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Electronic Crimpers and Decrimpers (Thermo Scientific™)

Attach or remove aluminum seals with the single press of a button.

Ultra Clear qPCR Caps, strips of 8 (Thermo Scientific™)

Thermo Scientific Ultra Clear qPCR Cap Strips of 8 have a highly polished flat surface, providing an optically clear window to deliver maximum and consistent signal transmission, critical for accurate qPCR results. The caps are molded from a specially formulated polypropylene that enhances signal detection by minimizing autofluorescense and maximizing transmission. The Ultra Clear qPCR Cap Strips are compatible with all Thermo Scientific PCR tube strips and 96-well PCR plates.

Features of Thermo Scientific Ultra Clear qPCR Cap Strips

• 8-cap strip
• Compatible with all Thermo Scientific 96-well PCR plates as well as standard and low profile tube strips
• Specially formulated ultra clear polypropylene
• Highly polished
• Flat cap design

8mm Assembled Clear Autosampler Vial Kits (Thermo Scientific™)

Convenience kits save time and reduce the risk of contamination. Each convenience kit includes 100 vials pre-assembled with 100 screw thread caps and septa.

8mm Autosampler Vial Septa (Thermo Scientific™)

Septa for 8-425 Screw Thread Caps are constructed of PTFE, PTFE/rubber, or PTFE/silicone to suit a variety of applications.

Nalgene™ PC Conical-Bottom Centrifuge Tubes (Thermo Scientific™)

Perform who cell separations with the help of Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ PC Conical-Bottom Centrifuge Tubes

MicroAmp™ Reaction Tube with Cap, 0.2 mL (Applied Biosystems™)

The Applied Biosystems® MicroAmp® Reaction Tubes with Caps are optimally designed for precise PCR and are designed for use with Applied Biosystems 0.2 mL thermal cyclers including the Veriti™ 96-Well Thermal Cycler, GeneAmp® PCR System 9700 and the Applied Biosystems 2720 Thermal Cycler.


• Consistent plastic thickness enables uniform heating and cooling for accurate results.
• Captive lid with positive-click closure assures proper seating.
• Polished surface and conical bottom allows maximum sample recovery.
• Available in economical bulk packages.

Optimized Design
MicroAmp® Reaction Tubes provide unmatched temperature accuracy and uniformity for fast, oil-free PCR amplification with our 0.2mL 96-Well thermal cyclers. Like all of our products, MicroAmp® Reaction Tubes undergo stringent quality testing to ensure reproducible results. They ensure the greatest temperature and amplification uniformity for your samples.

MicroAmp® Reaction Tubes with Caps are available as clear or colored and in bulk packs. Use MicroAmp® Trays for easy sample handling and optimized results on our 0.2 mL 96-well thermal cyclers.

Nalgene™ Oak Ridge Polysulfone Centrifuge Tubes w/Screw Caps (Thermo Scientific™)

Easily view contents using strong, transparent Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Oak Ridge Polysulfone Centrifuge Tubes, available with sealing caps.

Storage Vials & Closures (Thermo Scientific™)

Store your samples in these vials to eliminate leaching of ions while maintaining a consistent pH for the life of your sample. Storage vials range from 2mL to 40mL.

Sterilin™ Caps for Glass Tubes (Thermo Scientific™)

Secure your samples with these autoclavable screw-thread caps for glass tubes.

Nalgene™ PPCO High Profile Closures with Color Coders for Micro Packaging Vials: Nonsterile (Thermo Scientific™)

Reduce the risk of contaminating contents with Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ PPCO High Profile Closures with Color Coders for Micro Packaging Vials.

PTFE-Lined Closed Caps (Thermo Scientific™)

PTFE-Lined Closed Caps are replacement caps for Thermo Scientific glass environmental sample bottles, jars, jugs and vials.

Nunc™ 10/11mL Polystyrene Centrifuge Tubes (Thermo Scientific™)

Increase the effectiveness of centrifugation with these polycarbonate centrifuge tubes, which have been both RCF and tightness tested.

National™ Replacement Battery for Gen3 Electronic Crimpers and Decrimpers (Thermo Scientific™)

For use with Thermo Scientific™ National Electronic Crimpers and Decrimpers.

Virtuoso™ 11mm Clear Wide Opening Crimp/Snap Top Vial with V-Patch (Thermo Scientific™)

Label these clear snap cap or crimp seal vials using the Thermo Scientific™ Virtuoso™ Vial Identification System.

8mm Autosampler Vial Screw Thread Caps (Thermo Scientific™)

Available in an variety of styles to match your application. Pre-assembled caps and septa minimize contamination.