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EuroLab 16 XL Twin-Screw Extruder Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ EuroLab 16 XL is an extendable, modular, bench top twin-screw extruder for research, development, quality control, and small-scale production. Academic customers are using EuroLab 16 XL twin-screw extruders in research and teaching laboratories, where many different, small samples can be prepared in a short time with minimum product waste.

Process 11 Parallel Twin Screw Extruder Accessories Thermo Scientific™

Expand the capabilities of your Thermo Scientific Process 11 Twin-screw Extruder with a variety of accessories that can help create 3D filaments for additive manufacturing, formulation new food products, optimize polymer formulations and more. The Melt Pump and 3D Filament Spooler can be connected to the Process 11 Extruder, so you can quickly test different filament formulations for 3D printing applications.

TSE 24 MC Twin-screw Extruder Thermo Scientific™

Incorporate flexibility and ease of use into your small-scale manufacturing and test samples compounding with the Thermo Scientific™ TSE 24 MC Twin-screw Extruder. This floor-mounted twin-screw extruder can be configured for a vast variety of applications, and its flexible barrel and screw design make it a perfect tool for solving all your processing challenges.

Pharma mini HME Micro Compounder Accessories Thermo Scientific™

Accessories for the Pharma miniHME Micro Compounder used for Hot Melt Extrusion in research and development in the pharmaceutical industry.

Process 11 Parallel Twin-Screw Extruder Thermo Scientific™

Save time and money developing formulations for polymer and food products with the Thermo Scientific™ Process 11 Parallel Twin-Screw Extruder. Use as little as 20 gm of material per experiment with this parallel co-rotating extruder to optimize your process parameters and formulation.

This lab bench extruder is ideal for a variety of compounding workflows with accessories such as: dies, 3D filament spooler, sheet take-off system, pelletizer, and a melt pump for Pulsation-free metering of melt that enables production suitable for filaments, sheet film or fiber spinning. Create test specimens using the Thermo Scientific™  HAAKE™  MiniJet Pro Injection Molding system for testing mechanical or optical properties. Choose from two Process 11 Extruders; standard or hygenic version for food applications (e.g., plant-based meat analogues).