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Remel™ Odormycin Autoclave Capsule Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ Remel Odormycin Autoclave Capsules are autoclave deodorant capsules.

Nunc™ Disposable Loops and Needles Thermo Scientific™

Easily identify color-coded Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Disposable Loops and Needles,  precision molded from nontoxic (USP Class VI) polystyrene material to provide a smooth loop surface. Thermo Scientific Nunc products are high quality plastics for use in biotechnology, pharmaceutical and research laboratories, as well as in the production of vaccines and diagnostic kits.

VersaTREK™ Automated Microbial Detection System, 528 Model Thermo Scientific™

Achieve faster results with fewer limitations with the Thermo Scientific™ VersaTREK™ Automated Microbial Detection System, 528 Model. With four FDA-cleared tests and a simple, two-bottle media system, this one instrument provides maximum value. Reduce media costs and inventory with just two Thermo Scientific™ VersaTREK™ REDOX™ bottles for all patient populations and scenarios, including pediatrics.

Remel™ Trichrome Stain Rack Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ Remel Trichrome Stain Rack is for use in trichrome stain procedure.

AnaeroPack™ Rectangular Jar Lid Thermo Scientific™

Mitsubishi™ AnaeroPack Rectangular Jar Lid is a replacement part for anaerobic jar.

VersaTREK™ Instrument Accessories Thermo Scientific™

Improve and maintain performance of the Thermo Scientific™ VersaTREK™ System to meet the needs of even the busiest, leanest laboratories with a complete line of VersaTREK Instrument Accessories and parts.

COPAN WASP™DT Instrument Accessories and Software

Build a more efficient microbiology laboratory and automate all aspects of specimen processing with COPAN WASP™DT Instrument Accessories and Software. Structure the modular system according to the unique needs of your laboratory, and choose from a variety of instrument accessories, from enrichment broth inoculation to an automatic loop and tool changing station, to drive productivity from start to finish as well as maximize current and future investments.

The WASP™DT System works seamlessly with Thermo Scientific™ Remel™ prepared media products which are optimized for automation.

Sensititre™ Gram Negative GN7F AST Plate Thermo Scientific™

Confidently perform susceptibility testing of Gram-negative isolates on a single plate which includes antimicrobials ceftazidime/avibactam and ceftolozane/tazobactam using Thermo Scientific™ Sensititre™ Gram Negative GN7F AST Plates.

Address your formulary needs with this FDA-cleared, micro-broth dilution plate for AST which meets CLSI standards.

Obtain true minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) results to both inform targeted therapy decisions for resistant infections with otherwise limited or no treatment options and to support antimicrobial stewardship to preserve the effectiveness.

AnaeroPack™ Rectangular Jar Silicon Seal Thermo Scientific™

Mitsubishi™ AnaeroPack Rectangular Jar Silicon Seal is a replacement part for anaerobic jar.

Oxoid™ AnaeroJar™ Clip Thermo Scientific™

Oxoid AnaeroJar Clip has two self-venting clips.

AnaeroPouch™-Bag Thermo Scientific™

Mitsubishi™ AnaeroPouch-Bag is used to hold AnaeroPouch-Anaero, AnaeroPouch-MicroAero, and AnaeroPouch-CO2 gas generators.

Oxoid™ AnaeroJar™ 2.5L Thermo Scientific™

Oxoid AnaeroJar 2.5L Jar comes complete with 2.5L capacity polycarbonate jar base and lid secured to base by four self-venting clips.

Incubator and Environmental Chamber Accessories Thermo Scientific™

Ensure system safety by using Thermo Scientific™ Shaker Support System, featuring rubber isolators for maximum stability.

Oxoid™ Anaerobic Jar Lid, with Zip Seal pouches Thermo Scientific™

Oxoid Anaerobic Jar Lid is for use with Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid 3.5L Anaerobic Jar, Part No. HP0011A.

Reusable Calibrated Inoculating Loops Thermo Scientific™

Select, inoculate or transfer microbiological sample on media with Thermo Scientific™ Remel™ Reusable Calibrated Inoculating Loops. The gentle, malleable loops offer precise control when selecting or streaking inoculum, without cutting or tearing agar surfaces.  The loops are nontoxic, lightweight and are color-coded for easy-recognition and streamlined specimen handling.

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