Electroporation Cuvets

Electroporation Cuvets

Increase the ease of microbiological sample identification and labeling of bacteria, yeast, or plant or mammalian cells with electroporation cuvettes. Cuvettes feature polished aluminum plates to reduce arcing and static electricity. Individually wrapped, cuvettes provide accurate results with high reproducibility, while colored caps identify standard gap size widths. Thermo Scientific™ Electroporation Cuvettes, made of premium-grade polycarbonate, improve ease of sample labeling and identification.
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Electroporation Cuvettes

Increase the ease of sample identification and labeling with premium-grade polycarbonate Thermo Scientific™ Electroporation Cuvettes, which have frosted, colored caps.

Xenon™ SingleShot Electroporation Chamber Gibco™

The Gibco Xenon SingleShot Electroporation Chamber holds a volume of 1 mL for electroporation for cell therapy research with the Xenon Electroporation System. The single-use electroporation chamber is made of Tritan™ MX711 copolyester with gold-plated electrodes and is sterilized by gamma...