Handheld Raman Analyzers

Handheld Raman Analyzers

Handheld portable devices engineered specifically for rapid material identification utilizing Raman spectroscopy; suitable for finished products or raw material.
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TruScan™ RM Handheld Raman Analyzer Thermo Scientific™

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturers must ensure the quality of materials - from incoming raw material through finished product. The Thermo Scientific™ TruScan™ RM Handheld Raman Analyzer delivers reliable material identity verification through sealed packaging in seconds, right at the...

1064Defender Raman Analyzer Thermo Scientific™

Perform narcotics identification and chemical identification safely and quickly with the Thermo Scientific 1064Defender Raman Analyzer. The handheld 1064Defender analyzer is a truly flexible tool to meet your chemical identification needs.

TruScan™ GP Analyzer Thermo Scientific™

Eliminate dangerous counterfeit or substandard products from your supply chain. The Thermo Scientific™ TruScan™ GP Analyzer provides quick, easy to use raw material identification and finished product inspection to screen out counterfeit substances and reduce supply chain risk.

Ramina Process Analyzer Thermo Scientific™

Enabling real time, accurate results for process monitoring Analysis without sample preparation to deliver Raman spectral results in real time Easy to set up and deploy by non-Raman spectroscopists Non-destructive to protect precious samples Non-invasive to minimize contamination of samples Small...

Virtual TruScan RM (VTR) App Thermo Scientific™

Accurate material identity verification requires thorough method validation. The Thermo Scientific™ Virtual TruScan™ RM (VTR) App applies a cloud-based TruScan RM algorithm to validate methods using virtual samples rendering the need for physical samples and in-hand instrumentation in support of...