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MSQ™ Xcalibur™ Software Additional-License Upgrade (Thermo Scientific™)

Upgrade to four licenses to acquire and reprocess data from the Thermo Scientific™ MSQ™ single quadrupole LC-MS.

Proteome Discoverer™ Software (Thermo Scientific™)

Identify and quantify proteins in complex biological samples using the powerful, yet flexible Thermo Scientific™ Proteome Discoverer™ software

Qtegra™ Intelligent Scientific Data Solution™ Software (Thermo Scientific™)

Simplify your workflow. Less clicks and more quality. Automate your data acquisition and analysis for ICP-OES, ICP-MS, NG-MS and Isotope Ratio Infrared Spectrometry.

Data Manager™ Software (Thermo Scientific™)

Want to securely share, compare, search and reuse raw instrument and document data across your organization? Improve data preservation and accessibility with this software.

ProMass Deconvolution™ Software (Thermo Scientific™)

Produce artifact-free deconvoluted ESI mass spectra of proteins and other biomolecules from MS data using Thermo Scientific™ ProMass Deconvolution™ software.

GRAMS/3D Spectroscopy Software (Thermo Scientific™)

Manipulate large 3D data sets in real-time—right on the desktop—to uncover valuable spectroscopic information hidden in multidimensional data sets.

Dionex™ DCMSLink™ Software Plug-In (Thermo Scientific™)

Use common MS software to control and acquire data from Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ IC or LC system with the Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ DCMSLink™ software plug-in.

ToxFinder™ Software (Thermo Scientific™)

Simplify targeted, semiquantitative clinical research and forensic toxicology screening with powerful, workflow-oriented Thermo Scientific™ ToxFinder™ software.

Nautilus LIMS™ for Dynamic Discovery and R&D Environments (Thermo Scientific™)

Need a LIMS that can keep up with your dynamic laboratory? This flexible, configurable system increases efficiency, throughput and data reliability while simplifying compliance.

Watson LIMS™ Software (Thermo Scientific™)

Manage bioanalytical studies and ease compliance using industry-standard LIMS software for bioanalysis, designed and built to support specific industry requirements.

QuickQuant ActiveApp™ Spectroscopy Software (Thermo Scientific™)

Looking for simple peak quantification? Our spectroscopy software guides users through the calibration process for faster, better quantification results.

PepFinder™ Software (Thermo Scientific™)

Achieve accurate identification, in-depth characterization, and relative quantitation of protein therapeutics with Thermo Scientific™ PepFinder™ software.

ExcelExchange Module for GRAMS Suite Spectroscopy Software (Thermo Scientific™)

Easily share data between Thermo Scientific™ GRAMS™ Suite Spectroscopy Software applications and Microsoft Excel™ spreadsheets.

Mass Frontier™ Spectral Interpretation Software

Transform mass spectral data into answers, quickly and easily using Thermo Scientific™ Mass Frontier™ spectral interpretation software.

GRAMS IQ™ Spectroscopy Software (Thermo Scientific™)

Easily create, maintain and extend robust chemometric calibration models for multivariate analysis.