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Racks and Accessories for CO2 Resistant Shaker (Thermo Scientific™)

Mix and match different size accessories on a single platform with flexible accessories for the Thermo Scientific™ CO2 resistant shaker.

Vari-Mix™ Platform Rocker (Thermo Scientific™)

Utilize the steep angle rocking of the Thermo Scientific™ Vari-Mix™ Platform Rocker for applications such as hybridization, blotting and staining or destaining gels.

MaxQ™ 2000 and 3000 Benchtop Orbital Shakers (Thermo Scientific™)

Conduct applications such as general mixing, cell cultures, solubility studies, extraction procedures and diagnostic testing with these benchtop orbital shakers.

Heating Block Accessories for RT and RT Elite Stirring Hotplates (Thermo Scientific™)

Work quickly and safely with convenient Thermo Scientific™ Heating Block Accessories for RT and RT Elite Stirring Hotplates.

Accessories for MaxQ™ HP Orbital Shakers (Thermo Scientific™)

Get maximum flexibility, regardless of your application, by using these accessories for Thermo Scientific™ MaxQ™ High Performance orbital shakers.

MaxQ™ Shaker Universal Clamps, Mats and Racks (Thermo Scientific™)

Mix and match Thermo Scientific™ MaxQ™ Shaker Universal Clamps, available in a variety of sizes, to suit individual needs in the laboratory. Compatible with MaxQ shaker platforms.

Accessories for RT2 Hotplate, RT2 Basic and Advanced Hotplate Stirrers (Thermo Scientific™)

Use these accessories to optimize the performance of your Thermo Scientific™ RT2 Hotplate, RT2 Basic and Advanced Hotplate Stirrers.

Nalgene™ Suspended Magnetic Stir Bars

Use Nalgene Floating Magnetic Stir Bars for constant low-speed stirring action in tissue culture applications.

Aluminum-Top Hotplates (Thermo Scientific™)

Stay within the budget of your lab, clinic or classroom by using these aluminum-top hotplates, equipped with thermostatic temperature control to maintain uniform temperature.

MaxQ™ 4000 Benchtop Orbital Shakers (Thermo Scientific™)

Combine the convenience of a benchtop design with orbital shaking technology in one package with Thermo Scientific™ MaxQ™ 4000 Benchtop Orbital Shakers.

Cimarec™ 40M Controllers (Thermo Scientific™)

Maintain constant speeds, even during viscosity changes with Thermo Scientific™ Cimarec™ 40M Controllers.

Cimarec™ i Micro Stirrers (Thermo Scientific™)

Work with Thermo Scientific™ Cimarec™ i Micro Stirrers, hermetically sealed IP68-protection class stirrers that can be submerged in water.

SuperNuova+™ Stirring Hotplates Series (Thermo Scientific™)

Get reliable performance, dependable safety and simple operation.

LP Vortex Mixer (Thermo Scientific™)

Choose to continuously mix or pulse samples with our low profile vortex mixer.

Accessories for RT Basic Series and RT Touch Series Magnetic Stirrers (Thermo Scientific™)

Use these accessories to optimize performance of your Thermo Scientific™ RT Basic Series Magnetic Stirrers.