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Titanium-Dioxide Nano-Trap Columns (Thermo Scientific™)

Titanium-Dioxide Nano-Trap Columns support the enrichment of phosphopeptides.

Accucore™ 150 Amide HILIC LC Columns (Thermo Scientific™)

Designed for the separation of hydrophilic biomolecules in HILIC mode—an excellent choice for glycan separations.

MAbPac™ RP LC Columns (Thermo Scientific™)

Get higher resolution using reversed-phase conditions when separating and characterizing monoclonal antibodies by HPLC and LC/MS.

ProPac™ IMAC-10 LC Columns (Thermo Scientific™)

Resolve target proteins using a single column in a high-resolution gradient run with ProPac IMAC-10 LC Columns.

HyperREZ™ XP Carbohydrate Pb2+ LC Columns (Thermo Scientific™)

HyperREZ XP Carbohydrate Pb2+ LC Columns are used for the appropriate counter-ion to meet application requirements.

ProPac™ HIC-10 LC Columns (Thermo Scientific™)

Achieve high-resolution separation of proteins and peptides under nondenaturing conditions with Thermo Scientific™ ProPac™ HIC-10 LC Columns.

ProPac™ WCX-10 LC Columns (Thermo Scientific™)

Separate proteins and their variants using these weak cation-exchange columns with exceptionally high resolution.

BioBasic™ SCX LC Columns (Thermo Scientific™)

BioBasic SCX LC Columns are optimized for the separation of proteins, peptides and other cationic species.

ProPac™ WAX-10 LC Columns (Thermo Scientific™)

For exceptionally high resolution and efficiency when separating protein variants, use ProPac WAX-10 LC Columns.

PepSwift™ Monolithic Capillary LC Columns (Thermo Scientific™)

For fast, high-resolution LC/MS separations in protein identification, biomarker discovery, and systems biology applications use these monolithic columns.

MAbPac™ SEC-1 Size Exclusion LC Columns (Thermo Scientific™)

Use these SEC columns for monoclonal antibody (mAb) analysis, including the high-resolution separation of monomers, aggregates and fragments.

HyperREZ™ XP Guard Cartridge Holder for HyperREZ XP 5.0 x 3.0mm guard cartridges (Thermo Scientific™)

For use with Thermo Scientific™ HyperREZ XP 5.0 x 3.0mm Guard Cartridges.

BioBasic™ AX LC Columns (Thermo Scientific™)

Use Thermo Scientific™ BioBasic™ AX LC Columns for the separation of proteins, peptides, other anionic species and highly polar molecules.

BioBasic™ 4 LC Columns (Thermo Scientific™)

BioBasic 4 LC Columns are designed for the analysis of larger proteins and peptides.

BioBasic™ 8 LC Columns (Thermo Scientific™)

Optimized for the separation of a wide range of peptides, Thermo Scientific™ BioBasic™ 8 LC Columns are high-performance columns ideal for the analysis of proteins, peptides and other biomolecules.