Gel Imaging and Documentation Systems

Gel Imaging and Documentation Systems

Imaging systems and accessories for capturing digital images of electrophoresis gels and western blots in order to obtain a visual record of their results for further analysis and documentation. Products include thermal printers and replacement parts.
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iBright™ CL750 Imaging System Invitrogen™

Capture western blot and gel images and analyze data efficiently and easily with the Invitrogen iBright CL750 Imaging System. This system supports basic imaging applications associated with chemiluminescent western blots, as well as fluorescent stained nucleic acid gels, fluorescent stained protein...

Thermal Printer for iBright Imaging Systems

The Mitsubishi Electric P-95DW Digital Monochrome Pinter is a thermal printer that supports direct printing from iBright Imaging systems. This high-speed and compact thermal printer is plug-and-play and connects directly to an iBright Imaging System through one of the available USB ports.

iBright™ FL1500 Imaging System Invitrogen™

Capture images and analyze data from western blots and gels efficiently and easily with the Invitrogen iBright FL1500 Imaging System. This high-performance instrument enhances the imaging experience through powerful hardware, advanced automated technologies, and an interface that is easy to use for...

iBright™ Imaging System Sample Stage/Turntable Invitrogen™

The iBright Imaging System Sample Stage/Turntable is used for sample placement and auto-alignment in the iBright imaging systems (CL1000, CL1500, FL1000, FL1500). It is made available as a replacement or additional sample stage for these systems.

iBright™ Imaging System White Transilluminator Screen Invitrogen™

This is a replacement white transilluminator screen for the iBright imaging systems (CL1000, CL1500, FL1000, and FL1500). The white transilluminator screen provides a contrasting background when imaging protein gels stained with colorimetric stains such as coomassie and silver stains.