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GD-MS Consumable Kits (Thermo Scientific™)

Optimize your Thermo Scientific™ ELEMENT™ GD GD-MS instrument to your application and analyte of interest with these handy consumable kits.

FastQuan™ System for High-Throughput LC-MS (Thermo Scientific™)

Delivering fast, robust screening and confirmation results without compromising data quality.

Helix MC Plus™ Multicollector Noble Gas Mass Spectrometer (Thermo Scientific™)

Redetermine the isotope ratios of neon, argon, krypton and xenon by unsurpassed high resolution and precision of the Thermo Scientific™ Helix MC Plus™ multi-collector noble gas mass spectrometer.

Q Exactive™ HF-X Hybrid Quadrupole-Orbitrap™ Mass Spectrometer (Thermo Scientific™)

Achieve fast peptide identification and quantitation and perform top-down proteomics and BioPharma characterization using just one mass spectrometry system.

Q Exactive™ Focus Hybrid Quadrupole-Orbitrap™ Mass Spectrometer (Thermo Scientific™)

Making the sensitivity, selectivity, simplicity and durability of hybrid quadrupole-Orbitrap mass spectrometry accessible to more laboratories.

Noise Reduction Cover (Thermo Scientific™)

Make the laboratory environment more comfortable with this optional Thermo Scientific™ Noise Reduction Cover for the Thermo Scientific™ iCAP™ Q ICP-MS rotary pump.

PreCon Automated Trace Gas Pre-Concentrator (Thermo Scientific™)

Solve the problem of large trace gas sample sizes in gas isotope ratio MS with the Thermo Scientific™ PreCon automated trace gas pre-concentrator.

Slit Systems (Thermo Scientific™)

Enable easy modifications to the width of the ion beam aperture for the Thermo Scientific™ ELEMENT™ Series HR-ICP-MS system with these slit systems.

Delta Ray™ CO2 Isotope Ratio Infrared Spectrometer with URI Connect (Thermo Scientific™)

Thermo Scientific™ Delta Ray™ with URI Connect represents a new and exciting solution that extends the continuous measurement of isotope ratios and concentrations of CO2 in air to discrete samples such as head space analysis or direct injection of small amounts of CO2.

Peltier Cooling Device (Thermo Scientific™)

Improve instrument performance with this Thermo Scientific™ Peltier Cooling Device, to optimize the Thermo Scientific™ ELEMENT™ Series HR-ICP-MS analyzer for a range of applications.

Exactive™ Plus Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer (Thermo Scientific™)

Screen, identify and quantify compounds in complex samples rapidly and with confidence using this benchtop mass spectrometer that provides HR/AM full-scan data.

Nanospray Ion Source (Thermo Scientific™)

Increase the sensitivity of LC-MS analyses with the Thermo Scientific™ Nanospray ion source.

Q Exactive™ GC Orbitrap™ GC-MS/MS (Thermo Scientific™)

Leverage the first-ever GC-MS/MS system that applies the power of high-resolution/accurate-mass (HR/AM) Orbitrap detection to your GC separations.

GasBench II (Thermo Scientific™)

Expand the applications of isotope ratio mass spectrometry with the Thermo Scientific™ GasBench II universal on-line gas preparation and introduction system.

Electron Transfer Dissociation (ETD) (Thermo Scientific™)

Achieve better analysis of proteins and their post-translational modifications with the Thermo Scientific™ Electron Transfer Dissociation (ETD) option.