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Colormark™ Plus Adhesion Slides (Thermo Scientific™)

Fisherbrand™ Colormark Slides are brightly coated with contrasting background color.

Concavity Microscope Slides (Thermo Scientific™)

Observe specimens that are too thick to observe on standard slides with Thermo Scientific™ Concavity Microscope Slides.

SuperChip™ Microarray Slides (Thermo Scientific™)

Choose from several standard surface chemistries and custom coatings with Thermo Scientific™ SuperChip™ Microarray Slides.

Shandon™ Colormark™ Plus Slides (Thermo Scientific™)

Improve cellular adhesion with positively charged Thermo Scientific™ Shandon™ ColorMark™ Plus Slides.

InkJet and InkJet Plus Microscope Slides (Thermo Scientific™)

Print labels directly on Thermo Scientific™ InkJet and InkJet Plus Microscope Slides.

Shandon™ Single Cytoslides™ (Thermo Scientific™)

Improve processing and visualization of small-volume specimens with these cytoslides, for use with Thermo Scientific™ Shandon™ EZ Single Cytofunnels™.

Gold Seal™ Rite-On™ and Ultra Frost™ Frosted Microscope Slides (Thermo Scientific™)

Label slides quickly and easily with Thermo Scientific™ Gold Seal™ Rite-On™ and  Ultra Frost™ Frosted Microscope slides, made from hard, colorless, noncorrosive glass.

Nunc™ Lab-Tek™ Flask on Slide (Thermo Scientific™)

Grow cell cultures directly on slides with the Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Lab-Tek™ Flask on Slide, ideal for single-cell autoradiography and immunofluorescence.

Superfrost™ Plus and ColorFrost™ Plus Microscope Slides (Thermo Scientific™)

Save hours of slide preparation and virtually eliminate tissue loss with Thermo Scientific™ SuperFrost™ Plus and Colorfrost™ Plus Microscope Slides.

Shandon™ Multi-Spot Slides (Fisher Scientific™)

Wash and reuse Thermo Scientific™ Shandon™ Multi-Spot Slides, featuring a coating that allows for several cleanings.

Gold Seal™ Plain Microscope Slides (Thermo Scientific™)

Mount specimens on Thermo Scientific™ Gold Seal™ Plain Microscope Slides, made from the finest white sheet glass, where each slide is selected for uniform quality.

Shandon™ Mask Cytoslides™ (Thermo Scientific™)

Mask out UV light to restrict microscope viewing to the specimen with the black coating of Thermo Scientific™ Shandon™ Mask Cytoslides™.

Superfrost™ Excell™ Microscope Slides (Thermo Scientific™)

Use these innovative microscope slides in HIER methods requiring high pH antigen retrieval solutions, including EDTA. They offer superior adhesion and wettability.

UltraClean™ Microarray Slides (Thermo Scientific™)

Expand your research options with Thermo Scientific™ UltraClean™ Microarray Slides, for use in any coating process compatible with glass.

BioGold™ Microarray Slides, gold coated (Thermo Scientific™)

Improve adhesion of biologically active cells with Thermo Scientific™ BioGold™ Microarray Slides' thin-film pure gold coating.