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Cryogenic Box,Divider ,square, 2.75 in., without cell divider Thermo Scientific™

Maximize storage capacity with Thermo Scientific™ Croygenic Boxes, for use in Thermo Scientific™ CryoPlus™ LN2 cryopreservation storage.

PL6500 Lab Refrigerators Thermo Scientific™

Store general-purpose applications in Thermo Scientific™ PL6500 Lab Refrigerators. All models feature advanced alarm options and reliable temperature stability to meet the demanding requirements of the laboratory environment.
*Available in China and limited Asia-Pacific regions only. Consult your representative for availability.

Accessories for TSG Series Countertop Refrigerators Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ TSG Series Countertop Refrigerators have several accessory options available. E-lock adapter kits are available for Pyxis™ and Omnicell™ systems, and a 8.5 in. rollerbase makes moving the TSG205SA from room-to-room easy and convenient.

ThermoFlex™ Recirculating Chillers Thermo Scientific™

Optimized for the most demanding applications, Thermo Scientific™ ThermoFlex Recirculating Chillers are reliable, easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain. The ThermoFlex platform was developed with customer input from concept to design. This high-performance chiller platform, with cooling capacity up to 24,000 watts (81,948 btu/hr), is configurable to meet application demands.

ThermoFlex Chillers are now available in low noise select models. Quiet performance (<58 dBA) promotes a safe and reduced stress environment in your lab. These low noise models are designed to remain quiet over the entire operating range of the chiller while maintaining temperature control accuracy.

Jewett™ High-Performance Plasma Freezers Thermo Scientific™

Meet the highest standards for sensitive plasma freezing with Thermo Scientific™ Jewett™ High-Performance Plasma Freezers. Available in five sizes ranging from under-counter models to 51.1 cu. ft. (1447L), these plasma freezers meet large and small storage requirements and feature easy-to-use microprocessor controls.

HERAfreeze™ HFC Series -40°C Ultra-Low Temperature Chest Freezers Thermo Scientific™

Store samples in a versatile and reliable setting with Thermo Scientific™ HERAfreeze™ HFC −40°C ultra-low temperature chest freezers. Available in four convenient sizes with a full range of racking solutions these freezers deliver all of the same sample protection features of the HERAfreeze™ HFU-B upright series.

HERAfreeze™ HDE Series Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers Thermo Scientific™

Part of the Standard Performance (STP) platform, Thermo Scientific™ HERAfreeze™ HDE Series ultra-low temperature freezers, powered by H-drive, feature four upright models, maximizing storage capacity from 30,000 up to 60,000 2mL vials. The HDE Series is a sustainable and reliable solution with ultimate sample security and operational savings for every lab.

Flammable-Materials Storage Refrigerators Thermo Scientific™

Ensure safe cold storage of volatile materials with Thermo Scientific™ Flammable-Materials Storage Refrigerators. These units are engineered with no internal electrical components that could trigger an explosion and meet OSHA and National Fire Protection Association safety requirements.

CryoMed™ Controlled-Rate Freezers Thermo Scientific™

Modify six standard preset and 10 user-defined (20 steps each) freezing profiles for custom protocols to meet application needs with Thermo Scientific™ CryoMed Controlled-Rate Freezers: complete, one-piece freezing systems. Assembling and connecting electrical components has been eliminated with an integrated control panel and thermal printer. However, freezer functionality may be enhanced by adding a PC, installing MS Windows™-based Controlled-Rate Freezing PC Interface software (included), and connecting an external inkjet printer.

TDE Series -40°C Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ TDE Series -40°C ultra-low temperature freezers, powered by H-drive, feature three upright models, maximizing storage capacity from 40,000 up to 60,000 2mL vials. The TDE Series is a sustainable and reliable solution with ultimate sample security and operational savings for every lab.

Chart Recorders for Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers Thermo Scientific™

Record seven days of temperature performance at temperatures to -150° C using Thermo Scientific™ Chart Recorders for Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers. Recorders use 6″ (15cm) chart paper and are available as factory or field installed.

Nunc™ Non-Coded Cryobank Vial Systems Thermo Scientific™

Store diagnostic and biological samples down to vapor-phase liquid nitrogen in Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Non-Coded Cryobank Vial Systems, compatible with capping/decapping equipment and labeling options. Cryobank products are available in a volume range of 0.5L through 5.0L, and complimented by a range of certifications.

Merlin™ Recirculating Chillers Thermo Scientific™

Save valuable space with compact, Thermo Scientific™ Merlin Low-Temperature Refrigerated Chillers. These extended-temperature chillers deliver a continuous supply of 1000 to 4300 watts of cooling capacity for critical applications.

TSX Series High-Performance Undercounter Lab Refrigerators Thermo Scientific™

Designed for your environment, new Thermo Scientific™ TSX Series high-performance undercounter lab refrigerators support sample protection and sustainability objectives for the storage of media, reagents, chemotherapy, pharmaceutical and other research and medical products. Powered by V-drive, the TSX Series delivers low energy, decreased noise levels and improved performance and user experience.  These new undercounter refrigerators are quiet and feature an improved user interface, automated locking and increased storage capacity and reliability.

Jewett™ Pass-Thru Refrigerators Thermo Scientific™

Enhance efficiency and workflow without compromising sample protection with Thermo Scientific™ Jewett™ Pass-Thru Refrigerators. These refrigerators offer convenience when multiple entry points are required.

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