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Matrix™ Reagent Reservoirs Thermo Scientific™

Accomodate a variety of applications with uniquely designed, innovative Thermo Scientific™ Matrix Reagent Reservoirs. These sterile reservoirs offer an extra-wide base to add rigidity and stability, helping to avoid spills. The 25mL divided reservoir allows the pipetting of two different reagents with up to eight channels on one side, and up to four on the other; maximizing recovery if using only a single channel and a small amount of reagent.

Reagent Reservoirs Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ Reagent Reservoirs provide a variety of solutions to suit all of your pipetting procedures.

Innovation goes beyond our pipetters and tips. Even our reagent reservoirs have been designed to provide solutions tailored to your procedures, rather than the other way around. Four variations of reservoirs are offered, 25mL, 25mL with divider, 100mL and a disposable polystyrene 75mL reservoir.

Frames and Caps for Immuno Standard Modules Thermo Scientific™

Easily insert and remove strip plates with solid modules by utilizing Thermo Scientific™ Frames and Caps for Immuno Standard Modules.

Automation Reservoirs Thermo Scientific™

Handle reagents on automated systems simply and economically with Thermo Scientific™ Automation Reservoirs, which provide standard SBS dimensions ensuring compatibility with plate stackers and handlers. Reservoirs are disposable with no need for washing, allowing more reservoirs to be used per run. Built-in grooves in reservoir bottom reduce reagent waste and allow consistent aspiration.

Nalgene™ Disposable Polypropylene Robotic Reservoirs Thermo Scientific™

Increase walk-away time and assay efficiency with Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Disposable Polypropylene Robotic Reservoirs. Featuring a standard microplate format with 300mL volume, the convoluted design minimizes dead volume and has baffles to reduce splashing. The flat bottom version is designed to meet a variety of assay needs in both manual and automated environments.

Nalgene™ Biohazardous Waste Containers Thermo Scientific™

Conduct secondary containment of biohazardous waste with Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Biohazardous Waste Containers, which feature convenient one-step sterilization—no need to remove the bag. A port opening in the cover allows for one-handed disposal of materials, limiting exposure to infectious waste. The containers hold standard sized autoclave bags.

ELISA Reagent Reservoir Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific Reagent Reservoirs are sterile, sturdy, disposable and molded from high-impact polystyrene. Reservoirs facilitate repeated multi-channel pipetting for reagent delivery to microplates.

Features of the Reagent Reservoirs:

• Sterile and durable reservoirs molded from high-impact polystyrene
• Reservoirs facilitate repeated pick-up of liquid reagents by multi-channel pipettors for delivery to 96-well plates