Gel Electrophoresis Buffers and Diluents

Gel Electrophoresis Buffers and Diluents

Gel electrophoresis buffers and diluents are used to facilitate the separation and analysis of biomolecules by gel electrophoresis. Included are dyes for visualization of samples, a wide variety of buffers, and other solutions and products preformulated for gel electrophoresis protocols.
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NuPAGE™ LDS Sample Buffer (4X) Invitrogen™

NuPAGE LDS Sample Buffer (4X) is used to prepare protein samples for denaturing gel electrophoresis with Bis-Tris or Tris-Acetate gels. It contains lithium dodecyl sulfate, pH 8.4, which allows for maximum activity of the reducing agent.

NativePAGE™ Running Buffer Kit Invitrogen™

The NativePAGE™ Running Buffer Kit contains the NativePAGE™ Running Buffer (20X), which is used to make the NativePAGE™ Cathode and Anode Running Buffers for use with an XCell SureLock® Mini Cell when running NativePAGE™ Gels.

NativePAGE™ Sample Buffer (4X) Invitrogen™

NativePAGE™ Sample Buffer (4X) is a solution used to solubilize native protein samples prior to use with the NativePAGE™ Gel System. The buffer is used along with 10% DDM or 5% Digitonin detergents to solubilize hydrophobic or membrane proteins.

NuPAGE™ Sample Reducing Agent (10X) Invitrogen™

NuPAGE Sample Reducing Agent (10X) is used to reduce protein samples for protein gel electrophoresis. It contains 500 mM dithiothreitol (DTT) for a 10X concentration in a stabilized liquid form. See all available buffers and reagents available for SDS-PAGE

DNA Gel Loading Dye (6X) Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific 6X DNA Loading Dye is used to prepare DNA markers and samples for loading on agarose or polyacrylamide gels. It contains two different dyes (bromophenol blue and xylene cyanol FF) for visual tracking of DNA migration during electrophoresis.

RediLoad™ Loading Buffer Invitrogen™

RediLoad™ is a loading buffer designed for easy loading and tracking of PCR products run in agarose gels. It is added directly to the PCR reaction mixture prior to amplification. RediLoad™ features a reagent that increases density for easy loading, and a red tracking dye that migrates at...

NuPAGE™ Tris-Acetate SDS Running Buffer (20X) Invitrogen™

NuPAGE Tris-Acetate SDS Running Buffer (20X) is formulated for separation of proteins in their denatured state on Tris-Acetate gels. NuPAGE Tris-Acetate gels provide excellent separation of large molecular weight proteins when used with NuPAGE Tris-Acetate SDS Running Buffer.

NuPAGE™ Transfer Buffer (20X) Invitrogen™

NuPAGE Transfer Buffer (20X) is used to transfer proteins from NuPAGE Bis-Tris and NuPAGE Tris-Acetate gels to membranes for western blotting. It maintains the neutral pH environment established during electrophoresis.

Gel Loading Buffer II (Denaturing PAGE) Invitrogen™

A 1–2X solution of 95% Formamide, 18 mM EDTA, and 0.025% SDS, Xylene Cyanol, and Bromophenol Blue. Supplied in one 10 mL bottle. All Ambion® Gel Loading Solutions are rigorously tested for non-specific endonuclease activity, exonuclease activity, RNase activity, and for functionality.

Laemmli SDS sample buffer, reducing (6X) Thermo Scientific Chemicals

For protein sample preparation to be used in the Laemmli SDS-PAGE system. Laemmli SDS sample buffer is used as an electrophoretic dye for denaturation of proteins and monitoring the front of running gel. Further, it is used for polyacrylamide protein gel analysis.

Laemmli SDS sample buffer, non-reducing (4X) Thermo Scientific Chemicals

Laemmli SDS sample buffer is used for protein sample preparation to be used in the Laemmli SDS-PAGE system, The SDS detergent denatures the proteins and subunits and gives each an overall negative charge so that each will separate based on size.

NuPAGE™ Antioxidant Invitrogen™

NuPAGE Antioxidant prevents sample reoxidation and maintains proteins in a reduced state during protein gel electrophoresis and protein transfer. It is added to the running buffer when performing protein gel electrophoresis under reducing conditions.

Pierce™ SDS-PAGE Sample Prep Kit Thermo Scientific™

The Thermo Scientific Pierce SDS-PAGE Sample Prep Kit quickly and easily removes high levels of salts, denaturants, detergents and other buffer components that interfere with polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of proteins.

BlueJuice™ Gel Loading Buffer (10X) Invitrogen™

BlueJuice Gel Loading Buffer (10X) is designed for easy loading and tracking of DNA samples in agarose or native polyacrylamide gels. Visualization of DNA bands will not be obscured by the tracking dyes because they run outside the limits of most DNA samples.

TrackIt™ Cyan/Yellow Loading Buffer Invitrogen™

TrackIt loading buffers are 6X solutions used for easy loading and tracking of DNA samples in agarose gels. They contain two tracking dyes: one that runs behind the sample and one that runs ahead of the sample.