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Jasplakinolide (Invitrogen™)

Jasplakinolide is a macrocyclic peptide isolated from the marine sponge Jaspis johnstoni and is a potent inducer of actin polymerization in vitro by stimulating actin filament nucleation. Jasplakinolide competes with phalloidin for actin binding (Kd = 15 nM).

Lissamine™ Rhodamine B 1,2-Dihexadecanoyl-sn-Glycero-3-Phosphoethanolamine, Triethylammonium Salt (rhodamine DHPE) (Invitrogen™)

The phospholipid, rhodamine DHPE is labeled on the head group with the red-fluorescent rhodamine B fluorophore with excitation/emission maxima ~560/580 nm.

Latrunculin A (Invitrogen™)

Latrunculin A disrupts microfilament organization in cultured cells by binding to monomeric G-actin in a 1:1 complex at submicromolar concentrations. Its physiological effects include inhibition of fertilization, early embryological development and phagocytic internalization of immune complexes.