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Additional Mass Flow Controllers Thermo Scientific™

Gain increased flexibility from your Thermo Scientific™ ELEMENT™ Series HR-ICP-MS instrument with these ThermoScientific™ Additional Mass Flow Controllers (MFCs), to enable the introduction of make-up-gases, argon, oxygen or helium, into the spray chamber or to supply these gases for advanced hyphenated analysis techniques. Two additional MFCs can be installed simultaneously.

Anode Caps Thermo Scientific™

This range of top quality Thermo Scientific™ Anode Caps for the Thermo Scientific™ ELEMENT GD™ GD-MS analyzer ensures consistent, reliable performance.
Stainless steel Anode Caps are disposable items, to avoid any carry-over from sample to sample. Graphite parts are designed to be cleaned wet chemically using mineral acids. With the handy removal tool, replacing the Anode Caps is a quick and simple process.

ISQ™ EM Single Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer

Adding mass spectrometry (MS) to your liquid chromatography (LC) analyses gives you access to the valuable data that only MS can provide. The new, easy-to-use ISQ™ EM Single Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer seamlessly integrates with LC systems for reliable, robust, and easy LC-MS routine analysis with an extended mass range for more flexibility. Detect and quantify a variety of analytes by choosing to use either heated electrospray ionization (HESI) or atmospheric pressure chemical ionization (APCI). Integrated software allows both novices and experts to quickly master MS to gain more insights from every sample.

FastQuan™ System for High-Throughput LC-MS Thermo Scientific™

Increase laboratory productivity with an affordable, robust, high-throughput LC-MS system bundle. Today's clinical research and forensic toxicology laboratories demand more productivity, reliability, and cost-efficiency even when analyzing tough biological matrices.

The industry-proven Thermo Scientific™ FastQuan™ system bundle delivers fast, robust, economical screening of analytes, and confirmation results without compromising quality of data. The value-priced, FastQuan system bundle is built on twenty years of multichannel innovation with the Thermo Scientific™ Transcend™ II LX-2 system combined with the Thermo Scientific™ TSQ Endura™ triple quadrupole mass spectrometer and Thermo Scientific™ TraceFinder™ software.

GCI Series Interface Thermo Scientific™

Use the Thermo Scientific™ GCI Series Interface to seamlessly integrate your gas chromatography (GC) and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) systems as an easy-to-use solution for advanced speciation studies. When GC and ICP-MS systems are seamlessly connected, even applications having the most challenging detection limit are no problem. The GCI Series Interface provides easy, reliable measurement of volatile species, down to sub-ppt concentrations.

VeriSpray™ PaperSpray Ion Source

Improve turnaround time, reduce cost per test and minimize sample preparation with the Thermo Scientific™ VeriSpray™ PaperSpray ion source, a fully automated, high-throughput, direct ionization technique used with our newest Thermo Scientific™ TSQ triple quadrupole mass spectrometers. The VeriSpray system is fully integrated into instrument control software and application-specific software, and it is capable of running proprietary VeriSpray PaperSpray sample plates, for single or high-throughput applications.

Sample and Skimmer Cones Thermo Scientific™

A range of easily changeable Ni, Pt, and Al Thermo Scientific™ Sample and Skimmer Cones are available for the Thermo Scientific™ ELEMENT™ Series HR-ICP-MS and Thermo Scientific™ Neptune™ Series MC-ICP-MS systems to suit your analysis requirements, all designed for durability, performance and ease of use.

Sample Handling Kits Thermo Scientific™

Enhance your analysis with dedicated Thermo Scientific™ Sample Handling Kits for the Thermo Scientific™ ELEMENT™ Series HR-ICP-MS system.

Enable the routine analysis of organic solvents, aggressively acidic or highly complex sample matrices with these convenient, complete sample handling accessory kits.

DFS™ Magnetic Sector GC-HRMS System Thermo Scientific™

Meet your current and future needs for worldwide compliance in Dioxins and POPs analysis with the Thermo Scientific™ DFS Magnetic Sector GC-HRMS, which delivers ultimate confidence and robustness. Software features support fully compliant, routine quantification of POPs, with the automation required to meet your lab needs. Add even more productivity to your lab with the dedicated DualData XL Module, designed for almost double sample throughput.

TSQ Endura™ Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer Thermo Scientific™

From forensic toxicology to environmental analysis to pharmaceutical research, a constant in almost every field is the need for greater productivity; to quantify more samples in less time with greater reliability and confidence, and to do it all on ever tighter budgets. The Thermo Scientific™ Endura™ Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer meets these needs with unsurpassed value. It delivers best-in-class sensitivity run after run and day after day regardless of sample type or matrix, and does so with an ease-of-use that takes the worry out of method development and operation.

Flow Tubes Thermo Scientific™

Maintain consistently high performance, by using only top quality, dedicated consumables such as these Thermo Scientific™ Flow Tubes for the advanced Thermo Scientific™ ELEMENT™ GD GD-MS system.

High purity Flow Tubes are available in a range of materials and lengths, so you can customize the tubes to your exact analysis requirements. Stainless steel Flow Tubes are intended as single use items, to avoid any carry-over from different sample matrices. Graphite Flow Tubes are designed to be cleaned wet chemically using mineral acids.

MSPac™ DS-10 MS Desalter Cartridge Thermo Scientific™

Enhance the quality of your mass spectrometry (MS) data by reducing interference from contaminants using the on-line Thermo Scientific™ MSPac™ DS-10 Desalter Cartridge. For use in MS analyses, the desalter minimizes ion suppression and interference caused by salts and contaminents present in biological samples. The MSPac DS-10 Desalter is compatible with salt-based fraction analysis, and has a high loading capacity over a wide pH range for laboratories requiring high sample throughput and increased confidence in their MS analysis.

MSQ™ Accessories Thermo Scientific™

Ensure efficient, reliable operation of your Thermo Scientific™ MSQ™ or MSQ Plus™ single quadrupole LC-MS system with Thermo Scientific™ MSQ™ accessories.

Endura MD™ Mass Spectrometer for in vitro diagnostics Thermo Scientific™

Develop in vitro diagnostic tests that leverage the sensitivity, quantitative accuracy, and confidence of mass spectrometry with the Thermo Scientific™ Endura MD™ mass spectrometer. The Endura MD instrument, a Class I medical device, combines excellent sensitivity, quantitative performance, and robustness with built-in usability to help deliver more value and worry-free results from laboratory-developed clinical diagnostic tests. Combine the Endura MD MS with the Thermo Scientific™ Prelude MD™ HPLC and ClinQuan MD™ software, and get the quantitative accuracy of LC-MS easily and confidently.
U.S. FDA listed Class I medical device. CE IVDD compliant.

CETAC™ Autosamplers Thermo Scientific™

Increase the sample throughput of your laboratory with Thermo Scientific™ CETAC™ Autosamplers. Automate the analysis of your solutions with a CETAC ASX-260 or ASX-520 autosampler interfaced with a UV-Vis spectrophotometer. An autosampler configuration provides continuous automated analysis of samples without the need for operator intervention. Thermo Scientific autosamplers feature a metal-free liquid flow path and corrosion resistant coating on all metal parts and can withstand the harshest chemical environments while maintaining unsurpassed accuracy.
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