Chromatography Fittings

Chromatography Fittings

Fittings of various dimensions designed to connect and secure columns, cartridges, and tubing components of chromatography systems.
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Preparative HPLC Guard Column Holders Thermo Scientific™

Using preparative guards is a proven and cost effective way to extend the lifetime of your preparative columns. Thermo Scientific™ Preparative Guard Column Holders allow for easy assembly and connection of the guard column to the preparative column.

EASY-Spray™ Nano & Capillary Emitters

Connect your nano or capillary column to your Thermo Scientific™ mass spectrometers (MS) more easily using Thermo Scientific™ EASY-Spray™ Nano & Capillary Emitters. The nano and capillary emitters act as a column-independent sprayer, allowing the introduction of low flow from nano and capillary...

PepMap™ Neo Trap Cartridge Holder, PEEK Tubing, & nanoViper™ Fittings Thermo Scientific™

Use the Thermo Scientific™ PepMap™ Neo Trap Cartridge Holder, PEEK Tubing, and nanoViper™ Fittings to connect your PepMap Neo Trap Cartridge (Catalog Number 174500) to your HPLC system. See Viper and nanoViper resources

EASY-Column™ Capillary HPLC Column Connector Kits Thermo Scientific™

Use these connector kits, sleeves, and tees with Thermo Scientific™ EASY-Column™ Capillary Columns. EASY-Columns optimize nanoscale LC and LC/MS with. Easy-to-use, zero dead volume connector kits are available for one- and two-column configurations and ensure simple, reproducible setup for on-line...

HyperREZ™ XP Guard Cartridge Holder for HyperREZ XP 5.0 x 3.0mm guard cartridges Thermo Scientific™

Choose the Thermo Scientific™ HyperREZ™ XP Guard Cartridge Holder for use with HyperREZ XP 3.0 x 5.0mm Guard Cartridges.

µPAC™ ESI-MS Accessories Thermo Scientific™

Use Thermo Scientific™ µPAC™ ESI-MS Accessories to facilitate reproducible, low dispersion connections between µPAC HPLC columns and low-flow mass spectrometer ion sources. The µPAC Flex iON Connect ESI-MS Interface is compatible with 360 µm OD electrospray emitters and Thermo Scientific™ Nanospray...