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AutoLys M TubeLifter (Applied Biosystems™)

The AutoLys M TubeLifter enables a rack of 24 AutoLys M Tubes to be simultaneously “lifted” and readied for centrifugation. Once centrifugation is complete the rack of tubes is returned to the TubeLifter and the inner tube of each AutoLys M Tube is separated from the outer tube. The outer tube contains the lysate that is processed further using the MagMAX FFPE DNA/RNA Ultra Kit to recover the nucleic acids.

iPrep™ Tip and Tube Rack (Invitrogen™)

The iPrep™ Tip and Tube Rack is a stainless steel rack desinged to hold sample tubes, tips in tip holders, and elution tubes. The rack dimensions are 11.3 inches (l) x 4 inches (w) x 3 inches (d). The posiitons for the placement of the tips and tubes are marked on the rack as follows:
- Row 1 is marked as E for placing eluiton tubes
- Row 2 and 3 are marked as T1 and T2, respecitively, for placing tips
- Row 4 is marked as S for placing sample tubes containing the sample
The caps of the elution tubes can be placed on specially designed space on th erack (see figure below) to quickly cap the elution tubes to prevent any contamination.
Each iPRep instrument includes 1 iPrep Tip and Tube rack. Additional racks can be ordered for faster instrument set up.

BenchPro™ 2100 Plasmid Purification Card and Reagent Tray Kit (Invitrogen™)

The BenchPro® 2100 Plasmid Purification Card and Reagent Tray Kit are used with the BenchPro® 2100 Plasmid Processing Station (Cat. No. MC1001) for large-scale purification of plasmid DNA from bacterial cells. The card is designed for a single-use, with a series of capture and purification membranes, to facilitate the purification of anion exchange–quality plasmid DNA starting directly from culture. The reagent tray is pre-packed and foil-sealed with all necessary buffers. Disposable cell liners and lids are also provided for adding bacterial culture into the instrument. No additional reagents or plasticware is needed for the plasmid purification.

iPrep™ Cartridge Rack (Invitrogen™)

The iPrep™ Cartridge Rack is a stainless steel, alluminium alloy rack that holds the pre-filled carteridges during purification. The rack is designed to fit onto the plaform in only one orientation (indicated with an arrow). The racks dimensions are 10.8 inches (l) x 5.5 inches (w) x 2.3 inches (d).
Each iPrep Instrument includes 1 iPRep Carteridge Rack. Additional racks can be ordered for faster instrument set up.

KingFisher™ Flex Purification System

Prepare samples efficiently from a variety of materials with Thermo Scientific™ KingFisher™ Flex Purification Systems.

KingFisher™ Duo Consumables (Thermo Scientific™)

Carry out magnetic particle processing with Thermo Scientific™ KingFisher™ Duo and KingFisher Duo Prime Consumables, specially designed combs and microplates optimized for performance.

MagMAX™ Express Magnetic Particle Processor (AM-Applied Markets Customer) (Applied Biosystems™)

The MagMAX™ Express magnetic particle processor is ideal for researchers who want to automate their MagMAX™ sample preparation. The MagMAX Express platform is the premier automated platform to meet your high-throughput needs. It seamlessly incorporates the rapid, reliable, and cost efficient magnetic bead-based extraction of nucleic acids that you expect from MagMAX™ technology.

• High quality and throughput isolation of nucleic acids from virtually any sample.
• Consistent nucleic acid recovery and cross contamination control.
• Best performance and cost effectiveness per reaction.
• Supports magnetic bead-based sample preparation kits.
• Fully compatible with the MagMAX™ Nucleic Acid Isolation Kits.
• Easy operation with pre-loaded programs for all MagMAX™ Nucleic Acid Isolation Kits and downloadable files to update protocols.
• Superior service and support

The MagMAX Sample Preparation System (nucleic acid isolation kits + magnetic particle processor) offers accelerated and automated nucleic acid isolation utilizing MagMAX magnetic bead-based technology on MagMAX Express magnetic particle processors. MagMAX™ technology was developed to extract both genomic and viral nucleic acid from diverse sample matrices for several downstream applications. The MagMAX™ Express magnetic particle processor is the perfect complement to magnetic bead-based technology.

MagMAX™ Express Technology
Most automated liquid handling systems move reagents into and out of a single well to perform the different steps of nucleic acid isolation. In contrast, the MagMAX™ Express magnetic particle processor utilizes permanent rods to collect magnetic beads from solution and releases the beads into the well containing reagents for the next step of isolation. The effectiveness of bead collection and transfer leads to superior washing, elution efficiency, and rapid processing.

Independent Movement Control
The MagMAX™ Express magnetic particle processor utilizes permanent magnetic rods and disposable tip combs with independent movement control. When the magnetic rod—sheathed inside the tip comb—is lowered into solution, magnetic beads collect at the bottom of the tip comb. The tip comb can then be positioned in a different well or plate and the beads released by moving the magnetic rods out of the tip comb. The tip comb also mixes the reagents and magnetic beads.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostics procedures.

KingFisher™ Duo Prime Purification System (Thermo Scientific™)

This compact purification instrument provides high quality yields of nucleic acids (DNA/RNA) and proteins with excellent reproducibility and minimal hands-on time.

KingFisher™ Presto Purification System (Thermo Scientific™)

Automate the extraction of DNA, RNA and proteins with the Thermo Scientific™ KingFisher™ Presto Purification System.

KingFisher™ Flex Purification System, KingFisher with 96 Deep-well Head (Thermo Scientific™)

Prepare samples efficiently from a variety of materials with Thermo Scientific™ KingFisher™ Flex Magnetic Particle Processors.

MagMAX™ Express-96 Deep Well Plates (Applied Biosystems™)

MagMAX™ Express-96 Deep Well Plates are designed for use with the MagMAX™ Express-96 Deep Well Magnetic Particle Processors, for automated magnetic bead separation and processing. The deep well configuration differs from the standard configuration in that the volume of sample input is from 100 to 1,000 µL per well (20–200 µL for the standard configuration).

BenchPro™ 2100 Piercing Device (Invitrogen™)

The BenchPro® 2100 Piercing Device is used with the BenchPro® 2100 Plasmid Purification Card and Reagent Tray Kit (Cat# MC2001). It is used to pierce the foil seal covering the reagent tray prior to use.

iPrep™ Card: Buffy Coat (Invitrogen™)

The iPrep™ Card: Buffy Coat is a flash memory card, pre-programmed with the purification protocol for the isolation of gDNA from up to 300ul buffy coat. This protocol allows you to get 20-50ug, highly pure gDNA suitable for the most sensitive multiplex PCR applications.

The following iPrep™ Protocol Cards are also available:
- iPrep™ Card: Buffy Coat
- iPrep™ Card: gDNA Blood
- iPrep™ Card: total RNA
- iPrep™ Card: gDNA Tissue
- iPrep™ Card: Forensic

Deep Well Plate (96 well)

96-well, deep-well plastic plates for nucleic acid purification on the KingFisher™Flex system.

For veterinary use only.

Regulatory requirements vary by country; products may not be available in your geographic area.

Biological hazard safety

WARNING! BIOHAZARD. Biological samples such as tissues, body fluids, infectious agents, and blood of humans and other animals have the potential to transmit infectious diseases. All work should be conducted in properly equipped facilities using the appropriate safety equipment (for example, physical containment devices). Safety equipment also may include items for personal protection, such as gloves, coats, gowns, shoe covers, boots, respirators, face shields, safety glasses, or goggles. Individuals should be trained according to applicable regulatory and company/institution requirements before working with potentially biohazardous materials. Follow all applicable local, state/provincial, and/or national regulations. The following references provide general guidelines when handling biological samples in laboratory environment.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories (BMBL), 5th Edition, HHS Publication No. (CDC) 21-1112, Revised December 2009

World Health Organization, Laboratory Biosafety Manual, 3rd Edition, WHO/CDS/CSR/LYO/2004.11

KingFisher™ Purification System (Thermo Scientific™)

Automate time-consuming sample preparation processes of nucleic acids, proteins and cells with Thermo Scientific™ KingFisher™ Purification Systems.