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Automate Express™ System for GlycanAssure™ AutoXpress Kits (Applied Biosystems™)

The AutoMate Express System for GlycanAssure AutoXpress Kits is an easy-to-use benchtop instrument that enables hands-free automation of the preparation of glycoprotein samples for glycan analysis. The cartridge-based GlycanAssure AutoXpress kits use established GlycanAssure chemistry for N-glycan rapid release, labeling, and cleanup for efficient and reproducible glycan analysis. The combined instrument and kits offer a single, automated N-glycan sample prep workflow for both high throughput (CE) and characterization (UHPLC) biopharma applications.

Key features of the combined instrument/kits include:
• Fully automated sample prep for N-glycan analysis
• Rapid results with cartridge-based reagents for glycan release and labelling
• High quality glycan data with reduced analyst error
• Labeled glycans can be analyzed on LC or CE platforms
• Small system footprint and low-cost automation platform make it adaptable in both development and QC labs
• Consistent data for easy method development and transfer across the globe

Closed system with walk-away automation
The AutoMate Express System automatically performs all steps for glycan sample preparation in a closed environment. The system uses GlycanAssure AutoXpress kits that contain sealed cartridges with glycan release, labelling, and clean-up reagents, as well as plastics, including tips and sample and elution tubes. The workflow has been designed for completely hands-free operation enabling reproducible glycan sample preparation and reduced time-to-results.

Current glycan analysis methods consist of labor-intensive sample preparation and are prone to analyst error. To address this deficiency, the GlycanAssure AutoXpress workflow offers a fully automated glycan sample prep solution with the flexibility of support for both CE and LC detection of the labelled glycans.