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Dionex™ Automated Sample Preparation Valve Kits (Thermo Scientific™)

Choose Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ Automated Sample Preparation Valve Kits for use with ICS-1100/1600/2100 systems.

Dionex™ ICS-2100 and 2000 EG Cartridge Holders (Thermo Scientific™)

Use this eluent generator cartridge holder for Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ ICS-2100 and ICS-2000 systems.

Dionex™ ICS-1000/1100 System Column Heater (Thermo Scientific™)

Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ ICS-1000/1100 System Column Heaters are for use with the Dionex ICS-1000/1100 Ion Chromatography System.

Dionex™ ICS-6000 DC Detector/Chromatography Compartment (Thermo Scientific™)

Get great stability and sensitivity with flexible and precise temperature control of your IC conductivity detector and columns by using one of these DC Compartments.

Dionex™ CR-TC Continuously Regenerated Trap Columns (Thermo Scientific™)

Remove ionic contaminants from eluents continuously without offline chemical regeneration using Dionex CR-TC Continuously Regenerated Trap columns.

Dionex™ ICS-6000 AutoPrep for AM Automation Manager (Thermo Scientific™)

Use AutoPrep for trace analysis to facilitate large volume sampling with automated sample preparation in Dionex ICS-6000 HPIC systems with Automation Manager.

Dionex™ ICS-Series PDA Photodiode Array Detector Absorbance Cells (Thermo Scientific™)

The Thermo Scientific™ Dionex ICS-5000 Series offers five types of absorbance cells for all of your PDA needs.

Dionex™ AS-AP Autosampler Valves (Thermo Scientific™)

Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ AS-AP Autosampler Valves are high-pressure switching valves, available in 6-port and 10-port configurations.

Dionex™ ICS-5000+ TC Thermal Compartment (Thermo Scientific™)

Get better separations and reproducibility with precise column temperature control for applications requiring optical or mass spectrometry detection.

Single to Dual Pump Upgrade Kit (Thermo Scientific™)

Thermo Scientific™ Single to Dual Pump Upgrade Kits are available for analytical gradient, analytical isocratic and capillary isocratic pumps.

Dionex™ Mixer Kits for Carbonate Eluent Generator Cartridges (Thermo Scientific™)

Select the Mixer Kit for the analytical needs depending on the Carbonate Eluent Generator Cartridges in your lab.

Dionex™ ICS-4000 QD Charge Detector and Cell (Thermo Scientific™)

The Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ ICS-4000 QD Charge Detector and Cell is the world’s first charge detector for ion chromatography and in combination with conductivity detection, provides improved peak identification and peak purity analysis.

Dionex™ ICS-6000 CD Conductivity Detector (Thermo Scientific™)

Get high-performance conductivity detection for analytical and capillary ion chromatography separations.

Dionex™ Integrion™ HPIC™ System (Thermo Scientific™)

Meet your routine analytical demands and perform efficient analyses using this versatile, easy-to-use, reliable IC system that also offers interactive wellness features.

Dionex™ ICS-5000+ Standard Bore and Microbore System (Thermo Scientific™)

Get significant increases in resolution and throughput in this high-pressure modular IC system for standard bore and microbore columns.