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RA Lamb Coverslip Staining Rack (Thermo Scientific™)

Hold up to 24 lantern slides with the Thermo Scientific™ Lantern Slide Rack. Holds 51 x 51mm slides.

Nunc™ Lab-Tek™ Chamber Slide System (Thermo Scientific™)

Grow anchorage dependent cells right on the microscope slide using the unique removable chamber of the Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Lab-Tek™ Chamber Slide System.

Nunc™ Lab-Tek™ II Chamber Slide™ System (Thermo Scientific™)

Grow cells directly on slides with the Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Lab-Tek™ II Chamber Slide™ System.

Cardboard Slide Folders (Thermo Scientific™)

Store up to 48 75 x 26mm (3 in. x 1 in.) microscope slides in these cardboard folders.

Square Cover Slips (Thermo Scientific™)

Utilize Thermo Scientific™ Square Cover Slips for a wide variety of microscopy applications.

InkJet and InkJet Plus Microscope Slides (Thermo Scientific™)

Print labels directly on Thermo Scientific™ InkJet and InkJet Plus Microscope Slides.

Superfrost Plus Gold Control Adhesion Slide 3/4 in. White Tab (Thermo Scientific™)

Simplify staining and record keeping with Fisherbrand™ Histology Control Plus Adhesion Slides. Place required controls and patient tissue on the same slide.

LifterSlips™ Cover Slips for Microarray Slides (Thermo Scientific™)

Accommodate various hybridization solution volumes with Thermo Scientific™ LifterSlip™ Cover Slips for Microarray Slides.

Gold Seal™ Cover Slips (Thermo Scientific™)

Protect and preserve specimens on slides with Thermo Scientific™ Gold Seal™ Cover Glasses, made of noncorrosive borosilicate glass.

Plain Microscope Slides (Thermo Scientific™)

Experience easy handling with the Thermo Scientific™ Plain Microscope Slides, which feature finely ground edges.

Plastic Slide Boxes (Thermo Scientific™)

Store a lot of slides in a little space with these durable boxes.

Gold Seal™ Rite-On™ and Ultra Frost™ Frosted Microscope Slides (Thermo Scientific™)

Label slides quickly and easily with Thermo Scientific™ Gold Seal™ Rite-On™ and  Ultra Frost™ Frosted Microscope slides, made from hard, colorless, noncorrosive glass.

Petrographic Microscope Slides (Thermo Scientific™)

Use Thermo Scientific™ Petrographic Microscope Slides with optical mineralogy in thin section and electron microprobes of individual grains.

Concavity Microscope Slides (Thermo Scientific™)

Observe specimens that are too thick to observe on standard slides with Thermo Scientific™ Concavity Microscope Slides.

LifterSlips™ (Thermo Scientific™)

Achieve hybridization uniformity with Thermo Scientific™ LifterSlips™, made of premium printed cover glass.