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Richard-Allan Scientific™ Reusable Steel Knives (Thermo Scientific™)

Use Thermo Scientific™ Richard-Allan Scientific™ Reusable Steel Knives with microtomes or cryostats when the technical application dictates that requirement.

Shandon™ Enterotomy Hook Blade Scissors (Thermo Scientific™)

Cut precisely with Thermo Scientific™ Shandon™ Enterotomy Scissors, available in Premium and Standard grades.

Cryotome™ E Cryocassettes and Accessories for Cyrotome™ 620E (Thermo Scientific™)

Support and expand the functionality of Cyrotome™ 620E with the Cryotome E Cryocassettes and Accessories.

PrintMate™ Biopsy Cassettes with Lids in Pre-packed Tubes (Thermo Scientific™)

Contain incised tissue safely and securely for tissue processing, embedding and sectioning with Thermo Scientific™ PrintMate™ Biopsy Cassettes with Lids in Pre-packed Tubes.

Shandon™ Doyen's Curved Abdominal Scissors (Thermo Scientific™)

For precise incisions, cut with Thermo Scientific™ Shandon™ Doyen's Curved Abdominal Scissors, available in premium and standard grades.

Hyperclean™ TruAir™ Ductless Fume Hoods (Thermo Scientific™)

Protect users and the environment from hazardous vapors generated on the work surface with our series of high-efficiency Thermo Scientific™ Hyperclean™ TruAir™ Ductless Fume Hoods.

Blade Carriers (Thermo Scientific™)

Insert a variety of Thermo Scientific™ blades in Thermo Scientific™ Blade Carriers.

Shandon™ Biopsy Processing/Embedding Cassettes II (Thermo Scientific™)

Hold biopsy specimens during processing and embedding with the special design of Thermo Scientific™ Shandon™ Biopsy Processing/Embedding Cassettes II.

Shandon™ Tissue-Processing/Embedding Cassettes II (Thermo Scientific™)

Secure specimens during processing with Thermo Scientific™ Shandon™ Tissue Processing/Embedding Cassettes II.

HM Microtome Instrumentation Accessories (Thermo Scientific™)

Choose from multiple Thermo Scientific™ HM Microtome Instrumentation Accessories for use with Thermo Scientific™ HM Microtomes.

RA Lamb Slotted Cassettes and Lids (Thermo Scientific™)

Ensure high quality and maximum fluid exchange with Thermo Scientific™ RA Lamb Slotted Cassettes and Lids.

Shandon™ Iris Curved Scissors (Thermo Scientific™)

Electronically polished and cleaned for a high-quality finish.

Micromesh™ Loose Biopsy Cassettes (Thermo Scientific™)

Improve fluid exchange without the need for biopsy sponges with the 1400, 0.36mm square openings of Thermo Scientific™ Micromesh™ Loose Biopsy Cassettes.

Shandon™ 22 Caliber Bullet Probe, 22 caliber, 18 in. (45.7cm) (Thermo Scientific™)

Establish the tract of projectiles with the Thermo Scientific™ Shandon™ 22 Caliber Bullet Probe.

Shandon™ Iris Scissors, Probe/Point, Angular, Premium, 4.5 in. (11.4cm) (Thermo Scientific™)

Cut with precision using Thermo Scientific™ Shandon™ Iris Scissors, available in premium and standard grades.