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PrepFiler Express/AutoMate Express™ Validation (Applied Biosystems™)

This is a performance validation of the PrepFiler Express⁄AutoMate Express™ Forensic DNA Extraction System.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostics procedures.

PrepFiler Express/AutoMate Express™ Performance Check

This is a performance check for the PrepFiler® Express™⁄AutoMate Express™ Forensic DNA Extraction System.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostics procedures.

AutoMate Express™ Forensic DNA Extraction System (Applied Biosystems™)

The AutoMate Express Forensic DNA Extraction System is an easy to use, robust bench-top instrument that utilizes the PrepFiler Express and PrepFiler Express BTA chemistries packaged in pre-filled, foil sealed cartridges. We have designed the PrepFiler chemistry specifically to improve the quantity and quality of DNA isolated from forensic samples, thereby increasing the potential to obtain maximum information from downstream Short Tandem Repeat (STR) analysis.

Key Product Features:
• The most variable elution volume options on the market, with 7 elution volumes from 20 µL to 250 µL
• Designed to improve the yield and overall purity of DNA isolated from both routine and challenging forensic samples.
• Provides high quality DNA, free of PCR inhibitors and suitable for downstream applications such as quantitative real-time PCR and short tandem repeat (STR) analysis
• Simple and fast separation of substrate from lysate with the unique PrepFiler LySep Column
• Quick and easy run setup with ready-to-use pre-filled cartridges
• Closed system that minimizes the risk of contamination and transposition errors
• Processes 1 to 13 samples in a single run
• Rapid implementation with pre-validated, pre-programmed instrument protocols
• Integrated solution including novel reagents, consumables and automation to provide time saving, cost effective and reliable DNA extraction
• Improves downstream genotyping (STR) success rate and profile quality

PrepFiler Express Kit Format and Components
The Automate Express System utilizes two different configurations of PrepFiler Chemistry. The PrepFiler Express Forensic DNA Extraction Kit is suitable for the majority of standard sample types encountered in forensic laboratories such as bodily fluids on different substrates including FTA paper, cotton swabs, cotton cloth, denim and many others. The PrepFiler Express BTA Forensic DNA Extraction Kit was designed specifically for challenging samples such as bones, teeth and adhesive based samples such as cigarette butts and tape lifts. Both formats come with all the reagents and plastic components including the PrepFiler LySep Columns needed to perform 52 DNA extractions on the AutoMate Express Instrument.

Streamlined Off-Line Lysis
The PrepFiler Express Kits include the innovative PrepFiler LySep Column, which dramatically streamlines the off-line lysis portion of the extraction method. PrepFiler Lysis buffer or PrepFiler BTA Lysis buffer is added directly into the PrepFiler LySep Column along with the sample for incubation. Next, the PrepFiler LySep Column is quickly centrifuged which permits lysate flow through the burstable membrane while the substrate remains behind in the column. The sample tube is then simply ready to be placed on the AutoMate Express instrument. This eliminates the manual lysate and substrate transfer steps, saving time and minimizing cross contamination and sample transposition events.

Deep Well Plate (96 well)

96-well, deep-well plastic plates for nucleic acid purification on the KingFisher™Flex system.

For veterinary use only.

Regulatory requirements vary by country; products may not be available in your geographic area.

Biological hazard safety

WARNING! BIOHAZARD. Biological samples such as tissues, body fluids, infectious agents, and blood of humans and other animals have the potential to transmit infectious diseases. All work should be conducted in properly equipped facilities using the appropriate safety equipment (for example, physical containment devices). Safety equipment also may include items for personal protection, such as gloves, coats, gowns, shoe covers, boots, respirators, face shields, safety glasses, or goggles. Individuals should be trained according to applicable regulatory and company/institution requirements before working with potentially biohazardous materials. Follow all applicable local, state/provincial, and/or national regulations. The following references provide general guidelines when handling biological samples in laboratory environment.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories (BMBL), 5th Edition, HHS Publication No. (CDC) 21-1112, Revised December 2009

World Health Organization, Laboratory Biosafety Manual, 3rd Edition, WHO/CDS/CSR/LYO/2004.11

KingFisher™ Flex™ Systems Consumables (Thermo Scientific™)

Optimize performance using consumables specifically designed for use with the KingFisher™ Flex™ System and ideal for magnetic particle processing.

AutoLys M Tubes and Caps (Applied Biosystems™)

AutoLys M Tubes are for the preparation of FFPE samples for nucleic acid extraction. They feature a novel tube-in-tube design that creates cleared lysates from FFPE tissue samples, without the need for deparaffinization or wash steps, while increasing DNA and RNA yields. Just add your FFPE sample to the tube, followed by protease buffer and enzyme from the MagMAX FFPE DNA/RNA Ultra Kit. Once digestion is complete, lift the tubes from the AutoLys M Tube Rack using the AutoLys M TubeLifter or AutoLys M Tube Pliers and spin down the samples using a benchtop centrifuge with plate holder (SBS standard format). The FFPE-associated wax and debris are held in the upper chamber of the tube while the lysate passes through. Nucleic acids can then be purified from the clarified lysate using the MagMAX FFPE DNA/RNA Ultra Kit.

Features of the AutoLys M Tube system include:
• FFPE sample lysis and nucleic acid separation from debris in a single tube
• 2-D barcode on bottom tube
• Elimination of use of organic solvents (xylene, CitriSolv) for deparaffinization and washes
• Reduced processing time
• Increased nucleic acid yield

The AutoLys M Tube system is a unique way to process your FFPE samples that will result in improved nucleic acid yields when used in conjunction with the MagMAX FFPE DNA/RNA Ultra Kit, helping ensure the success of downstream assays and reducing the time to data analysis.

Replacement Parts for KingFisher™ mL Systems (Thermo Scientific™)

Extend the capabilitites of instruments in the Thermo Scientific™ KingFisher™ mL Systems series with Replacement Parts for KingFisher mL Systems.

BenchPro™ 2100 Plasmid Purification Card and Reagent Tray Kit (Invitrogen™)

The BenchPro® 2100 Plasmid Purification Card and Reagent Tray Kit are used with the BenchPro® 2100 Plasmid Processing Station (Cat. No. MC1001) for large-scale purification of plasmid DNA from bacterial cells. The card is designed for a single-use, with a series of capture and purification membranes, to facilitate the purification of anion exchange–quality plasmid DNA starting directly from culture. The reagent tray is pre-packed and foil-sealed with all necessary buffers. Disposable cell liners and lids are also provided for adding bacterial culture into the instrument. No additional reagents or plasticware is needed for the plasmid purification.

KingFisher™ Flex Purification System, KingFisher with 96 Deep-well Head (Thermo Scientific™)

Prepare samples efficiently from a variety of materials with Thermo Scientific™ KingFisher™ Flex Magnetic Particle Processors.

AutoLys M TubeLifter (Applied Biosystems™)

The AutoLys M TubeLifter enables a rack of 24 AutoLys M Tubes to be simultaneously “lifted” and readied for centrifugation. Once centrifugation is complete the rack of tubes is returned to the TubeLifter and the inner tube of each AutoLys M Tube is separated from the outer tube. The outer tube contains the lysate that is processed further using the MagMAX FFPE DNA/RNA Ultra Kit to recover the nucleic acids.

KingFisher™ Duo Consumables (Thermo Scientific™)

Carry out magnetic particle processing with Thermo Scientific™ KingFisher™ Duo and KingFisher Duo Prime Consumables, specially designed combs and microplates optimized for performance.

PrepFiler™ 96-Well Processing Plates (Applied Biosystems™)

The PrepFiler 96-well Processing Plate is now available for purchase separately to provide the ordering flexibility to select only the plastics consumables needed for use with the PrepFiler Automated Forensic DNA Extraction Kit. The full PrepFiler Automated Forensic DNA Extraction Kit uses magnetic particles with an optimized multi-component surface chemistry to deliver superior DNA yield from most forensic sample types, including body fluids, and stains and swabs of body fluids.

The PrepFiler 96-well Processing Plate is used for sample processing in 96-well format.

The full PrepFiler Automated Forensic DNA Extraction Kit is also available for purchase, and contains other components required for DNA recovery from both routine and challenging samples, including removal of PCR inhibitors.

For Research Use Only. Not intended for any animal or human therapeutic or diagnostic use.

iPrep™ Cartridge Rack (Invitrogen™)

The iPrep™ Cartridge Rack is a stainless steel, alluminium alloy rack that holds the pre-filled carteridges during purification. The rack is designed to fit onto the plaform in only one orientation (indicated with an arrow). The racks dimensions are 10.8 inches (l) x 5.5 inches (w) x 2.3 inches (d).
Each iPrep Instrument includes 1 iPRep Carteridge Rack. Additional racks can be ordered for faster instrument set up.

iPrep™ Card: gDNA Blood (Invitrogen™)

The iPrep™ Protocol Card is a flash, 512 KB memory card. Each iPrep™ Protocol card is pre-programmed with the purification protocol that directs the volume of reagents used and incubation time.
The following iPrep™ Protocol Cards are available from Invitrogen:
- iPrep™ Forensic Card for use with the iPrep™ ChargeSwitch® Forensic Kit and the iPRep™ ChageSwitch® gDNA Buccal kit
-iPrep™ Tissue Card for use with the iPrep ChargeSwitch® Tissue Kit
- iPrep™ Blood Card for use with the iPrep PureLink Blood kit

KingFisher™ Purification System (Thermo Scientific™)

Automate time-consuming sample preparation processes of nucleic acids, proteins and cells with Thermo Scientific™ KingFisher™ Purification Systems.