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Teleshake Magnetic Shaking System (Thermo Scientific™)

Conduct powerful shaking applications from 100 to 2000rpm with this remote-controlled, wear-free magnetic shaking system.

Cimarec™ Basic Hotplates (Thermo Scientific™)

Reach maximum temperature in under 8 minutes with these basic hotplates. A sleek, rugged design reduces the chance of breakage and promotes durability.

Explosion-Proof SAFE-T HP6 Hotplate, 120V 50/60Hz; 600W, 5A (Thermo Scientific™)

Perform applications in Class I/Group D atmospheres with Thermo Scientific™ Explosion-Proof SAFE-T HP6 Hotplates.

SuperNuova+™ Hotplate Series (Thermo Scientific™)

Get reliable performance, dependable safety and simple operation.

Compact Digital Waving Rotator (Thermo Scientific™)

Achieve maximum sample mixing efficiency with the adjustablewave orbit digital display rotator.

Super-Nuova™ Multi-Position Digital Stirring Hotplates (Thermo Scientific™)

Perform life science and biotechnology applications with the help of these digital stirring hotplates, which offer four independently-controlled stirring positions.

MaxQ™ 4000 Benchtop Orbital Shakers (Thermo Scientific™)

Combine the convenience of a benchtop design with orbital shaking technology in one package with Thermo Scientific™ MaxQ™ 4000 Benchtop Orbital Shakers.

Cimarec+™ Stirrer Series (Thermo Scientific™)

Get precise stirring control for your routine protocols.

External-Controlled Hotplates (Largest) (Thermo Scientific™)

Enable uniform heating of large volumes and multiple vessels using External-Controlled Hotplates, ideal for a range of applications with acidic or basic aqueous solutions.

Cimarec™ Mono & Maxi Direct Stirrers (Thermo Scientific™)

Ensure reliability, safety, and performance with Thermo Scientific™ Cimarec™ Mono & Maxi Direct Stirrers, which are 100% maintenance– and wear–free.

Cimarec™ Biosystem Slow-Speed Stirrer for Cell Culture (Thermo Scientific™)

Gently stir thermally sensitive cultures including microcarrier cultures, culture broths and cell suspensions with this slow-speed stirrer.

Cimarec+™ Stirring Hotplates Series (Thermo Scientific™)

Get precise stirring control, exceptional safety and temperature performance for your routine protocols.

Aluminum-Top Hotplates (Thermo Scientific™)

Stay within the budget of your lab, clinic or classroom by using these aluminum-top hotplates, equipped with thermostatic temperature control to maintain uniform temperature.

Compact Digital Microplate Shaker (Thermo Scientific™)

Harness the efficiency of our microplate shaker, which is capable of shaking up to four microplates in one run.

Multi-Tube Rotators (Thermo Scientific™)

Keep liquids and solutions mixed gently without the potential for shearing or other damage by using Thermo Scientific™ Multi-Tube Rotators.