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iCAP™ RQ ICP-MS (Thermo Scientific™)

Choose this innovative single quadrupole (SQ) ICP-MS for the simplicity, productivity and robustness essential to all busy labs.

Quasor II™ EBSD System (Thermo Scientific™)

Perform simultaneous acquisitions of EBSD data and EDS/WDS spectral images with ease using the Thermo Scientific™ QUASOR™ Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) system. 

Pathfinder™ X-ray Microanalysis Software (Thermo Scientific™)

Improve your electron microscopy analysis with Thermo Scientific™ Pathfinder™ X-ray Microanalysis Software for SEM/EDS and SEM/WDS analysis. 

Element™ Series HR-ICP-MS (Thermo Scientific™)

Free your trace elemental analysis from interferences with the Thermo Scientific™ Element Series HR-ICP-MS instruments, which feature powerful applications and an extended linear dynamic range.

iCAP™ TQs ICP-MS (Thermo Scientific™)

Ensure high quality products with the power of Triple Quadrupole ICP-MS. Exceptional interference removal for ultratrace analysis combined with unique ease-of-use.

Lumis EBSD Detector (Thermo Scientific™)

Fast collection of diffraction patterns enables high throughput for a range of samples. EBSD optics enable high resolution capture for rich data sets.

UltraDry EDS Detector (Thermo Scientific™)

Develop faster, more accurate interpretation of X-rays with superior resolution at incredibly high collection rates with the Thermo Scientific™ UltraDry EDS Detector.

iCAP™ TQ ICP-MS (Thermo Scientific™)

Future-proof your laboratory with the power of Triple Quadrupole ICP-MS. Exceptional interference removal for research level analysis combined with routine ease of use.

WDS MagnaRay Spectrometer (Thermo Scientific™)

Achieve unparalleled speed and confidence in elemental analysis in your electron microscope, automatic intelligent alignment and parameter setting.

Element™ GD Plus GD Mass Spectrometer (Thermo Scientific™)

Feature a glow discharge ion source in a high-resolution mass spectrometer for the direct analysis of conductive material with the Thermo Scientific™ ELEMENT GD™ PLUS GD Mass Spectrometer.