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Spectral ID Server for Enterprise Library Sharing (Thermo Scientific™)

Extend the capabilities of Spectral ID to allow valuable commercial and user-defined spectral libraries to be searched and shared across the enterprise.

Spectral DB Library for Spectral Data Management (Thermo Scientific™)

Easily save, organize, retrieve, view and share data with others in the workgroup with Thermo Scientific™ Spectral DB Library for Spectral Data Management.

Spectral ID (Thermo Scientific™)

Need to identify compounds by spectral matching? Get all the tools and features you're looking for plus the industry's broadest data compatibility.

GRAMS Envision™ Spectroscopy Software for Complex Data Visualization (Thermo Scientific™)

Transfer data quickly and easily to other products within the Thermo Scientific™ GRAMS suite or standardize reports from multiple instrument vendors with this software.

ExcelExchange Module for GRAMS Suite Spectroscopy Software (Thermo Scientific™)

Easily share data between Thermo Scientific™ GRAMS™ Suite Spectroscopy Software applications and Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets.

Proteome Discoverer™ Software (Thermo Scientific™)

Identify and quantify proteins in complex biological samples using the powerful, yet flexible Thermo Scientific™ Proteome Discoverer™ software

Nautilus LIMS™ for Dynamic Discovery and R&D Environments (Thermo Scientific™)

Need a LIMS that can keep up with your dynamic laboratory? This flexible, configurable system increases efficiency, throughput and data reliability while simplifying compliance.

iRC PRO Software (Thermo Scientific™)

Calculate target analyte concentrations from SRM data faster and more accurately with iRC PRO ion ratio calculation software.

IQ Predict Module for GRAMS/AI Spectroscopy Software (Thermo Scientific™)

Apply Thermo Scientific™ GRAMS IQ Spectroscopy Software calibrations to spectral data of unknown samples using the Thermo Scientific™ IQ Predict module.

ToxFinder™ Software (Thermo Scientific™)

Simplify targeted, semiquantitative clinical research and forensic toxicology screening with powerful, workflow-oriented Thermo Scientific™ ToxFinder™ software.

QuickQuant ActiveApp™ Spectroscopy Software (Thermo Scientific™)

Looking for simple peak quantification? Our spectroscopy software guides users through the calibration process for faster, better quantification results.

Clinical LIMS Software (Thermo Scientific™)

Combine the sample-centric functionality of a LIMS with the patient-centric functionality of a traditional LIS with this comprehensive clinical data management solution.

High-Resolution Accurate-Mass MS/MS Spectral Libraries (Thermo Scientific™)

Harness the power of high-resolution accurate-mass MS/MS spectraI libraries to quickly and confidently identify drugs, toxins, and contaminants.

Remspec ReactionSleuth™ ActiveApp™ (Thermo Scientific™)

Analyze spectroscopic reaction data and extract time-based trendlines from Thermo Scientific™ GRAMS™ multifiles with the versatile visual interface of this software.

SimGlycan™ Software (Thermo Scientific™)

Speed characterization of complex glycans; use SimGlycan™ software to interpret the rich MSn data produced by Thermo Scientific™ mass spectrometers.