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Normal Mouse Serum (Invitrogen™)

Normal Mouse Serum Control for IF, ICC, IHC, BLOCK, Ctrl

Poly-HRP Dilution Buffer (Thermo Scientific™)

Thermo Scientific Pierce Poly-HRP Dilution Buffer is optimized to ensure optimal performance with Poly-HRP Streptavidin.

Features of Poly-HRP Dilution Buffer:

Formulation: 1% biotin-free casein in a PBS buffer solution.
Application: Dilution of Poly-HRP Streptavidin (Product # N200): Gently invert bottle and swirl to mix before use. Do not vortex. Use at full strength. Refer to Poly-HRP Streptavidin Certificate of Analysis for recommended dilution ranges. Dilute Poly-HRP Streptavidin immediately before use.

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I-Block™ Protein-Based Blocking Reagent (Invitrogen™)

I-Block reagent is a highly purified casein-based blocking reagent. It provides superior blocking compared to both dried milk and BSA. Unlike other casein-based blocking reagents, I-Block reagent is essentially biotin-free. I-Block reagent is tested in assays using Tropix substrates and alkaline phosphatase conjugates, and is useful as a blocking reagent in membrane-based and immunoassay applications.

The suggested working concentration is 0.2% (w/v) for detection of nucleic acids on neutral or positively-charged nylon membranes and for immunoassays and protein detection on membranes (nitrocellulose, PVDF, or neutral nylon). For protein detection on positively-charged nylon membrane (such as TropilonPlus membrane), a concentration of 3% is recommended. I-Block blocking solution is prepared in either Tris- or phosphate-buffered saline buffer with heating (40-50°C).

This casein-based blocking reagent can be used with Western-Light, Western-Light Plus, Western-Star, ELISA-Light, Southern-Light, and Southern-Star detection systems.

cAMP-Screen™ Assay/Lysis Buffer (Invitrogen™)

This Assay⁄Lysis Buffer is suitable for use with the cAMP-Screen® or cAmp-Screen Direct® Immunoassay System.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostics procedures.

Pierce™ Protein-Free (PBS) Blocking Buffer (Thermo Scientific™)

Pierce Protein-Free Blocking Buffer is a non-protein compound that provides effective blocking for membrane-based and plate-based protein detection methods, resulting in extremely low background. It is supplied in a ready-to-use format.

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Features of Protein-Free Blocking Buffer:
Protein-free blocker—minimizes or eliminates cross-reactivity associated with protein-based blocking buffers
Applications—western blotting (membranes), ELISA (microplates), and arrays (coated glass slides)
Streptavidin-friendly—free of biotin; no interference with avidin-biotin detection systems
High-performance—optimized and validated in many protein methods to provide high signal-to-noise ratio (i.e., no quenching of specific binding and signal but eliminating nonspecific binding and background)

Traditional blocking buffers contain proteins that can cross-react in certain immunodetection systems, resulting in high background and reduced signal. Pierce Protein-Free Blocking Buffers are devoid of protein while remaining highly effective at blocking plates, membranes, and other surfaces for ELISA, western blotting, glass slide arrays, and other applications.

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HRP-Conjugate Diluent/Stabilizer (Invitrogen™)

This product may be used as a conjugate diluent in enzyme immunoassays.

Pierce™ Diethanolamine Substrate Buffer (5X) (Thermo Scientific™)

Thermo Scientific Pierce Diethanolamine Substrate Buffer (5X) include optimized, reliable and convenient stock solutions of diethanolamine for alkaline phosphatase (alk-phos) detection.

Features of Diethanolamine Substrate Buffer (5X):

• Ready-to-use
• Minimize assay-to-assay variability

Diethanolamine Substrate Buffer is used with soluble alkaline phosphatase substrates such as PNPP. Our formulation is convenient, ready-to-use and reduces the possibility of assay-to-assay variability. Diethanolamine Substrate Buffer is sold as 5X concentrate with an optimal, consistent pH. It is stable even at a 1X concentration.

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Pierce™ Clear Milk Blocking Buffer (10X) (Thermo Scientific™)

Pierce Clear Milk Blocking Buffer (10X) is a long-shelf life, high-performance replacement for homemade non-fat milk blocking buffers in western blotting applications.

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Our Clear Milk Blocking Buffer (10X) is a pre-formulated milk solution, clarified and stabilized for blocking excess nonspecific binding sites, reducing background in western blotting applications and diluting antibodies when used with nitrocellulose and PVDF membranes. It provides lower background, enhanced sensitivity, extended shelf life, and reproducible results compared to homemade buffers based on dissolved non-fat dry milk. Not recommended for avidin-based techniques because it contains some endogenous biotin.

Wash Buffer (25X)

Wash buffer can be used for all ELISA assays.

Support Pack Plus (Invitrogen™)

Buffer pack for 10 plates (plates included)

Human, Mouse, Rat

Reported Application

ELISA/ELISPOT Coating Buffer Powder (Invitrogen™)

The ELISA/ELISPOT Coating Buffer Powder is designed and tested for use as the working solution for coating the ELISA or ELISPOT capture antibody to the ELISA or ELISPOT plate microwells. This has been tested with all cytokine ELISA and ELISPOT capture antibodies, according to the procedures described in the corresponding protocols.

The eBioscience ELISA/ELISPOT Coating Buffer Powder is a dried powder formulation of phosphate buffered saline. Each packet is reconstituted in 1 Liter of distilled, deionized water, then filtered using a 0.22 um filter. The resulting 1x PBS (pH 7.4) is suitable for use as the ELISA/ELISPOT coating buffer.

Reported Application

ELISA Wash Buffer (30X) (Thermo Scientific™)

ELISA Wash Buffer is a Tris-based wash buffer for use in cytokine and other sandwich ELISA procedures. The buffer is the same formulation that is supplied with most Thermo Scientific Pierce ELISA Kits for cytokines and chemokines. The 30X concentrated stock solution is easily diluted 1:30 (vol:vol) in ultrapure water to yield sufficient wash buffer for a typical 96-well microplate ELISA protocol. Supplement an existing ELISA Kit or use as a convenient general purpose wash buffer for customized ELISA methods.

Features of the ELISA Wash Buffer:

Size: 50 mL (makes 1.5L of 1X buffer)
Storage: Shipped at on ice packs. Store at -20°C immediately upon receipt.
Application: Use as a wash buffer when performing ELISAs. This wash buffer is used in most, but not all, Thermo Scientific Pierce ELISA Kits. Please contact us for kit-specific information
Preparation: Thaw at room temperature (22-25°C). In a clean glass or plastic container, dilute the ELISA Wash Buffer concentrate 1:30 (vol:vol) with distilled or deionized water. Mix thoroughly. Equilibrate 1X wash buffer to room temperature before use in an assay. Prepare new 1X wash buffer for each day of use.
Automated Plate Washers: Storing the wash buffer in an automated system can result in contamination and poor ELISA performance. Automated plate washers must be cleaned regularly.

Amplex™ Red/UltraRed Stop Reagent (Invitrogen™)

Amplex® Red/UltraRed Stop Reagent is designed for use with the Amplex® Red and Amplex® UltraRed fluorogenic substrates and assay kits. Amplex® Red/UltraRed Stop Reagent provides convenience and control by allowing the fluorescence signal-generating reaction to be terminated at a user-determined time point. After addition of the stop reagent, the fluorescence signal remains stable for at least 3 hours.

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Amplex® UltraRed and Amplex® Red assay kits are sensitive biomolecular assays based on hydrogen peroxide–generating enzyme systems linked to peroxidase–mediated oxidation of the fluorogenic Amplex® UltraRed or Amplex® Red substrates. Typically, detection reactions are performed in microplate wells and are initiated by adding the fluorogenic Amplex® UltraRed or Amplex® Red substrate, resulting in a continuous fluorescence increase that proceeds for 30 minutes or more. Ultimately, unknown analyte concentrations are determined by comparing fluorescence intensities measured at a certain time point during the reaction to parallel measurements at the same time point on standard samples of known concentration. Clearly, it is critical to ensure that the timing of the standard and unknown sample measurements is the same.

Amplex® Red/UltraRed Stop Reagent is designed for use with both the Amplex® Red and Amplex® UltraRed fluorogenic substrates and assay kits. It is designed to terminate reactions containing up to 0.1 units/mL of horseradish peroxidase (HRP) and 5 μM hyrogen peroxide. The fluorescent signal then remains stable for at least 3 hours.