Chemical Identification Analyzers

Chemical Identification Analyzers

Handheld portable devices engineered specifically for identifying unknown chemicals (solid or liquid); available technology may include FTIR and Raman spectroscopy.
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FirstDefender™ RM Chemical Identification System Thermo Scientific™

As chemical identification becomes more complex, the need for non-contact, non-destructive analysis is greater than ever. The Thermo Scientific™ FirstDefender™ RM Chemical Identification System enables hazmat, law enforcement, military and other first responders to obtain accurate identification of...

TruDefender™ FTX Handheld FTIR for Chemical Identification Thermo Scientific™

When faced with an unknown chemical threat, every second matters. Fast, accurate identification of potential explosives or hazardous materials is key to ensuring the safety of hazmat teams and other first responders, as well as the community.

Gemini™ Chemical Identification Analyzers Thermo Scientific™

Identify a broad range of unknown chemicals and explosives in the field using FTIR and Raman spectroscopy in a single instrument, including low concentration analysis. The rugged, compact Thermo Scientific™ Gemini™ analyzer meets the demanding requirements of elite military and public safety forces,...

FirstDefender™ RMX Handheld Chemical Identification Thermo Scientific™

Responder and community safety are critical when analyzing potentially hazardous materials. Military and civilian first responders need to quickly identify unknown solid and liquid chemicals down range including explosives, toxic industrial chemicals, chemical weapons, narcotics, precursors, white...

TruNarc™ Handheld Narcotics Analyzer Thermo Scientific™

The global drug problem is increasing, with trafficking of methamphetamines, heroin, and emerging threats like fentanyl and carfentanil impacting communities worldwide. Law enforcement officials need to quickly identify suspected narcotics in the field to help keep drugs, and drug dealers, off the...