a filter cartridge; DNA remains bound to the filter cartridge while RNA flows through. To recover RNA, the flow-through is applied to a new filter cartridge, treated with DNase, then eluted from the filter. To recover DNA, the DNA bound to the filter cartridge is treated with RNase A, then eluted from the filter.

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MagMAX™ CORE Nucleic Acid Purification Kit Applied Biosystems™

The MagMAX CORE Nucleic Acid Purification Kit is a highly-effective solution for purifying RNA and DNA from an expansive range of veterinary sample types. The universal chemistry is optimized for use on a variety of KingFisher magnetic particle processors and the kit's modular design enables flexibility to evolve with future testing needs. The MagMAX CORE kit helps to streamline laboratory workflows for downstream real-time PCR, RT-PCR, and sequencing applications.

The MagMAX CORE Nucleic Acid Purification Kit offers:
• Pre-mixed, room-temperature reagents, greatly improving product handling and storage
• Minimal extraction and reagent preparation time, to get diagnostic results more quickly
• Complete workflows that address 14 unique sample types, providing a universal sample preparation solution
• A single protocol adapted on multiple KingFisher magnetic particle processors, unifying all workflows regardless of throughput

The MagMAX CORE Nucleic Acid Purification Kit provides faster instrument processing times, allowing for diagnostic results more quickly. The kit needs less preparation time, due to pre-mixed washes that do not require the addition of alcohols. The MagMAX CORE workflow provides higher-quality nucleic acids than other on-market chemistries, which leads to fewer workflow interruptions and greater diagnostic sensitivity.

The MagMAX CORE Nucleic Acid Purification Kit requires less KingFisher plastics, eliminating unnecessary waste and costs. All kit reagents are stored at room temperature, greatly improving product handling and saving on storage space and costs. The MagMAX kit operates using a single protocol adapted on multiple KingFisher magnetic particle processors, unifing workflows regardless of throughput. The chemistry is optimized to address 15 unique sample types, including:

• Whole blood
• Feces
• Oral fluid
• Animal, fecal, and environmental swabs
• Tissue
• Milk
• Hair follicles
• Semen
• Serum
• Ear notches
• Ear punches
• Environmental samples
• BioMed Diagnostics InPouch TF (Tritrichomonas foetus) culture
• Plasma

The MagMAX CORE Nucleic Acid Purification Kit is designed to be the last sample preparation you may ever need to validate. It utilizes a ‘CORE’ chemical formulation and couples easily to flexible modules, introducing new applications without introducing new chemistries. The novel MagMAX CORE kit formulation and workflow prepares samples for downstream sequencing applications.

RecoverAll™ Total Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit for FFPE Invitrogen™

The RecoverAll™ Total Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit for FFPE is for the extraction of total nucleic acid from formalin- or paraformalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissues. Sufficient reagents are included for 40 purifications from up to four 20 µm sections, or up to 35 mg of unsectioned, core samples each. Features of the RecoverAll™ Total Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit for FFPE:

• Optimized for isolation of total nucleic acids, including microRNAs, from FFPE tissue
• No overnight Proteinase K digestion required—deparaffinize in the morning and perform qRT-PCR in the afternoon
• Typical yields are >50% of those of unfixed tissue
• Recovered nucleic acids are suitable for next generation sequencing, real-time RT-PCR, PCR, mutation screening, and microarray analyses

Extraction of nucleic acids from difficult samples
Archived tissue samples contain valuable information of disease states, but it has traditionally been difficult to isolate nucleic acids from them of a quality suitable for molecular analysis. Standard preservation techniques use formalin that maintains tissue structure and prevents putrefaction, but which also traps nucleic acids and modifies them through protein-protein and protein-nucleic acid crosslinks. RNA (and to some extent DNA) is often so fragmented and chemically modified that it is incompatible with many molecular analysis techniques. RNA fragmentation in FFPE tissues cannot be reversed; however, the protease digestion conditions of the RecoverAll™ kit are designed to release a maximal amount (see figure) of trapped RNA fragments of all sizes, including microRNA, in a relatively short amount of time.

The RecoverAll™ Total Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit solution
The RecoverAll™ Total Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit procedure requires about 45 minutes of hands-on time and can be completed in typically less than 1 day for RNA. FFPE samples are deparaffinized using a series of xylene and ethanol washes. Next, they are subjected to an extensive protease digestion with an incubation time tailored for the recovery of either RNA or DNA. Nucleic acids are then purified using a rapid glass-filter method, and are eluted into either water or low-salt buffer.

Nucleic acids for almost any downstream application
As is the case with all FFPE tissue, sample fixation and storage typically cause nucleic acid fragmentation and modification. Therefore, downstream applications, such as microarray analysis, which require more pristine RNA than does qRT-PCR, may require modification for optimal results. Although DNA tends not to fragment as easily as RNA, it appears to be more reactive to the formalin and requires a longer (2-day) protease digestion time to release substantial amounts of DNA.

MagMAX™ CORE Nucleic Acid Purification Kit + MagMAX™ CORE Mastitis & Panbacteria Module Applied Biosystems™

The Applied Biosystems MagMAX CORE sample extraction system is a universal magnetic bead-based separation system designed to meet current and future veterinary testing needs. It is compatible with both automated (using the KingFisher Flex Purification System) and manual purification methods. This modular technology is optimized for the purification of nucleic acids from a wide range of sample matrices commonly submitted for veterinary diagnostic testing.

Learn more about the MagMAX CORE Nucleic Acid Purification Kit >

MagMAX CORE Mastitis & Panbacteria Module
The MagMAX CORE Mastitis & Panbacteria Module is offered here in combination with the MagMAX CORE Nucleic Acid Purification Kit to aid in the processing of all bacteria, especially those important in the detection of mastitis in cattle and from challenging matrices like mastitic milk.

We have included a specially optimized lysis solution, along with an adjusted extraction procedure to improve the recovery of nucleic acid from all bacteria, including gram-positive bacteria.

Features of this combined product include:
Convenience—a complete solution using the same CORE chemistry
Easy—no centrifugation and no aspiration steps
Fast—less than 1 hour for 96 samples
Flexible—appropriate for fresh, frozen, or preserved milk samples, including samples with high somatic cell count

The MagMAX CORE kit and the MagMAX CORE Mastitis & Panbacteria Module help make your lab more efficient through greater convenience, consistent performance, and time and cost savings.

MagMAX™ Pathogen RNA/DNA Kit Applied Biosystems™

The Applied Biosystems® MagMAX™ Pathogen RNA/DNA Kit enables purification of RNA and DNA from viruses and easy-to-lyse bacteria and parasites, using magnetic particle technology in a 96-well format. PCR inhibitors are effectively removed in the process, making the resulting nucleic acid ideal for real-time PCR and RT-PCR applications.

Key Features:

• Convenience and flexibility: one kit for RNA and DNA, suitable for a wide range of sample types sample input volumes
• Increased confidence in your results: fewer false-negatives due to effective PCR inhibitor removal
• Improved workflow efficiency: process 96 samples in approximately 45 minutes using the MagMAX™ Express-96 Deep Well Magnetic Particle Processor

The MagMAX™ Pathogen RNA/DNA Kit has been optimized to provide a convenient, flexible solution (Fig. 1). This single kit can accomodate:

Purification of RNA and DNA
• Purification from viruses and easy-to-lyse bacteria and parasites
• Low and high sample input volumes
• A wide range of sample types:
• Low cell content samples (e.g., serum and plasma; nasal, tracheal, and cloacal swabs; ear notches)
• Whole blood
• Semen
• Oral fluid
• Feces
• Biomed Diagnostics InPouch™ TF (Tritrichomonas foetus) culture

The MagMAX™ Pathogen RNA/DNA Kit is Easy to Automate
Purify RNA/DNA from 96 samples in approximately 45 minutes (Fig. 2) using the MagMAX™ Express-96 Deep Well Magnetic Particle Processor. Low and high sample input volumes can be used for most sample types, and multiple sample types can be processed at the same time on the same plate after sample-specific pre-processing, saving time and plastics.

Increase the Accuracy of Your Results
Reduce false-negative results due to the effective PCR inhibitor removal achieved by the MagMAX™ Pathogen RNA/DNA Kit. Magnetic particles bind RNA/DNA more efficiently and are more thoroughly washed than glass fiber filters, resulting in higher yields and purity of RNA/DNA. In addition, no sample cross contamination has been observed due to extensive optimization of the MagMAX™ Express-96 Deep Well Magnetic Particle Processor programs.

MagMAX™ Total Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit Applied Biosystems™

The MagMAX™ Total Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit is designed for the rapid, high-throuphput purification of RNA and genomic DNA from a variety of samples including viral, blood, and bacterial samples. It includes zirconia beads for the mechanical disruption of difficult pathogens. RNA purified using the kit is ideal for PCR and RT-PCR applications. The kit uses magnetic bead–based purification and includes sufficient reagents for 100 reactions.

• Complete, ready-to-use reagents for RNA and DNA purification from tough-to-lyse bacteria
• Highly effective sample homogenization using bead beating and chemical lysis
• Magnetic bead–based purification technology allows effective removal of PCR inhibitors
• Nucleic acid purification is easily scalable and suitable for automation

Proven with a Wide Range of Samples:
• Biological Samples
• Feces and whole blood
• Biofluids such as milk, urine, nasal fluids, swab samples, semen, sputum, and spent culture medium
• Bacterial cultures and mammalian cell cultures
• Environmental Samples
• River and pond water
• Agricultural samples such as manure pits and cow alleyways

Benefits of the MagMAX™ Total Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit:
The MagMAX™ Total Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit procedure combines an effective method sample disruption with magnetic bead–based nucleic acid isolation and purification technology. The MagMAX™ microspherical paramagnetic beads have a large available binding surface and can be fully dispersed in solution, allowing thorough nucleic acid binding, washing, and elution. This results in consistent yields of high-quality nucleic acid with >50% recovery and little sample-to-sample variation (recovery may vary depending on sample type). The entire procedure can be completed in approximately 1 hour.

Overview of the Procedure:
Samples are disrupted using zirconia beads in a guanidinium thiocyanate–based solution; this rapidly releases nucleic acid while simultaneously inactivating nucleases. Samples are then diluted with isopropanol, and paramagnetic beads are added to the sample. The beads bind nucleic acids and are then immobilized on magnets and washed to remove proteins and other contaminants. A second wash solution is used to remove residual binding solution. Finally, nucleic acid is eluted in a small volume of low-salt buffer. The MagMAX™ Total Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit procedure is designed for processing samples in 96-well plates, thus 96 samples can be processed at once; however, the kit can also be used with fewer than 96 samples.

Accessory Products:
Lysis/Binding Solution Concentrate (SKU#AM8500), Wash Solution 1 Concentrate (SKU#AM8504), and Wash Solution 2 Concentrate (SKU#AM8640) are components of the MagMAX™ Total Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit that may also be purchased separately.

PrepSEQ™ Express Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit Applied Biosystems™

The AutoMate Express Nucleic Acid Extraction System is an easy-to-use benchtop instrument that enables hands-free automation of the nucleic acid extraction process for contaminant and impurity testing. The instrument uses the established PrepSEQ nucleic acid extraction chemistry for quantitative recovery of DNA and RNA from diverse samples types, including cell culture, raw material (e.g., serum), and in-process downstream purification samples such as column purification or bulk drug substance (BDS) samples.

Key features of the AutoMate Express Nucleic Acid Extraction System inlcude:
• Time-saving, cost-effective DNA extraction for mycoplasma, MMV, and vesivirus
• Reproducible recovery of DNA from complex samples
• Out-of-the-box automation with prefilled PrepSEQ Express cartridges and ready-to-run protocols
• Closed system minimizes the risk of contamination
• Ideal for in-process testing of contaminants

Three-in-one extraction of cell culture contaminants
The AutoMate Express system can be used to perform nucleic acid extraction of the common contaminants for mammalian cell culture manufacturing (mycoplasmas, MMV, and vesiviruses) (see figure below). Flexible protocols are available to isolate DNA and RNA from a single organism, or a 3-in-1 surveillance panel protocol can simultaneously extract mycoplasma, MMV, and vesivirus nucleic acid from a single sample.

Closed system with walk-away automation
The AutoMate Express system automatically performs all steps for efficient nucleic acid extraction from contaminants in a closed environment. The system uses PrepSEQ Express kits that contain sealed cartridges with extraction reagents and plastics, including tips and sample, lysis, and elution tubes. The workflow has been designed for a completely hands-free operation enabling reproducible extraction efficiencies and reduced time-to-results.

MagMAX™ Total RNA Elution Buffer Applied Biosystems™

This elution buffer is included in the MagMAX-96 Total RNA Isolation Kit (Cat. No. AM1830) and MagMAX-96 Viral RNA Isolation Kit (AM1836). It is made available here for separate purchase.

MagMAX™ CORE Mechanical Lysis Module & Glass Microbeads Bundle with CORE Chemistry Applied Biosystems™

This MagMAX CORE Mechanical Lysis Module & Glass Microbeads Bundle with CORE Chemistry includes MagMAX CORE Glass Microbeads, a MagMAX CORE Mechanical Lysis Module, and a MagMAX CORE Nucleic Acid Purification Kit. The Mechanical Lysis Module is also available separately.

MagMAX CORE Glass Microbeads are a supplement to the MagMAX CORE Nucleic Acid Purification Kit and MagMAX CORE Mechanical Lysis Module. The beads aid in the homogenization of completely desiccated feces such as environmental samples or fecal pellets.