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SLIPFREE™ HPLC Column Double Connectors Thermo Scientific™

Ensure excellent column connections and optimal HPLC performance with Thermo Scientific™ SLIPFREE™ HPLC Column Double Connectors. Compatible with all column end-fittings, these universal, self-adjusting connectors provide leak- and void-free column connections. Fingertight connections up to 10000psi ensure ease of use. They are ideal for supercritical fluid columns (SFC). SLIPFREE connectors are available in a variety of configurations and designs for a broad range of applications.

General Gas Chromatography Tubing and Tools Thermo Scientific™

Use Thermo Scientific™ General Gas Chromatography Tubing and Tools to maintain and optimize your GC system and support your GC applications.

MBTFA Acylation Reagent Thermo Scientific™

Trifluoroacylate primary and secondary amines, hydroxyl and thiol groups, and carbohydrates with the Thermo Scientific™ MBTFA Acylation Reagent. The principal byproduct N-methyltrifluoroacetamine is stable, volatile, and does not present problems in subsequent GC. MBTFA produces very volatile derivatives of carbohydrates and can be used to selectively acylate amines in the presence of hydroxyl and carboxyl groups that have been protected by silylation.

Gas Chromatography 3-Port SilFlow Device Thermo Scientific™

Switch your GC without the need to vent using the Thermo Scientific™ 3-Port SilFlow™ Device. This device comprises a gas module with microfluidics and Thermo Scientific™ SilTite™ FingerTite fittings for easy set up and a reliable seal.

Mini Capillary Unions Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ Mini Capillary Unions are for use with capillary GC columns.

GC Liner Sealing Rings for Thermo Scientific™ and Agilent Instruments Thermo Scientific™

Match the best sealing ring with the injection port liner used in your Thermo Scientific™ or Agilent GC system.

316 Stainless Steel Capillary Tubing for HPLC Thermo Scientific™

Use Thermo Scientific™ 316 Stainless Steel Capillary Tubing for ultra-high pressure applications. Prefinished, square, burr-free ends and interiors ensure minimum dead volume connections. Cleaned, polished and passivated, it is ready for immediate use. This tubing is not recommended for biological samples.

CaptureSelect™ Biotin Anti-IgG4 (Human) Conjugate Thermo Scientific™

CaptureSelect™ Biotin Anti-IgG4 (Hu) Conjugate consists of a 12 kDa llama antibody fragment (affinity ligand) that specifically binds to the Fc part of the human IgG4 subclass. The affinity ligand is chemically conjugated to biotin via an appropriate spacer that retains the binding reactivity of the ligand when used in combination with streptavidin-based conjugates or streptavidin pre-coated surfaces.

The CaptureSelect™ Biotin Anti-IgG4 (Hu) Conjugate allows you to:

Detect, quantitate, and characterize human IgG4 antibodies
Avoid cross-binding with other IgG subclasses like IgG1, 2 and 3 and isotypes like IgM and IgA including IgG from bovine sources such as FCS

Applications for CaptureSelect™ Biotin Anti-IgG4 (Hu) Conjugate include ELISA, Western blot, Gyrolab™-based immunoassays, and label-free detection platforms such as those based on surface plasmon resonance (Biacore™ and IBIS-MX96 systems) and bio-layer interferometry (ForteBio™ Octet™ systems).

Septum Holder Kit Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ Septum Holder Kit is for use with the Thermo Scientific™ Trace 2000 Series Gas Chromatograph.

LinerGOLD™ GC Liners Thermo Scientific™

Use the gold standard in GC liner performance and consistency. Thermo Scientific™ LinerGOLD™ GC Liners provide enhanced inertness, leading to increased accuracy, sensitivity, and precision in your gas chromatography (GC) analysis. These injection port liners deliver:

  • Increased accuracy and sensitivity in analysis, preventing the loss of sensitive compounds in analysis
  • Lower detection limits when analyzing active and sensitive compounds
  • Excellent reproducibility gives confidence in your results from liner to liner
  • Consistently high level of performance time after time

GC Installation Kit Thermo Scientific™

Add a GC system to your lab bench with the Thermo Scientific™ GC Installation Kit. The required tubing and fittings are conveniently supplied in this kit.

Finger Tite Connectors Thermo Scientific™

Ensure reliable, leak-free connections for optimal GC performance using Thermo Scientific™ Finger Tite Connectors. The perfect metal-to-metal seal eliminates contamination and produces lower air/water background noise compared to conventional graphite/polymer ferrules. They are easy to handle even with a hot injector/detector and do not require the use of tools. Unlike other ferrules, they do not require retightening after installation.

Septa Thermo Scientific™

Ensure optimal performance of your GC instrument with bleed and temperature optimized Thermo Scientific™ BTO and TR-Green Septa. Made of low-bleed silicone, these septa have excellent mechanical properties, are ideal for demanding GC-MS applications, and may be used reliably up to 400 °C.

Gas Chromatography 3-Port SilFlow Replacement Parts Thermo Scientific™

Maintain reliability with 3-Port SilFlow replacement parts when you place your next order.

POROS™ 50 HE Heparin Affinity Resin Thermo Scientific™

Applied Biosystems™ POROS™ 50 micron Heparin affinity resins for process scale separation of biomolecules with specific Heparin binding affinity, such as growth factors and other serum components, including coagulation factors and nucleotide binding proteins.

POROS™ High Performance Chromatography™ Media and Pre-Packed Columns

A high performance chromatography resins for analytical to process scale separations.
• Higher productivity: High throughput and high dynamic capacity associated with High Performance Chromatography™
• Chemical stability: Allows aggressive cleaning and sanitization
• Enhanced biomolecule access: Provided via large pores, ranging between 500-10000 Å
• Polystyrenedivinylbenzene particles: Yield a robust, easily packable matrix
• Develop better separations methods in a shorter time frame: The speed of High Performance Chromatography technology reduces weeks of experimentation to only a few hours of work, so you have plenty of time to explore all the variables of your separation

Reduce time-consuming sample prep

You can replace many sample preparation steps with high speed High Performance Chromatography technology. For instance, dialysis of large volumes of material can be replaced by high flow rate processing of the dilute sample. Elution in a small volume of new buffer accomplishes both buffer exchange and concentration.

Create novel assays for more efficient analysis

High Performance Chromatography technology is not limited to standard modes of separation. Both enzymes and affinity ligands can be immobilized on POROS media. By combining rapid on-column protein digestions with rapid on-column immunoassays and chromatographic separations, you can create entirely new assays with unlimited potential.

High Capacity, High Resolution, High Speed

In contrast to conventional chromatography media, POROS™ High Performance Chromatography™ resins particles, are engineered to have two discreet classes of pores. Large "throughpores" allow convection flow to occur through the particles themselves, quickly carrying sample molecules to short "diffusive" pores inside. By reducing the distance over which diffusion needs to occur, the time required for sample molecules to interact with interior binding sites is also reduced. Diffusion is no longer limiting and flow rates can be dramatically increased - without compromising resolution or capacity. Separations can be achieved at 1,000 to 5,000 cm⁄hr compared to 50 to 360 cm⁄hr for conventional media.
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