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DXT-RAD Extremity Dosimeters and Accessories Thermo Scientific™

Nuclear power plant and nuclear medicine personnel who work in close proximity to or have direct contact with radioactive materials and radiation producing equipment have a high risk of exposure, particularly on their hands. Thermo Scientific™ DXT-RAD Extremity Dosimeters are worn on fingers or wrists to provide real time monitoring of skin radiation dose where it is needed. DXT-RAD Extremity Dosimeters measure radiation closest to the source to determine the highest potential exposure and appropriate corrective action. Rings are adjustable and may be used for both photon and beta dosimeters.

RadEye™ G Series Personal Dose Rate Meters Thermo Scientific™

Continuously monitor your radiation exposure in any nuclear or radiological emergency. The Thermo Scientific™ RadEye™ G Series of personal radiation detectors provide first responders with quick, reliable gamma and dose rate measurements. These light-weight, handheld Geiger counters detect and measure very low gamma energies; even the smallest change in radiation rates are displayed immediately, while coincidentally occurring fluctuations are suppressed. For hazmat teams investigating potentially explosive atmospheres, intrinsically safe RadEye G models meet the latest ATEX standards.

TLD-600™ Thermoluminescent Dosimetry Material Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ TLD-600 Thermoluminescent Dosimetry Material consists of Lithium Fluoride (Lithium isotope) Li:Mg, Ti. It is suitable for neutron dosimetry applications.

IPM96 Whole Body Contamination Monitor Thermo Scientific™

Thoroughly scan for beta/gamma contamination on the entire body surface with the Thermo Scientific™ IPM96 Whole Body Contamination Monitor.  Through innovative features including new Thermo Scientific™ Thorough-Scan™ gasless scintillation detector technology, reduced count times, and the highest number of detectors available in the industry, this radiation contamination portal monitor increases the accuracy of body scans and most importantly, provides confidence that your radiation controlled facility delivers on the promise of public safety.

LFM-3 Radiation Detection System Thermo Scientific™

Easily set up Thermo Scientific™ LFM-3 portal Radiation Detection System. It is an easy-to-use, multi-purpose Γ and X-ray detection system. The Thermo Scientific™ LFM-3 Radiation Monitoring System is designed to maximize sensitivity to Γ radiation, with a minimum of nuisance alarms, at an affordable price. The system is perfect for monitoring materials bound for landfills, transfer stations and other waste processing facilities.

ADU2 Area Display Unit Thermo Scientific™

Be sure your employees always know their radiation exposure levels with a high quality visual display and warning system. The Thermo Scientific™ ADU2 Area Display Unit is a powerful ALARA tool useful in nuclear power plants, medical facilities, and almost any health physics application. Whether connected to electronic personal dosimeters or to another type of external detector such as continuous air monitors, the ADU2 Area Display Monitor provides a high quality visual display along with a variety of intelligent control functions to ensure visible and audible alarm notification at the source.

FH 40 G Multi-Purpose Digital Survey Meter Thermo Scientific™

Serve multiple radiation detection applications with one versatile instrument. The Thermo Scientific™ FH 40 G is a wide range digital Geiger counter suitable for nearly all measurement tasks arising in radiation protection through optional plug and play probes available for neutron measurement, alpha and beta contamination readings and even to detect artificial gamma radiation in variable natural radiation fields.

TLD-700™ Thermoluminescent Dosimetry Material Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ TLD-700 Thermoluminescent Dosimetry Material consists of Lithium Fluoride (Lithium isotope) Li:Mg, Ti. It is suitable for gamma and beta dosimetry applications.

DI-10C Calibration Check Irradiator Thermo Scientific

Automatically process multiple electronic personal dosimeters (EDPs) with the Thermo Scientific™ DI-10C Calibration Check Irradiator. The DI-10C is a complete irradiator system that provides separate beta and gamma calibration checks for Thermo Scientific™ MK2 Electronic Personal Dosimeters and Thermo Scientific™ EPD TruDose Electronic Personal Dosimeters. With an intuitive, easy to use control system, it is a very capable, but simple, system to use. A carousel holding up to 10 EPDs is loaded in the DI-10C irradiator. The system then automatically processes all EDPs and displays the results.

RIIDEye™ X/M Series Handheld Radiation Isotope Identifiers Thermo Scientific™

Whether you are evaluating water or soil sample or searching for materials that could make a dirty bomb, it’s critical to know the exact isotope of the radioactive material in order to assess the potential threat and quickly initiate a plan of action. The Thermo Scientific™ RIIDEye™ X and RIIDEye M Handheld Radioisotope Identifiers, with patented Quadratic Compression Conversion (QCC) technology, are well suited to support users from homeland security operations to contamination monitoring and remediation, with the industry’s fastest, most accurate and easy to use RIID.

DXS11 High Resoultion Mini-focus X-Ray Source Thermo Scientific™

Inspect the details of your electronic components and PCB assemblies with high resolution, distortion-free images. The Thermo Scientific™ DXS11 High-Resolution MiniFocus X-Ray Source features a side-window x-ray tube designed for high performance in compact X-Ray systems. With near-microfocus resolution in a small, low cost package, you can be sure you are getting the most efficient X-Ray source for non-destructive industrial inspection. The compact package and robust design are also ideal for life sciences and medical fluoroscopy.

Mini 900 Scintillation Monitors Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ Mini 900 Scintillation Monitor serves as a portable or benchtop style radiation counter.

A variety of different probes to accommodate most radiation detection needs.

BP19A/IBP19BD Beta Probes Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ BP19A/IBP19BD Beta Probes monitor beta radiation across the beta energy spectrum with good efficiency and high sensitivity. It is an easy to operate with a slim profile and low weight.

High Sensitivity LIF: Mg, Cu, P Thermoluminescent Dosimetry Materials, Disks Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ High-Sensitivity LiF: Mg, Cu, P Dosimetry Materials are suitable for a variety of dosimetry applications where sensitivity needs are great.

Consist of Lithium Fluoride (Li isotope) LiF:Mg, Cu, P, in the form of a disk.

RadEye™ X Series Survey Meters Thermo Scientific™

Be prepared for virtually any radiation contamination scenario. The Thermo Scientific™ Radeye™ X Series Survey Meters comprise three different types of compact, multi-purpose survey meters suited for a wide range of applications where personnel risk radiation exposure, whether they are emergency responders, fire fighters, nuclear power plant employees, or medical professionals. RadEye X Series Survey Meters can operate with virtually any manufacturer's Geiger-Mueller, scintillation or proportional detectors to perform general count rate, surface contamination and dose rate measurements.
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