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Hot Gas Bypass Temperature Controllers (Thermo Scientific™)

Combine these hot gas bypass temperature controllers with Thermo Scientific™ CryoPlus™ LN2 cryopreservation storage systems for increased utility.

Four Inner-Door Option for Thermo Scientific™ Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers (Thermo Scientific™)

Use with Thermo Scientific™ Revco™ UxF and HERAfreeze™ HFU T Series freezers.

Data Outputs for Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers (Thermo Scientific™)

Integrate Thermo Scientific™ Data Outputs for Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers with a variety of ultra-low temperature freezers to increase functionality and compatibility.

TSX Series High-Performance Pharmacy Refrigerators (Thermo Scientific™)

The quiet, sustainable choice for medical and pharmacy-grade refrigeration

Laboratory Refrigerator and Freezer Casters (Thermo Scientific™)

Achieve higher elevation on high-performance refrigerators and freezers with these laboratory refrigerator and freezer casters. Casters offer a 2 or 3 in. height increase.

CO2 and LN2 Backup Systems (Thermo Scientific™)

Ensure optimal security for critical samples by using Thermo Scientific™ CO2 and LN2 Backup Systems with ultra low-temperature freezers.

Chart Recorders for Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers (Thermo Scientific™)

Record seven days of temperature performance at temperatures to -150° C.

CryoMed™ Sensors (Thermo Scientific™)

Improve the functionality of Thermo Scientific™ Cryomed™ controlled-rate freezers with these CryoMed Sensors.

Printers for CryoMed™ and CryoPlus™ Freezers (Thermo Scientific™)

Enhance the functionality for Thermo Scientific™ CryoMed™ controlled-rate freezers with this optional printer.

Water-Cooled Condensers for -86°C Upright and Chest Freezers (Thermo Scientific™)

Work in a cooler environment with the Thermo Scientific™ Water-Cooled Condensers for −86°C upright and chest freezers, which emit 50% less heat into the lab.

4-20Ma Output for High-Performance Refrigerators and Freezers (Thermo Scientific™)

Use this 4-20Ma Output with Thermo Scientific high-performance refrigerators and freezers.

Rollout Drawers (Thermo Scientific™)

Choose stainless-steel Thermo Scientific™ Rollout Drawers as a convenient alternative to open-wire refrigerator shelving.

Complete Stainless Steel Rollout Drawer Set (Thermo Scientific™)

A convenient alternative to open-wire shelving

TSX Series High-Performance -30°C Auto Defrost Freezers (Thermo Scientific™)

Thermo Scientific™ TSX Series high-performance -30°C auto defrost freezers offer a sustainable choice for clinical and laboratory storage.

Shelf kit for TSX Ultra-Low Freezers (Thermo Scientific™)

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