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Kits and Accessories for Orion™ 2117XP Chloride Analyzers (Thermo Scientific™)

Keep chloride analyzers well-supplied and ready for use with the Thermo Scientific™ Kits and Accessories for Orion™ 2117XP Chloride Analyzers.

Orion™ 2117XP Chloride Analyzer (Thermo Scientific™)

Detect chloride in real time with accurate and reliable results using the Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ 2117XP Chloride Analyzer.

IPlus! Measurement and Control System for Nonwovens (Thermo Scientific™)

Produce high performance nonwovens with a measurement and control system optimized for spunbond, spunlace, airlaid, carded, and meltblown processes.

Orion™ 2109XP Fluoride Analyzer (Thermo Scientific™)

Maximize uptime and keep your plant in perfect operation by offering unmatched versatility and performance with the Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ 2109XP Fluoride Analyzer.

Ramsey™ Microwave Point Level Detector (Thermo Scientific™)

Detect the presence or absence of any material using the Thermo Scientific™ Ramsey™ Microwave Point Level Detector, which sees through non-metallic wall buildup.

MK.1TE ESD and Static Latch-up Test System (Thermo Scientific™)

The Thermo Scientific™ MK.1TE is a relay-based, exceptionally fast ESD and Static Latch-Up Test System used in the evaluation of advanced IC devices.  It fully addresses today’s JEDEC/ESDA standards, and can be configured with 64, 128, 192 or 256 test pins.

AquaSensors™ AnalogPlus™ Toroidal Conductivity Sensors (Thermo Scientific™)

Continuously use Thermo Scientific™ AquaSensors™ AnalogPlus™ Toroidal Conductivity Sensors in the most demanding industrial applications.

Coincidentor Logic Chassis (Thermo Scientific™)

The Thermo Scientific™ Coincidentor Logic Chassis is a self-contained monitor that processes bistable signals from nuclear systems.

Global VersaWeigh™ Checkweigher (Thermo Scientific™)

Improve accuracy, efficiency and profitability with a checkweigher designed suitable for any application in food, beverage or pharmaceuticals.

Ramsey™ Micro-Tech 2000 Electronic Integrator Series (Thermo Scientific™)

This product has been discontinued (effective March 1, 2018). We will offer technical support and service support as allowed by parts availability.

IPlus! Measurement and Control System for Extrusion (Thermo Scientific™)

Produce flat rolls and keep products within critical thickness specifications with our highly reliable, simple and cost effective solution for film and sheet extrusion.

Orion™ 2120XP Calcium Hardness Analyzer Accessories and Kits (Thermo Scientific™)

Accessories and kits for the Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ 2120XP Calcium Hardness Analyzer include a consumables kit, calibration kit, carrying case, electrode kit and faceplate.

APEX Upgrade (Thermo Scientific™)

Extend the life of your DSP3, DSP IP and Metal Eliminator metal detectors by upgrading to the latest APEX metal detection technology.

Oretronic IV Tramp Metal Detector

Minimize lost production time with an economical and reliable means to protect expensive crushers, conveyors and other process equipment from damage by tramp metal.

IPlus! Measurement and Control System for Coating and Converting (Thermo Scientific™)

Reduce scrap, use less material, and maintain product quality with Thermo Scientific™ IPlus! for Coating and Converting, our reliable, simple and cost-effective solution for coated products.