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MagMax™ Express-96 PCR Well Magnetic Head (Applied Biosystems™)

This is a magnetic head for the MagMAX™ Express-96 Deep Well Magnetic Particle Processor that is designed for use with PCR plates. Includes one magnetic head. Not compatible with the KingFisher™ Flex 96 Magnetic Particle Processor.

Dynabeads™ MPC™-1 (Magnetic Particle Concentrator) (Applied Biosystems™)

The MPC®-1 (Magnetic Particle Concentrator) holds one tube of variable diameter (10–30 mm, 5–50 mL tube). Optimal working volume: 5–50 mL. Magnetic particle concentrators are designed to obtain optimal binding of Dynabeads® with targets (e.g., cells, proteins, and nucleic acids).

Note that this magnet is for microbiology applications only, not for cell separations.

MPC™-6 (Magnetic Particle Concentrator)

The MPC®-6 (Magnetic Particle Concentrator) holds six tubes with variable diameters (10–30 mm). Optimal working volume: 5–15 mL. Magnetic particle concentrators are designed to obtain optimal binding of Dynabeads® with targets (e.g., cells, proteins, and nucleic acids).

Single Place Magnetic Stand (for one 1.5 mL tube)

The Ambion® Single Tube Magnetic Stand accommodates one 1.5 mL microfuge tube. With this stand, as with any magnetic stand, centrifugation is replaced by the attraction between capture beads in a solution and the magnet in the stand, resulting in the beads collecting on one side of the microfuge tube. Thus, the captured species (e.g., mRNA) is quickly and efficiently separated from the solution's other components.

Magnetic Stand-96

The Magnetic Stand-96 is designed for paramagnetic bead precipitation from standard 96-well, U-bottom microplates and 0.2 mL PCR plates with no additional accessories. The stand has a clear polyacryl base in standard SBS 96-well microplate footprint. The use of 24 extremely strong permanent magnets guarantees easy and fast magnetic separation in as little as 30 seconds. It sits flat on a lab bench as well as in a microplate adapter on robotic workstations.

Using the Magnetic Stand-96
The Magnetic Stand-96 is ideal for use with MagMAX™-96 magnetic bead-based RNA isolation kits, MagMAX™ for Stabilized Blood Tubes RNA Isolation Kits, MagMAX™ FFPE Nucleic Acid Isolation Kits, and the MessageAmp™ Premier RNA Amplification Kit.

Dynabeads™ MX Mixer Turret (Applied Biosystems™)

Attachment for Dynabeads® MX Mixer Base (Cat. No. 159-02). Designed to connect the Mixer Base with the 12-tube Mixing Head (Cat. No. 159-03) or 8-tube Mixing Head (Cat. No. 159-04).

DynaMag™-2 Magnet

The DynaMag™-2 magnet is optimized for efficient magnetic separation of all types of Dynabeads® (range 1–4.5 µm in diameter) in small (<2 mL) sample volumes. The DynaMag™-2 magnet combines a strong magnetic attraction for efficient separations in standard microcentrifuge tubes with a flexible and smart ergonomic design.

• Optimal working volume: 10–2,000 µL
• Holds up to 16 standard 1.5–2 mL microcentrifuge tubes in numbered spaces
• Good control and visibility of your sample
• Top rack can be quickly removed from the magnet in the base, ready for resuspension, vortexing, rotation, or manual sample shaking

Flexible and ergonomic design
The magnet can be used with all types of Dynabeads® for efficient isolation of proteins and nucleic acids. The sample rack can be easily removed from the base magnet for resuspension, vortexing, rotation, or manual sample shaking. A center pin in the rack ensures equal vortexing of all tubes. The rack can also be removed and used to store tubes. The 16 numbered sample spaces make this magnet ideal for parallel handling of multiple samples. With 8 tube positions on each side of the rack you can easily scale your protocols to accommodate 96-well plate reactions.

Product notes
• This magnet is not compatible with the MX4 Mixer
• The removable sample rack is also available as a separate item (Cat. No. 123-22D). Purchasing an additional sample rack minimizes the need to move tubes between racks. The rack can be placed on the bench, in the refrigerator, or in the incubator.

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Dynabeads™ Rotary Mixer Rod (Applied Biosystems™)

A mixing rod designed for use with the Dynabeads® Rotary Mixer (Cat. No. 947-01). Holds 14 X 30-50 ml tubes.

Dynabeads™ MX 12-tube Mixing Wheel (Applied Biosystems™)

Attachment for Dynabeads® MX Mixer Base (Cat. No. 159-02). Designed to hold 12 sample tubes ranging from 1.5 ml (microcentrifuge) to 1.7 mm diameter. Requires use of Mixer Turret (Cat. No. 159-06) to affix to Mixer Base.

MagJET Separation Rack, 2 x 1.5 mL tube (Thermo Scientific™)

Thermo Scientific MagJET Separation Rack is a magnetic separation device intended for low-throughput magnetic bead manipulation procedures such as magnetic bead-based nucleic acid isolation. The MagJET Separation Rack contains a high-performance permanent neodymium magnet embedded in a plastic separation unit frame. In combination with MagJET Magnetic Beads the MagJET Separation Rack allows fast and efficient magnetic bead-based separation procedures.


• Contains a powerful permanent neodymium magnet for instantaneous bead collection from the solution
• Specially designed for robust performance with different sample volumes
• Stable and tight magnetic bead capture on microcentrifuge tube wall
• Highly efficient nucleic acid purification in combination with Thermo Scientific MagJET magnetic-bead based kits


• Affinity purification using magnetic particles.

• MagJET Separation Rack unit

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Magnetic 96-Well Separator (Invitrogen™)

The Magnetic 96-Well Separator is designed for fast and simple removal of supernatant from samples bound to magnetic particles and may be used manually or as an integrated part of an automated workstation. The Magnetic 96-Well Separator is an ideal tool for use in singleplex and multiplex biological assays based on the Luminex® xMAP® Technology. These assays make use of Luminex® MagPlex™, or magnetic microspheres, and the MAGPIX®, Luminex® 200™ or FLEXMAP 3D® instruments.

Note: It is recommended that the Magnetic 96-Well Separator be used with a standard 96-well flat-bottom plate such as Greiner, Cat. No. 655096 or equivalent (not provided).
• Achieve high, reproducible retention of magnetic bead-bound samples with the strong magnetic power of the Magnetic 96-Well Separator
• Increase sample recovery and purity vs. filter-based assays with magnetic bead-based assays
• Simplify and significantly reduce cellular assay time with Luminex® magnetic bead-based assays and the Magnetic 96-Well Separator

96-Well, High-throughput Access to the World of Magnetic Microspheres
The use of magnetic microspheres has become widespread in the fields of biology, biotechnology and other bio-medical disciplines. Applications include cell sorting, RNA and DNA isolation, preparation, purification and sequencing, as well as immunology and a wide variety of isolation techniques for biological entities. The Magnetic 96-Well Separator may be utilized in a broad range of applications.

Magnetic Beads Let You Do More with Your Time
Novex® brand assays for the MAGPIX® system are built on Luminex's MagPlex™, or magnetic microsphere beads, platform. These assays take advantage of the magnetic beads workflow that simplifies wash steps and reduces variability in results. They are compatible with both vacuum and magnetic wash stations as well as other Luminex® xMAP® platforms. The MAGPIX® system may also be used with other providers of Luminex® magnetic bead-based assays.

More Validation for Confidence in Your Results
Built on the xMAP® bead technology, the Novex® brand immunoassays are designed for the detection of both single or multiple analytes simultaneously in a single biological sample. MAGPIX® and other qualified assays from Thermo Fisher Scientific offer accurate analytical performance and efficient, easy-to-follow protocols. In addition, the quantitative analytical results obtained with Novex® brand multiplexing assays are routinely tested against matching ELISAs to assure correlative results.

Luminex® xMAP® Technology—effective and proven analytical tool
For the past 10 years, xMAP® technology has gained wide acceptance as a multiplex tool for use in a variety of applications, including protein expression profiling, focused gene expression profiling, and disease research. The Luminex® 200™ or FLEXMAP 3D® instruments use xMAP® technology by combining fluorescent bead-based assays with flow cytometry, two lasers, real-time digital signal processing and xPONENT® software to distinguish bead color (analyte) and assay signal strength (PE) fluorescence intensity.

MAGPIX® System—brings the power of multiplex to every lab
The MAGPIX® system is also based on xMAP® technology in a new instrument built on light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for excitation, a CCD camera for bead and analyte detection and high-speed digital signal processors. The MAGPIX® system is more compact and robust providing the most cost effective multiplexing tool available. Simple, out of the box set-up allows researchers to rapidly perform singleplex or multiplex assays of up to 50 targets in single biological samples. The MAGPIX® system is simple and easy to use—ideal for both new and experienced users alike.

For Research Use Only. Not intended for any animal or human therapeutic or diagnostic use.

50 mL Tube Magnetic Separator (Invitrogen™)

This Magnetic Separator is for use with the GeneCatcher™ gDNA 3 - 10 ml Blood Kit. The Magnetic Separator consists of a rack that holds 4 50-ml tubes in alignment with neodymium magnets for the efficient processing of DNA bound to magnetic beads.

GeneCatcher™ Technology is a novel magnetic bead-based technology that provides a method for reliably and efficiently purifying DNA without any centrifugation steps. The GeneCatcher™ gDNA Blood Kits facilitate the efficient and reliable extraction of genomic DNA (gDNA) from samples of human blood, even when the samples have been archived, poorly stored, or collected in the presence of anticoagulants such as EDTA, heparin, or citrate.

For Research Use Only. Not intended for human or animal therapeutic or diagnostic use.

DynaMag™-96 Side Magnet

The DynaMag™-96 Side Magnet is optimized to pull all types of Dynabeads® (range 1–4.5 µm in diameter) to the sides of PCR tubes or to the sides of wells in 96-well plates. Designed for both automation platforms (e.g., Tecan) and manual workflows, this magnet is not compatible with PCR tubes but is compatible with PCR-strips and 96-well plates (200 µL), non-skirted and half-skirted.

Efficient mixing without sample handling
This magnet has an extra column (13 total). This enables sample mixing simply by shifting the 96-well plate back and forth from the right-most position to the left-most position. This shifting draws the beads back and forth through the sample and allows mixing to be achieved without handling, promoting faster processing and less sample handing-induced variation.

Handling volume
When used in combination with the DynaMag™-96 Bottom magnet on an automation platform, the two magnets allow for significant volume changes through a workflow.
• High wash volumes: DynaMag™-96 Side Magnet
• Low elution volumes: DynaMag™-96 Bottom magnet

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Dynabeads™ Rotary Mixer Mixing Platform (Applied Biosystems™)

When attached to the Dynabeads® Rotary Mixer (Cat. No. 947-01), the Mixing Platform can hold Dynabeads in 3 MPC®-S racks or one 96-well microcentrifuge tube holder provided with the Mixing Platform. Variable speed (15-80 rpm). Can be operated in both cold and warm conditions (4-37°C).

SampleRack (for DynaMag™-5 magnet)

The SampleRack (for DynaMag™-5) is the same tube rack that is supplied with the DynaMag™-5 magnet. It is suitable as a replacement or supplement to the SampleRack provided with the DynaMag™-5 magnet. Additional SampleRacks may be useful when there are multiple users of the DynaMag™-5 magnet or when processing more than 8 samples at a time.

The SampleRack (for DynaMag™-5) is intended for use with the magnet base of the DynaMag™-5 magnet. The SampleRack holds up to 8 cell samples at a time, with numbered positions (1 to 8) for easy control of your samples and a design that ensures good sample visibility when placed on the magnet base (not supplied).

The flexible clips that hold the tubes in place allow the SampleRack to accommodate tubes from 11–16 mm in diameter, such as most standard flow tubes and blood collection tubes (Vacutainer® tubes), with an optimal working volume of 1–5 mL.

Note: The SampleRack (for DynaMag™-5) should not be used with standard 15 mL tubes; for this purpose use DynaMag™-15 magnet.

For Research Use Only. Not intended for human or animal therapeutic or diagnostic use.