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Sorvall™ WX+ Ultracentrifuge Series (Thermo Scientific™)

Maximize space in your lab with the small footprint of the Thermo Scientific™ Sorvall™ WX+ ultracentrifuge series—spins up to 100,000rpm.

Sorvall™ Legend™ Micro 17 Microcentrifuge (Thermo Scientific™)

Accelerate routine sample preparation up to 17,000 x g with generous capacity in a compact microcentrifuge footprint.

Medifuge™ Small Benchtop Centrifuge (Thermo Scientific™)

Perform both routine clinical and life science separations with this compact centrifuge and the unique Thermo Scientific™ DualSpin™ rotor featuring a 2-in-1 hybrid design.

Sorvall™ ST 8 Small Benchtop Centrifuge (Thermo Scientific™)

Meet space, clinical and research protocal needs with the compact and innovative Thermo Scientific™ Sorvall™ ST 8 Small Benchtop Centrifuge.

Sorvall LYNX 6000 Superspeed Centrifuge (Thermo Scientific™)

The Sorvall LYNX 6000 superspeed centrifuge provides exceptional performance meeting evolving application needs, from academic research to production facilities, with up to 100,605 x g, and up to 6L capacity.

Heraeus™ Multifuge™ X1 Centrifuge Series (Thermo Scientific™)

Handle a diverse range of applications with the Thermo Scientific™ Heraeus™ Multifuge™ X1 Centrifuge Series, featuring a range of rotors and adapters.

Sorvall™ Legend™ Micro 21R Microcentrifuge (Thermo Scientific™)

Spin 24 x 2 mL at up to 21,100 x g with refrigeration to accelerate routine microcentrifuge tube preparation.

Heraeus™ Cryofuge™ 8 and 16 Blood Banking Centrifuges (Thermo Scientific™)

The improved capacity of 16 x 500 mL blood bags and user-friendly design make working with large volumes easier and more convenient, using the protocols you’ve already validated.

Sorvall™ Legend™ Micro 21 Microcentrifuge (Thermo Scientific™)

Support micro-volume protocols such as nucleic acid or protein lysate preparation and PCR reaction set-up, with microcentrifuge performance up to 21,100 x g.

Sorvall™ RC4 General Purpose Floor Model Centrifuge (Thermo Scientific™)

Process the optimal capacity for small to medium size blood processing centers with the ability to spin 4 or 8 blood bags in a wide range of bag configurations.

1000mL BIOS Swinging Bucket Rotors (Thermo Scientific™)

Efficiently and reliably perform your bioprocessing methods with the Thermo Scientific™ 6 x 1000mL or 8 x 1000mL swinging bucket rotors.

Sorvall™ Legend™ Micro 17R Microcentrifuge (Thermo Scientific™)

The compact footprint of this microcentrifuge is ideal for routine laboratory work up to 17,000 x g and requiring refrigeration.

Sorvall™ ST 40 Centrifuge Series (Thermo Scientific™)

Process 40% more 50mL conical tubes or 100% more blood tubes with biocontainment sealing than competitive models with the Sorvall ST 40 Centrifuge series.

KR4i Large Capacity Refrigerated Centrifuge (Thermo Scientific™)

Reproduce samples run-to-run and wield absolute sample temperature control with Thermo Scientific™ KR4i Large Capacity Refrigerated Centrifuge.

mySPIN™ 6 Mini Centrifuge (Thermo Scientific™)

Our most compact centrifuge, the mySPIN 6 mini centrifuge, is ideal for microfilter cell separations and HPLC samples, with adapters to accommodate all major microcentrifuge tubes.